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    Eric Robert

    I guess it beats a foundation from a torn down building but a tag office certainly isn’t going to inspire interesting retail or other developments on the rest of Savoy. Which by the way GDOT should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the buffer between Savoy and 285 to be left barren so that people can see a billboard. At the very least require the billboard company to plant trees and shrubs that max out at around 25 feet – similar to planting allowed near high tension power lines.

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    Bill Lowe

    County should sell the property on Savor and use some of the property at PDK for the tag office. Better to keep an eye on them with closer proximity to other government employees.

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    Just another lie from our city leaders and Connolly. They knew this was probable in November yet continued to let us believe that it was moving to the Clairmont location for our convenience and continued use. Shut em down! Vote em out!

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    Thomas Porter

    Take your time DeKalb, there’s no rush whatsoever. Take 2-3 years or more, Brookhaven citizens support dawdling on this issue.

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    Old Timer in Chamblee

    Is this in the location of the burned down Indian restaurant? I am fine with that location, it’s equally close for me but I sure hope the parking will be better. Parking at Dresden is a pain in the rear!!!

  6. 6

    The Brookhaven Post

    No. Two (ish) parcels to the left.

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    Enuff Govt Already

    The first investment/development on Savoy since it was annexed and its the tax commissioner. That area was advancing prior to the city of shambles annexation and now its just blah.

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    Ted Gordon

    I like the idea of the tag office moving to this location on Savoy. I think it would be more convenient to Chamblee and other Dekalb citizens because of the location near I285. The parking at the Dresden location is inadequate and cause traffic jams on Dresden from people who find they can’t park at the tag office. Parking problems could be corrected at the new location. The Tag office on Dresden hasn’t hurt the popularity of the area and I don’t think it will on Savoy. If anything it will bring more people to the street and businesses might benefit.

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    Flubber lite

    Advancing with illegal night clubs, it was. Ennuf intelligence already, you are.

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    That stretch of Savoy is pretty run down now so it would be a great place for the tag office. More parking, easier access. More traffic up and down the road provides mor opportunities for businesses along there to attract more customers, so get some economical growth too. I don’t know where around PDK is being considered, but across from the airport on Chamblee Tucker would also be good, near the animal shelter.

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