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    Betsy Eggers

    The NUMBER ONE item voted as Most Needed was “Providing more paved trails for running, walking, and bikes”. 569 respondents of the Brookhaven parks & rec survey is having their wishes come true with this special hotel-motel fee. Excellent leveraging source for the City of Brookhaven to make the Peachtree Creek Greenway happen.

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    Any funding approved for more street paving, sidewalks, curb repair, ROW clean up, better code enforcement, flooding study implementations, retention pond clean ups? You know, things we really need. .

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    Sarah H.

    Wish the 800+ respondents that voted the Connolly monstrosity as Most Needed Somewhere Else had been given as much consideration.

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    Small Intestine

    Whew. I just sent something down the Peachtree Creek to celebrate this glorious event!

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    There is toilet paper hanging in the bushes on the bank if you need some.

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    Don\'t Be Fooled

    There is NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH about this green way intended for the citizens of Brookhaven. Listen to them gush with glee when they speak of it. Development, Revitalization, Beltline, Legacies, CHOA, Tourism,Regional and National Recognition. Just nobodies wanting to be somebodies.

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    I’m looking forward to the Peachtree Creek Greenway coming to life, seems like this will move the process forward!

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    Asha Jenkins

    Yep. Me too. I think this will be great for Brookhaven and great for the 15%.

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    This is a bunch of Bravo Sierra. Asha, it’s really more like that self important 5% and a bunch of electeds that have no touch with reality or their constituents.

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    This is excellent news, Brookhaven and the greater Atlanta area for that matter need development like the Peachtree Creek Greenway. This plan to utilize the hotel/motel tax should silence the small but vocal population that seem to hide their fear of growth and development behind cost concerns. I am looking forward to Peachtree Creek Greenway for not only the access to nature that it will provide but the surrounding development and revitalization it will bring along with it.

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    Um so you don’t think “Development, Revitalization……Tourism,Regional and National Recognition” would be a benefit to the residents of Brookhaven ? Do you also hate sunshine, rainbows, hugs and free money? Just checking.

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    That’s a question for an entirely different article. The hotel-motel tax, which was the subject of this article, can only be used to promote tourism/conventions/trade shows and for tourism product development. Your list of gripes doesn’t fall under either…

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    Asha Jenkins

    Just shaking my head.

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    So much optimism this is a good idea, yet, the mayor wants it his way, not your way. Confidence in majority support for the PCG ends right outside the mayor’s door. Just like the Hawks Players Facility…

    What a waste of resources for such a low priority need. When the tax receipts decrease because of the higher tax bill, the ten other remaining parks and the park we still don’t own, Brookhaven Park, will spilt the tourism scraps. The hotel motel tax has nothing to do with real estate acquisition, development and park build outs. I wonder what DeKalb will say? We’ll find out after our lobbyist makes a political deal for something else. We’ll know after the Legislation Session City of Brookkaven officials won’t tell you about, but Trey will report. Thank God for Trey and the Brookhaven Post.

    And for everyone ripping advocates about our complaining from the small minority, put your money where your mouth is, PUT IT ON THE NOV. BALLOT.

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    I genuinely don’t get all the hatred for D4. If the rest of the Brookhaven hates it so much why were we included in the city?

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    Chad you are really going to love the Brookhaven Taj Mahal coming our way.

  17. 17


    Yes because everyone in D4 is tacky, low-class, and has no taste.

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    Heather, no one hates D4. Most of us love the whole city and would vote for it again tomorrow. I know I would.

    We are asking our elected officials to follow an age-old, tried-and-true process of debt accumulation. Create a project list, sell it to the voters and put it on a referendum where we can make private, quiet decisions based on our informed opinion. Misinformational arguments by a vocal minority that shout down reasonable, legally supported processes are avoided. For additional information on Bates’ and Joe’s flip flop, below is an article where sitting council members now in support of the project call Motel/Hotel Taxes “back door taxes” (Mattison) and financial barriers that give hoteliers the impression “we don’t want them here.” (Gebbia)

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    Heather you must not be familiar with our ratty fences in D1.

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    That’s an easy one. D1, our Brookhaven founding organizations and leaders look to the wretched D4 as it’s future economic generator. We have to pay for the dreams of the 5% some how!

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    Thomas Porter

    I am so confused: Peachtree Creek Greenway is an idea/a concept, some like & I’ve heard some say it’s not a priority. I’m uncertain if Brookhaven owns/has rights to the land that is needed, or, if there is any idea of it’s actual cost… but… the Council has approved an increase in the hotel/motel tax to pay for it??? Without the citizens agreeing the PCG is a good idea or appropriate use for that tax (if it is)? The public won’t be asked to vote on PCG?
    I’m not trying to bait, I’m just trying to figure out if my understanding is correct.

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    Thanks for the article. I guess it just feels like people are always excited for spending money on parks, playing fields, signs, bridges etc in the rest Brookhaven but when D4 comes up (and we don’t even have a park!) people act like we have kooties or are just like, the sewer of Brookhaven.

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    Brookhaven Angler

    Well. Not to beat a dead horse but Peachtree Creek actually IS the sewer of Brookhaven. Have a nice time catching the ever popular Brookhaven “Baby Ruth” as they flow gently downstream. I prefer using a mixture of fiber and prunes as bait when I am out on a fishing excursion underneath the N. Druid Hills Bridge. The funny thing is it’s like a stocked pond! They are always biting. There is one huge Baby Ruth I’ve been trying to catch for some time but my line keeps getting tangled in the Angle Soft floe.

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    I completely agree. We need broad support from our city council to better serve D4, especially in response to sewer. It is part of the city charter and THE building block of economic development, along with roads and schools. What I can’t understand is why so many that advocate for inclusiveness are so hell bent on gentrification.–rhine-look-like-15-years/82270534/

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    Eric Robert

    I like the concept of the Peachtree Creek greenway so long as it is done so as to protect and improve water quality (not piping storm water but collecting, storing and slowly releasing through plant filled retention areas). However the Hotel Tax has for too long been used too loosely. Remember when the cost of the non native and fairly short lived Cherry Trees was waived away because it was being funded with the Hotel /Motel tax. Lets spend less money from this fund on projects like this or on festivals and use it for positive infrastructure projects like this greenway.

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    Jonathan??? Small but vocal minority? You just moved here & look at the votes darling! Bless your heart.

  27. 27

    She Said What?

    The head cheerleader for the Greenway said for every $1 invested in the PCG $8 of economic development will occur. Let’s make the hotel/motel tax 20% instead of boosting only 60%.

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    I went to high school in Cincinnati before coming to Atlanta (Decatur technically) for college- and Cincinnati is apretty complicated city (though aren’t they all?)

    In the 90’s it was on multiple occasions given the title of the most conservative city in the US- there’s a reason they say Republicans can’t win the presidency without winning Ohio.

    I’m originally from Memphis and as much as the South gets a bad rap for being racist I have to say I spent a large part of high school with my jaw dropped at the things both kids and teachers at my predominantly white (1-3 African Americans out of 1800+ students) Cincinnati high school said.

    I don’t think anyone is born inherently racist obviously but when people are sheltered and only get their info from tv and their parents. . . it creates problems- regardless of one’s political leanings.

    So anyways. . . I would not compare Atlanta to Cincinnati . . . Atlanta (and Brookhaven) is FAR more inclusive. 😉

  29. 29


    As far as “hating D4” – if you’re being honest I think you might be surprised at what a lot of other Brookhaven residents say.

    I am not alone in being told that because I live in D4 I must be on welfare.

  30. 30


    Considering the strung-out, sometimes barefoot women looking for johns- even in the middle of the street- and weird dudes lurking about to sell dope-

    I’m cool with Brookhaven charging places like Hampton and Red Roof Inn a 50% tax. Heck- given the people you see stumbling out and around The Red Roof Inn- give them a 100% tax for all I care.

    Better yet- if they can’t stop their businesses from being creepy low-end brothels and drug hangouts- tear them down.

  31. 31


    It is GENUINELY shocking to me that Brookhaven residents in the other districts say D4 would like one of Trump’s tacky casinos or a casino of that nature in our district.

    I have not met ONE single person in Pine Hills that wants that- but I guess that’s “alternative facts” for you.

  32. 32

    Santa Claus

    @Craig, Free Money – ho! ho! ho!, Ho! Ho! Ho!, HO! HO!HO!

  33. 33


    It’s sad to see so much bickering about such a positive project/vision for Brookhaven (and specifically for D4 which currently has NO parks) and for a funding mechanism that basically pays for this project via a small fee from visitors to our city. You know, this hotel-motel tax increase will simply put us at the same level that Dekalb County is already at….seems like a “no-pain, no-brainer” to me.
    If you think that utilizing undevelopable land for public good/greenspace and cleaning up our watershed is a bad idea, then I guess we simply disagree. It’s hard for me to see how folks would disagree with this funding mechanism though…no skin off your back, and allows City to make the general fund go further.

  34. 34

    B\'haven Birdie

    So our elected overlords can use the commercial property taxes in D4 for the betterment of the rest of the districts the city. Why else?

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