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    Pump up those tires Ronnie. Your bridge will be coming soon! All $141,500 of it!

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    Bankrupt Brookhaven

    Doesn’t ANYONE know how to negotiate a contract in this city? Any local builder could do it for 1/3 the cost. Oops. forgot – IT’S GOVERNMENT MONEY!

  3. 3

    Kelsey the Troll

    I used to live under this bridge and ICE came and got me. But I’ll be back.

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    Meet Our Mayor

    Tax, Borrow, and Spend!

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    That is easily 4 times what that bridge should cost! Just like clacks corner rip off, we clearly have no one with common sense in charge of our money.

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    Eddie E.

    Has there been any consideration for limiting the effort to ‘line item 2’?

  7. 7

    So ridiculous

    Material cost to replace this bridge $5,000. Resonable cost to demo and rebuild $30,000.

    Who specifically makes these desicions at the city? Name/department?

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    bridge troll

    How many people use this bridge? If there are 100 users a week, that’s 5,200 crossings a year. If you assume the $150,000 bridge will last 20 years, the annual cost is $7,500. That’s $1.40 per crossing! The true cost is likely higher, when you account for the time value of money and any future repairs/inspections. There has to be a better way to spend taxpayer dollars!

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    Eddie E.


    Now there’s an idea I can support!

  10. 10

    City contracts

    I’m in the wrong business. The right business is apparently selling anything John Ernst.

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    alan smithee

    “ the occasional golf cart” ?! I guess golf cart owners don’t realize or care that 1). It is still ILLEGAL to drive a golf cart on city streets and 2. This is a PEDESTRIAN bridge. Engineering for a 600-pound cart + 2 or more adults and the kiddies and the dog? I’m surprised that it’s only a 4-inch drop.

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    Should had voted Boone.

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    Me and 2 bad hombre’s would knock this out in a weekend. 5K material, pay us 5K cash, burritos and jaritos for lunch and a little tequila when we finish up.

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    Like to walk

    The bridge isn’t necessary to begin with. If a person cannot walk around then they have no business walking to begin with. It may sever up to 10 lazy people a month.

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    Gregory Henderson

    $141,500 for a partial bridge repair ? This is the same contractor that has done work at MC and did the work at Clack’s Corner that was last reported to be almost $200,000 for a small lot?
    Mr. Mayor, who is running this asylum?

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    Why Gregory, that would be your mayor and city council that are running the asylum commonly known as Brookhaven.

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