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    Bob S.

    WOO HOOOO! High Fives to Terrell Carstens and Meredith O’Connor! Your hard work on these plans and dedication to this park is so appreciated! Thank you Brookhaven for making this a real statement piece!

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    Eric Robert

    I think the sign is bigger than the park

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    Park looks awesome. Thanks all for your hard work and dedication to making our community better.

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    I just drove by, it looks great. Thanks citizens and city!!!!

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    I was thinking the same! Maybe someday I’ll drive by there and sit a while.

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    Yakety yak!

    Absolutely beautiful!

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    Completing the brick sidewalk is nice but other than that it looks just like it did when the neighborhood took care of it. I was expecting more for $177,000. The sign is BIG. Thanks Terrell and Merdith for your efforts and hard work.

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    William Jennings

    I’m sure we’ll see it mentioned on if you do. “Attention, strange man sitting in Clacks Corner. I phoned the police”.

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    I thought the sign was going to be a seat for the school bus kids. What is the shadow box for? Nice little park but $177,000? Whew!

  10. 10


    You’ve been branded. It’s a town park now.

  11. 11


    I think the choices that Terrell and Meredith made with the considerations of the amount of money that it would cost were good and considering all the money and time the community put into the park beforehand then it looks like a good use of my tax money. Why are you guys crapping on the choices that the citizens made?

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    Frequent Park User

    No one is crapping on the choices that the citizens made. I applaud and thank them. The city is saying that the park is complete but where are the rest of the things that were in the master plan? They were a part of the $177,000 budget. It seems like a lot of money based on the 5 items listed in the article when 1/2 the bricks where already completed by the citizens and a working irrigation system was already in place. I’d like to know why and how things changed.

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    Thomas Porter

    Hip Hip Hooray for Terrell & Meredith and the other citizens who have worked so hard to create this neighborhood park!

  14. 14


    Are there any benches to sit on besides that stone wall?

  15. 15


    Complete waste of money at $177k. This is $35-40k worth of work. This is 100% mismanagement of our tax dollars. Time for Christian Sigman to start looking for a new job.

  16. 16


    Right? If something like this at this cost happened in D4 half the city would revolt.

  17. 17

    George M

    Sigman – SMH, making the city what he wants it to be and convincing the electeds. At least Marie Garrett did it at about a third of the administrative cost despite her salary. Why couldn’t we just get a competent administrator and a mayor and council that listen?

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    Angela Pruitt

    I went by there today. What happened to the bricks? They are covered with some white substance. I couldn’t even read the engraved bricks anymore. Please fix this.

  19. 19


    I think Sigman is a complete joke. He was removed from economic responsibilities at his last job for a reason. He should never have even been a candidate for us. Couple that with the way he speaks with disdain and rudeness to citizens and it is clear he has no place here. He should be fired for spending nearly $200,000 on this landscape project alone, add in everything else and he should have never been here. Get Sigman out!

  20. 20


    Sigman has recently hired himself an administrative assistant as well as an “assistant city manager”. For some who oversees a tiny little town with 10 department heads (yet never seems to be at work in city hall), why exactly does he need all that? I would love a report on how often he is at work inside a Brookhaven building. I am betting it is much less than any of us would be satisfied with.

  21. 21

    Eddie E.

    In your vaunted turncoat-former-Democrat opinion, what is the function of a Municipal Government?

  22. 22


    To manage the city responsibly and with the best interest of the city in mind. Not to create massive debt or dozens of unneeded positions that we have to find a way to pay for. Why does he need two assistants? Why is he so callous to so many people? Why can he not manage his departments correctly? Sigman is way worse that Garrett.

    Eddie, do you remember the last comment you made on here that was not made to intentionally pick a fight or argue with your neighbors? Get a life.

  23. 23


    Can someone one of his multiple assistants to drive him through D4 when we’re having one of our many flooded sewer or storm water issues?


  24. 24


    Babs, I bet Donald Trump could have negotiated a better contract for this work.

  25. 25


    Yeah, like the great deals we’re paying for “The Southern White House” and the insane amount of money for Melania and the Trunp sons’ trips as well.

    To be fair though, I bet he sometimes gives a discount to the American taxpayer for Trump brand water.

  26. 26

    Eric Robert

    Actually, in my mind these large granite signs, especially the ones in the parks that already had similar large granite signs (the main difference being the insert of the ugly city logo and the insert piece for the park name). But I thought these signs were approved before Sigman came on board?

    As to the $177,000 (which I believe does not include the sign cost since that was a separate budget item) I have no comment since I do not know the details about the work, though the park does look good in the pictures. Though I am surprised the Parks Department isn’t trying to incorporate parking spaces into the park, since that seems to be one of their priorities in some of the parks such as Murphey Candler.

  27. 27


    Eric, what are you rambling about? The sign is not the design agreed upon or promised. You do realize that this park is a neighborhood lot. Why and where the hell would you incorporate parking spaces? This is NOT MC.

  28. 28

    Eric Robert

    Charles, Not sure what you mean about agreed up sign design. They did a contract for one of these signs in every park. One or Two stories appeared here in the B Post.

    “Though I am surprised the Parks Department isn’t trying to incorporate parking spaces into the park, since that seems to be one of their priorities in some of the parks such as Murphey Candler.” = Sarcasm.

  29. 29


    Charles, welcome to Brookhaven and Brookhaven Think and Brookhaven park plan execution.

  30. 30


    Kind of like the money we paid for Bush’s/Obama’s kids security and their travel? Or the Crawford White House? Or all the Obama trips to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard? Or Michelles private jets to NYC and to Africa? They all do it and much of it is mandated by secret service. What would happen if they presidents kids were kidnapped and held hostage? According to records Obama spent $90 million on personal travel.

  31. 31


    Obama spent 90 million in 8 years. . . Trump has spent more than 10 million in one MONTH.

    Interesting how Michelle was called uppity and accused of mooching off of the system by Republicans for bringing her mother with her to the White House to help with her two young daughters- yet-

    Melania costing NYC $500,000 a day because she doesn’t want to move into the White House is a-okay.

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