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    Dog walker

    The PCG will put Brookhaven on the map as an even BETTER place to live and give more people a reason to visit! It will be more peaceful than the BeltLine because of the river and trees surrounding it. Can’t wait!

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    Are there any cost breakdowns? How about a project list? Do we have an idea of what completion looks like? How will the funding be monitored? Will any of the funding be used outside of an identified demarcation of the PCG boundary? Is there a demarcation, or District outlined? Is any of the $36M allocated to budget gaps created by CHOA and executive Park? Who is tasked with project management? Will the city take on more employees to manage the project? How long will the project take? When will the project end? What proof can you provide of positive economic value? Is this really a park looking for a source of funding that doesn’t require a vote? Or an unconstitutional and synthetic tax allocation District not requiring a ‘transfer’? Will the city or the development authority own the land? During interim ownership of said land, who will administrate leases of rental space, multifamily development or revenue sources? What kind of revenue sources are envisioned? How will current property owners be approached? Will the city engage a real estate agent? How many property owners are willing sellers? Does the city have a first right of refusal on anticipated property needed in the contiguous area? What other aspects of the Buford Highway Redevelopment are to be funded with extra hotel/motel taxes?

    Nice map. Who wants to write a blank check?

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    Randy Watson

    Linear parks are fantastic and this is no-doubt exciting for the community to see this concept move from the drawing board. HOWEVER, my biggest issue with this linear park and the proposed financing is that I see it (the Northfork Greenway/PCG) getting the spotlight and $$s to the detriment of other B’haven parks that continue to have to ‘beg, borrow and steal’ for the slightest morsel of material allocated capex. Briarwood Park pool improvements anyone?

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    Don’t forget long term maintenance and police patrols that will be demanded after a few incidents in a long, isolated linear park.

  5. 5


    Y’all are the pawns of the city administration, this is just enough money to get us & Brookhaven drowning in debt. What’s the rush when there are so many other things that Brookhaven needs to fix? Everybody likes thinking this is free money but it’s not.

  6. 6


    Oh yeah, walk through the trees by a creek where the criminals hide.

  7. 7


    Joe Gebbia I believe said that the city wouldn’t use imminent domain, but . . . yeah.

    I don’t know why some businesses like gas stations or restaurant spaces would sell when they stand to make much more money by holding onto their property.

    I’m optimistic about the project but VERY much opposed to making people sell that don’t want to . . . and I worry that the city will eventually resort to that option.

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    This money can not be used in current parks. So yes, this would free more money to existing parks improvements. So Mr Watson you should be for this.

  9. 9


    I’ve enjoyed attending MANY community meetings and city council meetings that have presented, discussed, planned, and voted on this project. Anyone who is interested can and has taken the time to be involved in the process. In my opinion the City is doing a great job at trying to get citizens involved in the new Brookhaven. Kudos to all who have put the effort forth to be something other than “arm-chair activists”… it’s easy to complain and ask questions from your laptop, but real citizen involvement takes time and energy and diplomacy. I’m excited to run on the PCG!! And this seems like the perfect way to find it!

  10. 10


    Gebbia says – LMAO! He wouldn’t know the truth if he tripped on it.

  11. 11


    A few things

    (1) Bonds haven’t even been mentioned yet. Just asking for the 3% increase
    (2) If bonds issued based on a $650k/year revenue stream get Brookhaven “drowning in debt” then we have SERIOUS other problems.

    We’re talking $650k/year that CAN NOT be used for other things, out of a budget of over $36MM in a city with a multi-million $$ surplus.

    Come back to reality a bit.

  12. 12


    Take a DEEP breath, sit down, and read the information available before firing off comments and e-mails and nextdoor posts that make you look like an idiot.

    This is a request for the legislature to approve the ability for the city to vote on an increase in the hotel-motel tax. Even assuming the legislature allows this, Brookhaven still has to then approve the increase. The time to answer questions about specifics is before approving the tax. Complaining about specifics before the city even has the ability to levy the tax is putting the cart WAY before the horse.

    Also, half of your questions aren’t even relevant to a tax that, by law, can only be used to promote tourism in the City.

  13. 13


    You sound like a fun person to be around *rolls eyes*

  14. 14


    KHN – LOL! That’s a very intelligent comment! Google the news about attacks on the westside trail especially, that’s the one with lots of trees! Then tell me something like, you think I’m a b*%ch, or something else that will also seem smart to you.

  15. 15

    Tom Reilly

    Hey, Runner4Life!! Good for you!! I’m adding “arm-chair activists” to “paranoid windbags” and other neighbor descriptions to those among us who spend their time here taking up space, consuming our resources, refusing to vote, refusing to volunteer, refusing to editorialize; and spreading distrust, disruption, and disrespect.–Tom Reilly

  16. 16


    Riiiight, that was Betsy Eggers statements about using the money to leverage bonds. She’s the other board member. This author above, Sarah Kennedy is also on the Brookhaven Development Authority who has crooked Bates Mattison as their Council liaison, talk about conflicts!!!!

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    Sandra Davis

    @James, I have to disagree with your perspective of this. The city would have already approved this if they didn’t have this hiccup that they have to go to the legislature first. Why send it down if they haven’t already decided to approve it? At the council meeting they were doing the hard sale already as to why this needs to be done. In government and politics you ALWAYS ask as many questions as possible up front. If you wait, you’ll just be wasting your breath. Also, we already receive this tax at the 5% rate and it does not all have to go to tourism. There is a difference between the 5% and 8% distributions in the law.

  18. 18

    Easy Rider

    By any measure, the Beltline has been very successful. So if the PCG is connected to the Beltline and paid for by a tourist-tax, then it is a winner. Of course there are plenty of questions to resolve later, but supporting this measure right now is no brainer.

  19. 19

    Rob Peter to Pay Paul

    James, bonds, loans, grants, private sector funding, etc. are and have been discussed. They are talking $9 million just for the first little phase. Do you even know how many millions of dollars it already costs us per month just to operate? Our surplus is peanuts. Take a look at the debt we currently have, have recently added, and what is on the books for funding. This isn’t just a development plan for future generations enjoyment it is also creating the debt that they will still be paying. That’s reality my friend.

  20. 20


    I’m sorry James that you think I “look like an idiot” because as someone that lives nearby the proposed PCG and would along with my spouse would use it almost every single day-and regularly frequent restaurants and cafes that popped up nearby (as upper-middle class, childless individuals with significant disposable income)-

    As much as we would LOVE this we also care about the families that might be displaced by imminent domain.

    While I can’t speak for the rest of Brookhaven, I know I could never enjoy myself at a place built by destroying family’s homes, businesses and livelihood.

  21. 21


    There is a HUGE difference between asking for the ability to do something via resolution, and approving a tax increase by vote. If you think it’s “pre-ordained” that this will happen because they simply want the ABILITY, then (1) there is nothing anyone can say to convince you otherwise and (2) you haven’t been around gov’t decisions very long

    And just a factual correction, the 5% IS already required by law to go to tourism promotion. The change between the 5 and 8% is in the % that goes to the city (40-60 for 5% to 50-50 for the next 3%).

  22. 22


    First, I was talking to Chad, who posted multiple breathless complaints and question barrages on various social media outfits, very little of which made any sense whatsoever.

    Second, it’s eminent domain, not imminent domain, and for multiple legal reasons isn’t applicable here (not a redevelopment issue, greenway isn’t going to replace existing buildings, stream buffers, setbacks, etc).

  23. 23

    Mary Beth Joiner

    Some nerve there Tom. Who are you to stereotype, disrespect, slander, and dismiss others thoughts and opinions? Far to many here in Brookhaven pick one small portion of an article or conversation and run with it as if they are all knowing. Or worse, they have one pet peeve that they want come hell or high water without giving any consideration to the need, other priority needs, overall impact, cost, consequences, transparency of the entire intent ,and the citizens desires.. Until this city treats everyone the same, makes decisions on a citywide level, creates a solid base, builds trust, unites and connects, it will always be viewed by many in a negative light. Unfortunately, past history has put us on this course and it needs to change!

  24. 24


    Oh good lord, 🙄,heaven forbid anyone misspell anything while typing on their cell phone.

    If you look at one of the earlier Brookhaven city proposals it shows the city’s plan to replace various gas stations and strip malls, restaurants etc with hotels and whatnot along Buford Highway.

    Don’t take my word for it- I’m pretty sure you can find it somewhere here on The Post.

    The PCG proposal (at least the last one I saw) had A LOT more to do with things besides the creek– it was about changing a lot of the businesses on and around Buford Highway.

    I’m sure there is a search function on The Post- I would suggest you use it if you think the plan just has to do with the waterway

  25. 25

    Sandra Davis

    It appears that you haven’t been around Brookhaven government long enough to see the writing on the wall.
    You also omit that under the 5% tax, part of that split can go to the General Fund. A much bigger asset to the total budget and utilization of the funds.. At the 8% rate the 50-50 is much more restrictive and a waste. Georgia law allows the collection and mandates that the money be spent on items that the city of Brookhaven struggles to utilize. We put full page ads in papers and magazines in Macon just to spend the money not to mention we pay a hefty fee to let another organization spend the rest of it. It’s a backwoods law that just wastes money in the form of a tax. Some lobbyist years ago earned his keep in creating this nonsense and attached the hotels and motels to justify it.

  26. 26


    Implementing a TAD along Buford for redevelopment is a totally different subject. Literally the ONLY similarity between the two issues is the general location.

    Conflating the two issues is either ignorance of the differences in the proposals or some serious black helicopters circling my backyard level paranoia.

  27. 27


    To be fair, there are also people that have put time in that are concerned about the small business owners of Buford Highway and the general area.

    Maybe you feel superior by lodging nasty, personal attacks at those concerned about the rights of small business owners . . . but some of us are concerned and devoted to help preserve the many small, FAMILY run Buford Highway businesses that make Buford Highway and the general area what it is.

    Replace them with a hotel or Starbucks?

    No thank you.

  28. 28


    Heather you keep asking whatever you want. People like “James” will continue to misguide. You are spot on. To get directly to the truth ask anyone:

    “Why would you be against a ballot referendum for a plan PCG supporters have said will cost $36M and will be covered entirely by the tax increase, yet have zero plans and no end date on the project or the tax.”

    Then watch multiple “James” come to say it’s a good idea, stop asking questions and for heaven’s sake don’t vote on it.

  29. 29


    Or you can just call and ask Joe Gebbia about Buford Highway if you can ever reach him.

  30. 30


    There it is! Do we call you mayor, council member, city manager, representative, or senator? What’s that saying about a duck?

  31. 31


    Heh. I’ve been here since before it was a city. I just don’t walk around with a tinfoil hat on regarding any attempt to make our city better.

  32. 32


    To specifically answer the question you highlight… I simply reject the premise on multiple fronts. (1) nobody said there would NOT be a ballot referendum (2) there are plans to “end” (3) nobody said all $36MM is public fund, much less funded ONLY by this 1.5% (side note, million is designated by MM, not M, I would think someone who works in the financial services industry would know this).

    The rest of your rants suffer the same flaws. If you want answers, ask real questions, not pre-judged attempted “gotcha” statements.

  33. 33


    What in the world are you talking about. The greenway project has NOTHING to do with redeveloping Buford to remove small family businesses. In fact, the greenway would be a massive asset for the numerous businesses (large and small) along the corridor, helping them bring in new customers, improve their property values, and generally address the negative perceptions of the area.

  34. 34


    This, specifically, is the problem with the 10-15 people who comment on this site. ANY effort to improve things in this city is immediately turned into some form of power grab/gov’t overreach/backroom deal regardless of what the facts are.

    Honestly, the city could attempt to build a walking trail along a creek, and this site would turn in into an attempt to force all landowners along a major highway out of their property.


  35. 35


    Thanks 🙂 I don’t have a strong financial or urban planning background and am not the type to google it and pretend like I do. 😉

    We would very much enjoy the greenway living nearby but we’re def. not the only ones nearby concerned about the lack of financial details (though again we realize it is early in the process).

    I hate to be a “Negative Nelly” but again, the last proposal I looked at involved replacing many small businesses on Buford Highway.

    Much to my husband’s chagrin (he didn’t grow up in cities like I did 😉) I run a lot of my errands on Buford Highway and can see from the PCG proposal the HUGE number of businesses they hope to get rid of.

  36. 36


    Silly James, Don’t you realize Chad and Heather and Brady and Rob Peter to Pay Paul and Janine is the same person.

  37. 37


    No- maybe they’ve changed their mind but at one point it was part of the greenway plan.

  38. 38


    On one of the project proposals it included changing businesses on Buford Highway.

    It was shared even here!

  39. 39


    James, you might want to check with Joe Gebbia about just how he plans to incorporate PCG with his redevelopment plans.

  40. 40


    Oh, you want to include Dean too Rob?

  41. 41


    Right? I’ve always wondered what it would be like to spend a day as a man, but I can assure everyone I’m not one.

    What a weird way to live one’s life where you think everyone that disagrees with you is somehow conspiring against you.

    I mean gawd, I don’t like Trump but I hardly think everyone that likes him is colluding with Russians. (Da? Nyat? Lol!)

  42. 42


    Is that the same guy that did the artists rendition of city hall during the city creation movement? That one turned out great! Maybe we can do a before and after from that picture, to get an accurate portrayal of this one.

  43. 43


    Is that a homeless person under that tree?

  44. 44


    How does it free more money for existing parks? It can’t, unless you plan on taking from the existing park budget to build this thing when the tax increase doesn’t pass.

  45. 45


    Anyone that spends time on Buford Highway can see the completely different businesses in what is called “The Peachtree Creek Master Plan”

  46. 46


    As someone that generally supports the greenway, I have to give you mad props for almost making me laugh-spit coffee all over my phone.

  47. 47

    Asha Jenkins

    This is a back door tax. Plain and simple. Watch all the politicos and the city lobbyists.

  48. 48

    I am Brady

    I am not Chad, Heather,Rob Peter to Pay Paul or Janine. .

  49. 49

    The Brookhaven Post

    Hi. Please get the comments back on topic. Thank you.

  50. 50

    Dean P.

    If this goes through it will be the first tax increase in Brookhaven history. According to Bates Mattison in 2013, “It is a back door tax.” Why the change of heart Mr. Mattison?

  51. 51


    Dean, obviously you are obvious to the property tax roll back that the citizens have been denied every year since Brookhaven was created.

    Brookhaven increased taxes when it was created with the city portion of the franchise fees they applied to your various utilities. Then there is the roll back of property taxes the city decided they needed more than you.

    So what were you saying about the first Brookhaven tax increase? Ah, sorry, just another “unengaged” citizen you must be.

  52. 52


    Poor James/J: the problem isn’t a trail along a creek, it’s a total disregard for vetting something before launching the city into multi-year/multi-million dollar debt. It’s the crap of low-rent low-class BS politicians playing demi-gods. You blithering fool!

  53. 53


    I think I read that Joe Gebbia is not running for re-election,so for the most part is doesn’t really matter what he’s said.

    Which is another huge issue- who the heck knows who the next D4 rep will be and what they would like to do?

  54. 54


    I think he said he wasn’t running for re-election (if I remember correctly), so that’s another huge issue–

    Who the heck knows what what the next D4 rep will want to do?

  55. 55

    Beauregard P. Butternut

    Hey there, James. Did you get a load of that that report?

    On page 15 they give a big ole drawing stretchin’ from the Pink Pony to Greene’s Liquors. 67 separate parcels. They got multi-family apartment complexes on almost every corner of Briarwood Road and Buford Highway. Even got a hotel where the Chevron Station is and new city-owned property everywhere in between.

    E’erbody always talkin’ about crime over there on Buford Highway, but you want to see real crime and broken pavement? Walk 3 blocks off the Beltline. Google one-of-them-there crime reports to see for yourself. They could probably use experts like we got with the BroPo. This is really all about jenta’, jentro’, jentrification. That’s it. They gonna’ jentrify’ Buford Highway.

    Now look on pg. 18. See that sewer manhole? It leaks bad, real bad. Right into the creek if you know what I mean? That ain’t the only one…

    Flip a couple more pages to 23-24. Damn if the whole thing ain’t in a big ole’ flood plain. You shoulda’ seen it 3 years ago. Ole’ Trey got pictures of water all the way up to the bottoms of the bridges over Briarwood and North Druid Hills. See, this ain’t really about a bike path. It’s about real estate development.

    Keep flippin’ to pg. 28. They want to put us on some kind of road diet, and give us more transportation options. Probably Maya’ J wants to put in a bus system cause’ those little orange buses are makin’ too much money.

    On pg. 32-33 they show these areas over by CHOA and Executive Park. See, they call that “areas susceptible to change”. CHOA and Executive Park have cut through the annual budget from the rooter’ to the tooter’. Your city leaders gon’ need some of that bond money to fix stuff like Tullie Rd storm failures and other stuff CHOA ain’t payin’ for.

    Now flip past all them purty’ pictures to pg. 68. They put in a giant list of funding sources. Well, I’ll be damned?! Not one source says Hotel/Motel Tax.

    Now I don’t know where your from, but round’ here, we call that a Tax Allocation District. We don’t have TAD’s in Brookhaven cuz’ the whole city rejected them bout’ 3 years ago. Brookhaven City Council people call the PCG a Synthetic Tax Allocation District cause’ they gon’ go round the voter again for funding. Me and my commercial banker buddies eatin’ at the White House Restaurant call it speculation. Hell, gon’ gentrify about 100 acres and put up multi-family apartments? That’s the kind of speculation we like, but we can’t do that. You know what I mean? You need gubments to do that. The more liberal the gubment, the easier it is to do.

    Bond traders? They’ll just add the $36M to Brookhaven debt limit if we ask for any more money for roads or sewers or parks or whatever.

    Them fancy Madison Ave. fellers’ call it SoDoSoBro.

    Uuuhhhhhh, Welcum Home.

  56. 56


    Okay, I’m not really sure if you’re making fun of me or not 🙂, but I’m happy someone else can look at these plans and agree a lot of the proposed businesses are very different than what is there now– and not say I’m wearing a tinfoil hat.

  57. 57


    D4 doesn’t even have a park but we’re supposed to feel sorry for the other Brookhaven districts complaining they’re not getting the luxurious pool and sports field improvements they want?

    Yeah, no.

  58. 58

    Enuff Govt Already

    The city was sold as lower taxes and fiscally conservative. This would be a tax increase and I’ll vote NO. Want a new park then go find private donations! It only took 3 years for this NEW type of govt to fully morph into just another govt of tax hikes to satisfy the politically connected’s wish list.

  59. 59

    Just another someone in Brookhaven

    Brookhaven, that place that was at one time a nice place to live and raise children before some Republicans decided they wanted more taxes and wanted to run out all of the long time residents so they could create their little city kingdom. Now it is a place that people are from yet living elsewhere for a better quality of life cause of the gentrification by the city. So the city was for someone else not the people that made the area. Next generation it will be your turn and you can thank your city.

  60. 60

    Joseph P Palladi

    So where were you during the preparation and approval of the parks plan? And just how do you propose to pay for this or any improvements in Brookhaven?

    We elected reps to make these decisions. The PCG has had numerous meetings. The Corridor study was also open to citizens to educate themselves and ask questions.

  61. 61


    Joe, I was on the Governor’s Commsaion for parks along with many, many other dedicated volunteers. All of us, including 60% of the city want, and voted to have, all funding for city improvements from a. General Obligation bond that we vote on. VOTE ON! The PCG is a 67 parcel Tax Allocation District, a direct affront by our mayor to circumvent the voter once again. Except this time its to gentrify 100 acres of businesses and residential to replace with a Centeal Planning dream with tax dollars. It is the definition of naive interventionism.

    The plans look wonderful. Put it on the Nov. ballot and most criticism will go away as another example of capital cronyism and tone deaf elitism swirl down the bowl of voter rejection.

  62. 62


    You’re not going to get to vote. That’s what this is all about. Unless you write the DeKalb Delegation which meets Monday, your voice will never be heard.

  63. 63


    This won’t cost millions (at least I would hope), but there also needs to be a realistic conversation about the male homeless population besides a spritely “we’ll get them help!”

    Okay that’s nice, but as some residents of Pine Hills will tell you some of these guys are homeless by choice- their families have tried to help them, given up, and several of the guys have debit cards that their families deposit money in every month.
    Are these guys going to be repeatedly arrested and jailed or ???

    Which brings up another issue everyone wants to gloss over. . . RATS.

    It’s not a great talking point when you’re selling a park but it’s something that where there will be trash and water needs to be addressed.

    Some local activists are against poisoning them because they don’t want to hurt the other local wildlife — so what are we going to do when we get a bunch of giant rats running around?

    (And I’m not exaggerating- when rats aren’t poisoned they will grow to the size of small cats.)

  64. 64


    Joe is just joining JD in fits of self-righteousness & indignation to ingratiate themselves into the usual bunch. Spent his career screwing the metro area up, nNow continues into retirement. Big government and debt his specialty, sholuld live in Cobb County.

  65. 65

    Joseph P Palladi

    Glad you like my previous work. I have enjoyed living in Brookhaven for 30 some years and have seen much of the change occur. I probably will not used the trail, but see it as an asset for the City. With all the needed improvements we have, I think it is smart to consider ALL funding options. Big government.and debt….obviously you do not know me. Talking about being self -righteousness…

  66. 66

    Beauregard P. Butternut

    You might not use it, Joe, but the City Manager claims hoards of people normally not lodging at the Red Roof Inn and the Microtel will come from all over the country to see it…and stay in the Red Roof Inn and the Microtel.

    This has nothing to do with a bike path. It has everything to do with buying up property the city can develop. The budget has gone from $9M, then add engineering design and you get to $15M, then add rising prices because the city is a desperate buyer for their speculative real estate investment and the tab tops $36M.

  67. 67


    Doesn’t it show The Red Roof Inn as a residential development though?

    (Sorry I can’t doublecheck right now because I apparently need to update my IPhone and the map keeps crashing.)

    I mean, if you consider the creepy people that live at the motel full time then I guess you could consider it a “residence”?

    It seemed though like the dream though was to replace it along with the chevron.

  68. 68


    What a bunch of Bravo Serria this Brookhaven has become. D1 has a wannabe Cherry Fest and soon D4 will have a spring Peachtree Creek Greenway S#@t Show when the spring floods occur elevating the ‘floaters and snow’ for all to see. Good place for the city Easter Egg hunt. Just pass on the dark eggs children, they may be more than you bargained for and be sure to sanitize those candy eggs!

  69. 69

    Recent Brookhaven Resident

    To James –
    Issuing a Bonds was the first item mentioned in direct correlation to this tax increase. This money is to be used toward the debt payment for a Special Revenue Bond for a beginning $9 million just to get started. Total cost is estimated at close to $30-35 million for just 3 miles of trail. You may want to listen and pay attention a little better.

  70. 70

    Joseph P Palladi

    I believe that the COB has no desire to buy and develop property on their own except for the land and easements required to build the project. They are hoping the construction of the path will have property owners redevelop their property to its highest and best use approved by the COB. That would increase our tax base. There is already another hotel planned for the east side of the interchange at NDHR. As the path attracts users, additional properties may redevelop, or at least that is the plan. It is discussed somewhat in the video and is consistent with corridor improvements sought by a rep of the corridor.

  71. 71


    Do we know yet who is running to replace Joe in district 4?

    Since there were suggestions he’s not running again, it’s a little concerning as he’s been so involved in this project.

    Obviously some people would be very happy to elect someone against the plan, but what if it’s someone even more inclined to bulldoze Buford Highway?

  72. 72


    Joe what you believe and what Joe Gebbia wants are two different things. Might want to call Joe, if you can reach him.

  73. 73


    I hate to belabor the obvious, but a politician saying something is not a legally binding agreement.

    Why come up with detailed maps to change the businesses on Buford Highway if that is not part of the plan?

    That literally makes no sense!

  74. 74


    Joe one of those types that says what the plan says, but says it in a way to alleviate fear without changing the plan.. The City Manager actually mentioned the beneficiaries of new tourism being The Red Roof Inn, The Microtel and a couple others..

    Blank Check J wants people to stop asking questions.

  75. 75


    But why is there a plan replacing The Red Roof Inn?

    If you’re happy with something, then why create a detailed map where you replace it?

    That literally makes no sense.

  76. 76


    Heather what is this map you keep referring to? Is there a web link to it?

  77. 78

    Page 26-TAD

    Pg 26 shows all the land the city wants to buy.

  78. 79

    Concerned Citizen

    Is it me, or was what is now considered Brookhaven and just about all of Dekalb County was nicer when it was unincorporated? Trees weren’t getting cut down left and right, traffic was there but not as unbearable as it is now, crime rates, especially in north Dekalb, were nothing compared to what they were now, schools, primarily in north Dekalb, as well as south Dekalb weren’t bad, and the quality of life was a lot better in my opinion. And yea, the government of Dekalb County from 2000 – 2010 didn’t help things, but even with the government problems, the county was not in as bad of a position as it could have been and no problems existed that couldn’t have been solved with a simple vote at the ballot box. Now all of these cities are just competing with each other for tax dollars, trying to create their own identities and be the “next greatest thing” while keeping up with the Jones’s, and people are just concerned with telling others how things should be. The repetitiveness of government services in such a small area is an inefficient was of going about things, especially with police. As a person who works in law enforcement not in Dekalb County, you are wrong if you think any of these city agencies are taking care of business compared to how DKPD took care of things. That is just my two cents though for what its worth.

  79. 80


    Yes, that is the map and link I was referring to.

    For those that don’t know that area of Buford Highway I’ll try to detail the proposed business changes by the PCG tomorrow.

  80. 81


    I like the idea of the greenway but I’m also a realist. The Beltline is a different build than this will be, as is the Silver Comet Trail. Big Creek Greenway in Alpharetta is a more comparable site except it is fronted by more homes than businesses. I lived and worked by it, when we could get enough coworkers to feel safe walking it we were the only ones other than the cyclist that were pissed at having to share it with walkers. Weekends got a little more traffic but not a huge amount. I now work off Briarcliff and along the trails by the creek, my office actually sits on the trail – we use it for about 75 feet to walk to our other office and let the dogs do their business. Rarely is there anyone on it other than my coworkers, smokers from the other offices or our office dogs. It’s great and I am thrilled to be able to enjoy it but to think that it will be a money generator is a fools dream. The PCG presentations I have seen have always talked about the “businesses it will create” along the corridor and there is a definite implication of changing the entire Buford Highway corridor in those presentations and that is where the money comes in.. I say let’s be real, gravel pave a path and see if it gets enough interest to justify a vote. Pie in the sky dreams of Brookhavens Beltline need to be tempered with reality, the PCG folks need to get some private funding to start this project then let the citizens decide if they want to support a play ground for a few cyclist and tree huggers like me. I hope they can, but I don’t think hiding the redevelopment of Buford Highway in a creek greenway plan that will be far less used than advertised is the way to go. Separate the plans, make the greenway just that and if redevelopment follows many will embrace it.

  81. 82

    Asha Jenkins

    Be careful opposing anything in Brookhaven. You’ll find yourself being pressured to be in a Board or commission for the purpose of shutting you up.

  82. 83

    Asha Jenkins

    The city of Brookhaven should put the funding Peachtree Creek Greenway on the ballot in November and ask the question whether people will support paying $50 per year more in taxes to pay for it.

    That would raise approximately $2.5 million per year and get this thing paid for if the willnof the people is to have it.

    My suspicions is there is spotty support for this project at this time in our city’s lifetime. We need to address our infrastructure first.

    Get your heads out of your asses Brookhaven leaders and propose real solutions instead of playing sleezy political games.

  83. 84


    They will out it ion the ballot, but it will be hinged to other bond projects we actually need to build. The mayor will blame the failure of its passage on PCG opponents. Wake up folks. New boss same as he old boss.

  84. 85

    Thought about that

    Development comes with a county, but it accelerates exponentially with a city due to the emphasis on creating a larger tax base to fund municipal centers, goals and projects pushed by the political elite. This is the new Brookhaven.

  85. 86


    you mean the cyclists and tree huggers who come, use the trail, bring their own water bottle and never spend a dime in the area. bout right.

  86. 87

    Jason M.

    Great advice. It’s far more effective to complain anonymously online at 2:54 am than to actually step up when asked to publicly serve and your voice opinion to the community. SMH.

  87. 88


    Concerned Citizen, I lived in unincorporated Dekalb for about 20 years, and only saw Dekalb Police in my neighborhood once. I also had someone break into my car during that time, and a DKPD detective refused to come out and get fingerprints to try to catch whoever did the break in. I’ve lived in Chamblee the last few years, and I see the police in my neighborhood all the time. In fact, I saw them in my neighborhood more the first week I lived there than I did the entire time I lived in Dekalb. Chamblee police come within a couple of minutes when I’ve called them. The only place I ever saw DKPD was trying to catch speeders on 285. Given me a break.

  88. 89

    Concerned Citizen

    Yea ellen despite what you see on tv and movies, 99% of the time its useless trying to obtain fingerprints from an entering auto case, its not that easy, and even if they did that would not solve the case, the only thing which woukd solve the case is if their were witnesses or the suspect is caught with stolen property or caught on camera. Don’t let what you see fool you, the City of dunwoody is overwhelmed with entering autos which nothing is done about except takng a simple report. As a matter of fact i know dunwoody and other north dekalb city officers who complain that all there departments care about is photo ops and coffee with a cop but if you taser a guy breaking into a car or find meth on a traffic stop, hgher ups in the depts dont care. And yea you may bag on dkpd catching speeders on 285 but when a speeders causes an accident with serious injuries or a fatality with someone related to you involved, lets see you bag on them then

  89. 90

    Michael Berhans

    We need engineering plans, to know what the Federal, State, FEMA, and EPA requirements are going to be, how much damage and repair work is Dekalb going to have to do to the sewer system that runs along side the creek, solidify and confirm the location of the trail and the tools to be utilized for land acquisitions and those costs. No real preparation has been started. How will the upstream pollutants and debris be managed that will continue to be dumped into this creek? This is a nice dream but where are the facts of what is actually needed to get started? If the city is going to borrow millions of dollars via a tax increase that can only be used for very restrictive purposes why incur that debt now with so many unknowns still to be answered? It’s a lot of money with no likelihood at this time of the end result ever being allowed to even get started.

  90. 91


    Michael Berhans Bravo Sierra! Please do not distract from the base plan for creation of the PCG! Just be advised that when you visit the PCG enjoy the floaters and the summertime snow in the trees! Recruit, dont ask questions that are not relevant to the plan! At ease, soldier!

  91. 92


    Again. . . maybe it’s not actually about the creek? Or giving D4 a park? Or creating a “tourist attraction”?

    Maybe it’s a nice narrative to rationalize redevolping Buford Highway?

  92. 93

    Only Joe knows

    Something to ask Joe.

  93. 94

    Brookhaven Mother

    I know dear J Max (Brookhaven’s Lysol man) will disagree, but our overall police coverage isn’t what it used to be. Just confidentially ask Dunwoody residents and you’ll find out the truth. But go get free coffee every opportunity offered, it will make you feel better and socially involved and keep you awake for your neighborhood patrols to protect your property.

  94. 95

    Meet Our Mayor

    And our Mayor. Mr. Tax, Borrow, and Spend!

  95. 96

    Joseph P Palladi

    No, I do not believe in conspiracy theories…esp since no documented proof has been provided. So tourism is a bad thing? Ok…..

  96. 97

    Joseph P Palladi

    Do you know that there were at least two DRI’s (Developments of Regional Impact…over 400 K sq ft of development ) proposed and approved by GRTA before the economic turndown?

  97. 98


    I used to have an app on my phone that allowed me to “draw” on pictures but unfortunately I seemed to have deleted it when I was trying to free up storage space.

    If you really care though you know you can use Google Maps and compare it to the proposed PCG redevelopment map. instead of lodging rude insults at people and expecting them to draw everything out for you.

    I’ve lived in Memphis, Houston, Boston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Providence, NYC, Hartford, SoCal, Maui as well some smaller cities–

    Y’all can accuse me of believing in conspiracy theories and say I think black helicopters are circling my backyard (????!!!)all you want-

    But I have something a college degree won’t teach you- life experience.

  98. 99


    At your birth a mold was broken. Your husband has himself a rare jewel. See you two at the pool this summer.

  99. 100


    Dean, you won’t see us at the neighborhood pool because we can’t get approved due to the never ending rage (near stroke level) by some of the “bigwigs” about our modern style house. We were even told shortly after moving in that we weren’t wanted and not to bother.

    Cool. So we just decided to build our own pool.

    Of course that was opposed too but we won 🙂, so- haha!

    You can swing by our pool when it’s finished though. . . we’re the chill friendly people in the modern house that despite all the crankiness are nice to everyone. 🙂

  100. 101


    It is time for grown up person to run this new city Mayer for mayor

  101. 102


    I have thought about that Ronnie.

    You would probably have better control over the direction tax dollars are spent. You would be outspoken about frivolous spending like what we have seen, most recently at Clack’s Corner and ongoing unnecessary expensive city studies. And I know you would not tolerate council members squandering their allowances on things like idiotic monorail studies. I am confident you would keep Brookhaven on a course that maintains why longer term residents chose to live here, not destroying our little treasure in order to become something most of us don’t want.

    The problem, Ronnie, is that you would make too much sense, and that would go against the special interests and elite that forced city creation and want to control Brookhaven. People like that don’t prevail in Brookhaven.

  102. 103

    Sad Saul

    OMG, Saul, please share your libations with Ronnie and Susan, fast! A nice guy for sure, but Mayor, heaven help us! Maybe Heather can host a party for you at har new pool.

  103. 104


    It is a great shame, that the State House on March 16,2017, voted for the tax increase.

  104. 105

    Future Leveraged

    $25m bond request just intitiated. Still think it won’t cost millions? And the City gave themselves the ability to raid the stormwater fund, which now supports the PDK Greenspace debt AND PCG. Hope your stormwater problems have already been fixed.

  105. 106


    It would be nice to get the existing parks this kind of funding. Instead of doing one at a time the pricing would be better in bulk and HOST isn’t going to be around much longer. Instead of having 15 parks that look no different than they did under Dekalb (Unfinished and under maintained) because we are in need of funding lets get the ones we have completed and raised to a higher level. If not, all we have are more mediocre spaces.

  106. 107


    How did this greenway get moved so far ahead of the park master plans? The whole greenway idea was to promote and boost development in the area and have the projects themselves build it according to the designs we had spent our money on to complete and use as the vision. Isn’t that the purpose of the new Economic Development Director?

  107. 108


    Brookhaven needs more volunteers!

  108. 109


    Chosen people taking care of chosen people.

  109. 110


    Forgive my awful typing-on-my-cellphone grammar, but when I said “this won’t cost millions”- I was referring to the second half of my sentence where I was speaking of the local male homeless and transient population.

    Certainly to truly “fix” the homeless population it would cost millions- I was however referring to the relocation issue.

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