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    Marjorie Snook

    Oselette says that it start so late because no one wanted to delve into the work after the failure of LaVista Hills. Except, they DID start proposing this annexation almost immediately after LVH’s failure, made a proposal, set up a Facebook page–and then went completely silent for months, only to come back with this rushed proposal weeks into the session.

    Last year, we were told it HAD to happen immediately because Tucker was inevitably going to annex all of Northlake in 2016 if it did not. And now, they are saying it never occurred to them Tucker might annex business properties until recently? Their statements are extremely inconsistent.

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    Flubber lite

    Margorie, you should go back to sucking up to your “friends” at DeKalb County and leave us alone! No one cares what you have to say.

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    Chamblee is a monumental project. So much work needs doing in the city we have now. We seem to be testing many new ideas in government and finance. None of the big projects requiring large abatements have been completed. We need time to see if they function. Can we can manage the city we have? Maybe check us out in a few years.

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    Marjorie Snook

    The last vote showed that people liked what I had to say more than they liked what LVH had to say.

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    Flubber lite

    You have no dog in this fight. Go somewhere you might be wanted. By Felicia.

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    Marjorie Snook

    Everyone in this county has a dog in this fight. Y’all have been trying to get all dissenters sit down and shut up for years now. And you just keep failing over and over. You would think at some point you would learn from your failures and try a different tactic, but it seems if your group is determined not to learn.

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    Flubber lite

    So wrong Jean. Maybe you should join Marge in her quest to see that DeKalb county remains among the most corrupt, inept governments in history.

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    Jordan Fox

    Jean seemed to indicate she currently lives in Chamblee. Am I right, Jean? Regardless, Flubber lite, if you want to disagree with other commenters, that is fine, but no need to be rude especially when you are not even giving your real name.

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    There you are Jordan. I was worried that you had been obducted by a low flying plane. Maybe Jean lives in Chamblee and maybe not. And how do you know that Jean is a real name? I’ll give you this, you know nothing about which you speak, yet you are not afraid to show that. Bravo my man, bravo.

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    There is an upside to all of this. If Erickson, Mesa and Mock go along with those that want to annex into the city, maybe just maybe the voters of Chamblee will finally see that these hucksters are not out for the good of the city nor do they care what the majority of the Chamblee residents care about and vote them out of office.

    Their collusion with the Downtown Development Authority to give away millions in tax dollars while not taking care of the city’s existing parks and infrastructure tells you how little they really care about what the residents of Chamblee think. It is always an ego play with these guys and I pray that we have a new slate of candidates that will run them out of office.

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    Jordan Fox

    In my comment I asked Jean a question and I said that I felt Flubber lite was being rude. So explain how in that comment I show that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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    Jordan Fox

    Now here is someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about. First of all, our Mayor’s name is Eric Clarkson, not Erickson. Second, I believe that Mesa and Mock care a lot about what citizens think. They have come to many DECA meetings and events and have always been open to our feedback. In my view, Chamblee is better off with Mock and Mesa on Council.

    Third, it is Councilwoman Robson who is a on Chamblee City Council AND is a voting member of the Chamblee Downtown Development Authority (DDA). If you are worried about someone being in collusion with the DDA you’ve identified the wrong people. Leslie Robson should be the target of your angst.

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    Oh Jordan, you love your Chamblee politicians. Except Robinson. what’s up with that? Once again demonstrating that you have zero idea what you are talking about. That’s it! Zero Jordan, AKA The Kamikaze.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Please get the comments back on topic. Thanks.

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    Mr. Osellette, if you were really interested in doing this, it would have started 6 or more months ago. Instead, you come to Chamblee even later than LVH did last year demanding the City of Chamblee to spend resources to conduct your feasibility study and demanding that it occur NOW. Go away. I think what’s really happening here is that the larger LVH is using this smaller area as a foothold to start annexing larger and larger parcels such that Chamblee still gets the invasion that the LVH offered last year. Sorry, but we’re still not buying it.

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    You are right Jordan. 19 years in Chamblee so I’ve seen a lot.

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    Welcome newbie

    Lifetime resident here. This is the best that Chamblee has ever been run. And it is only getting better.

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    Andrew Morris

    Even without getting into the pros and cons, the Mayor nailed it regarding the creation of unincorporated islands. I live in the unincorporated neighborhood along Chamblee Tucker Rd. just added to the proposed annexation map. Some neighbors and I went out to meetings last year on the proposed annexation of many of these same areas and mentioned that Georgia law prohibits annexations that creat new unincorporated islands. They seem to be responding to my neighbothood’s concerns by adding us to the map, although they have not reached out to us. But even though they’ve added us they are still creating the large unincorporated island the Mayor points out in the video. Based on Tucker’s city limits, I don’t think these folks can change their map to both include Northlake commerial properties and avoid creating unincorporated islands without having a VERY unusual map. I don’t see this one having a chance. But I am keeping a lookout for any new map. Many in our neighborhood are interested in annexation if the details were done right given we are already pretty isolated but not sure this map and effort in their present forms are it.

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    Home Business Owner

    Jordan, since you are a Chamblee resident maybe you can help me out with a question. As a resident of the area being considered for annexation, how does Chamblee code address home businesses? If you have to get a city business license is it a flat fee or graduated based in dollar volume of business? Thanks.

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    Eddie E.

    I just got my renewal, and as with every year I have been here it is based on a flat fee PLUS a fraction of the dollar volume of business.
    Adding in the areas in question will DEFINITELY make both of those increase, probably dramatically!

    Of course, it will provide for a new area to build the unnecessary high density housing units and move the inevitable gridlock.

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    I have to agree. I live in the Northllake area. Nothing against Chamblee but many of us have no desire to be in a city, nor do we feel any affinity to Chamblee. This group has been pushing their agenda again and again. As far as I can tell their agenda is to “punish” the DeKalb government, but I think it is deeper than that. They put out some extremely nasty robocalls when the LaVista Hills was trying to become a city. I wish the few who want to be part of Chamblee would move there and leave the rest of us alone. They also seem to want to punish Tucker. I have to wonder if they haven’t got over some old high school rivalries.

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    Brookhaven Robo Call Lady

    You think your Lavista Hills robo calls were bad? You should have heard mine! I wrote the book on down and dirty politics with my Brookhaven Yes buddies. They were Emmy quality and helped me up the political ladder.

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    Oh, you are the lady that just got appointed to MARTOC by Governor Deal. Looking forward to you making my local traffic better like you promised during your run for office!

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    B LOAR

    More residents means the city has to hire more employees. More employees means an increase in TAXES. If your unhappy with Dekalb Govt then stop voting the wrong people into the local government. Running away from the problems you’ve created with your vote is not the answer. I am still not a fan of the Lavista Hills proposal and I am not a fan of raising my property taxes. Stop trying to force older, empty nesting fixed income residents into your desire to be in a small town.

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    tom doolittle

    Mark it–the entire county will in fact municipalize. So start thinking about which city you want to be in or at least consider taking part in the map making process. Geographically, its obvious that Chamblee takes Cham-Tuck and Embry Hills. Northlake Mall and anything near it along H-Mill “Corridor” (including Evans) belong in Tucker. Stuff below Northlake Library toward Oak Grove? Decatur or Avondale. Briarcliff/Clairm go to Brookhaven.
    Obviously, the powerful can attempt to contort common geographic sense–its what they do. Can they win an election tho? Do they want to put people thru a bad election process?

    First–get real–you WILL be in a city–you will have no choice. Then, get familiar with maps.

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    tom doolittle

    Another thing: A list of back-logged projects, like major r/w paving, parkland purchases, lake dredging and dam repair should be “offered” to the city (and its residents) that is looking into annexing large numbers of neighborhoods. Do they really think all those streets with $375,000 average value home value tax revenue will compensate for the work that needs to be done in our area?

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    Jordan Fox

    Related: The Vista Grove initiative:

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    Jordan Fox

    I do not know the answer to this. Your best bet would be to contact the City and ask them. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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    tom doolittle

    What is it about our area (“VGI” or whatever) that promotes nameless and faceless “community” websites? People don’t buy ideas, they buy into the people with the ideas thru familiarity and relationships.

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    I don’t think it’s at all obvious that Embry Hills is part of Chamblee at all. It fits more with Tucker.

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