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    So if I tear down my $250,000 house down and build a $750,000 back in it’s place can I get a Chamblee Authority to offer me a tax abatement. During the construction period my General Contractor will likely employ over 100 people from different trades and the city will benefit from the permit fees that will have to be paid and I will likely pay more in utilities but I will not cause any more traffic or increase public safety requirements.

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to recoup my money by charging rent or selling any services unlike the developers of the property. The Downtown Development Authority has forgotten their purpose and that is to encourage business not give developers a blank check.

    Hopefully, this year we can get rid of the Mayor and City Council people that appoint such a irresponsible bunch of people that have no regard for the hard working citizens or their hard earned tax dollars we pay. We have poor roads and no sidewalks that are getting worse because of the lack of tax dollars to repair them and now they are only going to get worse with all of the added traffic.

    Erickson, Mesa and Mock need to go this year because they are behind all of these frivolous giveaways. Hogan and Robson should be impeached because they are about being buddies with developers and look at the residents as minions.

    How sad! We need to drain the swamp in Chamblee!

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    Thank you for the explanation of the DDA process as well as the Trackside project as an example.

    Is any post-mortem analysis performed once a project is build-complete to determine how close to reality the estimations were? and at any intervals after completion (1 year, 5 year, at abatement termination)?

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    That’s not how this works…..that’s not how any of this works.

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    YCMU, if you are so informed, please inform those of us that are obviously not as smart as you. Are you one of those that sit on the Downtown Development Authority that loves giving our tax dollars away? Sure sounds like it!

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    I understand that Mr. Smith voted against the deal and now he publishes this. How curious?

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    Nope, just someone that knows a lot about taxes. By the way, unless you live in a $mill+ home, or own a large commercial property in the city, they aren’t really your taxes anyways.

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    Blinded Authority

    No. Never.

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    Patrick, Great question. I appreciate your desire to want to be educated on the subject.

    None of the projects that the DDA has been part of have been completed, so to date a post-mortem analysis has not occurred. It is my understanding from the DDA lawyer that each year the project will have to submit information to the DDA to make sure that they are in compliance with any restrictions that were placed in the MOU agreement.

    The DDA’s executive director will get the amount of tax dollars saved on a project each calendar year, as those will have to go towards the running cumulative total. Since a dollar amount was abated and not a specific number of years, when that total hits the abated total, then the abatement ends. Since the executive director will be keeping track of this, it will be easy for him to report to the DDA once a year on any differences between actual and the initial estimates.

    The initial estimates and analysis is based on the current property tax millage rate. The big unknown will be if the County or City change their millage rate. If the tax rate goes up, then the abatement will end sooner. If the tax rate goes down, then it will stretch longer.

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    YCMU, so you are saying that the property taxes that I pay are not my taxes? You must not know that much about taxes then.

    Giving away tax dollars affects all of us including our children that attend public schools, those that drive on city streets, those that use the health department, those that rely on the sheriff’s department for service, those that enjoy using county and city owned parks etc.. You obviously must be have failed Accounting 101.

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    Chamblee Bubba

    Van, how will Chamblee residents be updated on the status of these DDA projects? Will there be a site on the city site available for review? Will it also have the initial structure of the project as well?

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    Blinded Authority

    Will the financial statement of Chamblee DDA be available? How will the liability of the tax abatement be measured against revenue? Aren’t the DDA activities supposed to be reported on the COC Financial Statement? Or is that not required for Phantom Bonds?

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