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    Thank you Chamblee Council for making a sound rational decision to not cram this down our throats. We appreciate it greatly.

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    Patrick, the Tom Taylor’s are on me and I’ll have one too! I’ll have mine shaken, you?

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    Sad Saul

    What is up with the drinks? Seems to be a fine comment to me. Maybe you have a drinking problem.

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    Maybe you should Google Tom Taylor. I named a killer adult beverage after him and his constituents. I’ll make one for you, shaken or stirred?

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    By the way, sorry to see you so sad. Hope my adult beverage will make you happy!

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    Thank god for that. I wanted no part of being Chamblee

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    Chamblee Resident

    I appreciate the mayor putting out a statement that shares status with the community. I personally hope we never repeat last year’s situation which breeded so much mistrust. I would like to think we’ve learned and moved on to better processes and transparency like this. Thank you,

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    Enjoy unincorporated Dekalb and its unresponsive police force. And backatcha!

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    Welcome Vista Grove!

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    Marjorie Snook

    If they’re smart, they won’t take police. Splitting one metro area into several dozen separate public safety agencies is foolish.

    Tucker didn’t include police and won with nearly 80%. LaVista Hills did and lost. Maybe there is a lesson there?

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    Brookhaven suffers from that costly decision.

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    Oh silly Margie, you and Eddie E are so smart. I guess that all of the cities that have fine PD’s are the foolish ones. If only they would all consult with the two of you on all of their needs, we would all be better off.

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    Eddie E.

    Do Chamblee residents really want to be on the hook for the maintenance costs of the many ‘amenity lakes’ in the proposed annex area?

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    Eddie E.

    For the record, I’m not involved in building, development, real estate sales, construction product sales, road paint sales, police equipment sales, mapping systems nor am I an attorney……

    Therefore, I can view municipal governance with an open mind!

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    DeKalb is headed for a public safety crisis if it doesn’t address its police recruiting and retention problem soon. The areas that have their own forces might well be glad they do.

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    Definitely not!

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    Enuff Govt Already

    I think there are enough news stories out there documenting the shortage of employees for public safety at city, county and state levels; its not limited to DeKalb. The good thing about shortages at large agency like Atlanta and DeKalb is they can adapt to a shortage by reallocating personnel. A smaller public safety agency like Chamblee’s police or Decatur’s fire doesn’t have the resources to adjust. I checked Chamblee’s web site and they are still short of the staffing levels promised in their last annexation.

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