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    Fire Christian Sigman!

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    I can give you $141 of them. This is drastic mismanagement and a waste of our tax dollars. Or how about $200,000 worth of reasons on clacks corner which still looks very unimpressive for that amount of money. The city under his watch is doing poorly.

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    Tom Reilly

    Keep up the good work, Brookhaven!!

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    Tom Reilly


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    Tom, You honestly believe this drastic overspending is good work? I applaud the construcion, what is wrong is the oversight and the approval of the work at these extremely high numbers. $200,000 for $20,000 some sod and bricks at a park? $141,000 for a small bridge that no one uses? If this was Garrett you would be calling for her head, and you would be right.

    If we cannot bet a better check on the city manager and his departments spending then why the hell did we vote for cityhood? Because I remember sold on on Brookhaven for responsible spending of tax dollars as well as accountability of city staff. So far we are just another Dekalb County.

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    Welcome to Brookhaven.

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    Eddie E.

    Wouldn’t a swinging rope bridge just a little too narrow for illegal vehicles be a better idea?

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    Brookhaven Fields

    I use that bridge all the time, and I see others on it regularly.

    I agree with your assessment of the Clack’s Corner project. It looks nice, but very similar to before and I don’t see how the improvements are much of a value-add to the neighborhood. I think those $$$ would have been much better spent on sidewalk projects that improve walkability.

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