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    Sally Eppstein

    Great photos Trey!

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    It’s fun watching mallards on the Chattahoochee this time of year during mating season and later on as the hatchlings take to the water with their mothers. As Spring continues and the ducklings grow, many become separated from their birth mother for one reason or another. It’s not uncommon to see a hen with thirty ducklings in tow traversing the river as they make their daily rounds doing what ducks do and nature coursing its course.

    Trey, the images you captured of these beautiful animals is extraordinary.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Hey. Thanks. The photos are a testament to the classes I have been taking at the Atlanta School of Photography (Formally the Showcase Photo School). Showcase is closing (Sadly) after many years as one of my favorite stores on the planet. But, Sara Keith, one of the Showcase instructors, has taken the operation over and is continuing to hold class. Great people and learning alongside great photographers is super helpful.

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    Delightful article! Thanks,Trey!

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