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    I love Buford Highway and cant stress enough how much I appreciate everyone trying to preserve it-

    but all the attempts to brand it “BuHi” just come across as desperate to me.

    Maybe because I’ve lived in a lot of other places?

    I dunno. . . I feel like if I told one of my neighbors I was heading off to have lunch in “BuHi” they’d look at me like I’d lost my darn mind.

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    Just wanted to say as soon as I hit “post” I realized “desperate” was a really poor word choice on my behalf– I meant to say something more along the lines of “forced”.

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    Jane E.

    I thought Buhi was a Thai restaurant in Town Brookhaven?

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    South Park bit aside, it reminds me of when Jeb Bush tried to reinvigorate his campaign and get millennials on board by rebranding it “Jeb!” Sigh.

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    Bill Lowe

    I predict that the CDC will move out of the Emory campus area and consolidate at PDK. Emory will then use the space that the CDC used to occupy as a part of their own expansion in the City of Atlanta campus.

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