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    Yes! How can we support this effort? If everyone that opposes this nightmare donates a few dollars I’m sure it would help. Is there someone to contact or a petition that we can sign to show support for Mr. Pepmiller’s effort right this horrible wrong decision by the City Council?

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    I remember that time when they installed a 6 story parking garage and soon to be aging apartments in the middle of a residential neighborhood on a 2 lane road and the surrounding home values increased ….. errr, maybe I’m thinking of something else.

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    Of the Coucilpersons’ procedures and approval? “Capricious”? At the very least!

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    Thomas Porter

    I wish the Plaintiffs the very best of luck. This is entirely appropriate and hopefully sends a clear message to the City that lawsuits aren’t just filed by developers.

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    Greg Trinkle

    This should be interesting

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    Hahaha he’s suing the Honourable Bates Mattison, must be a different guy.

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    This isn’t right. How dare someone try to block a D1 approved revenue generator designed to fund the preferences of D1 and Brookhaven special interests.

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    Thank you Mr. Pepmiller. I hope you get a favorable outcome.

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    I hope Mr. Pepmiller has deep pockets.

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    With help from those that are still angry that it was approved, he should have very deep pockets.

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    Scott H.

    I wrote my check and dropped it off to him. Wrong is just wrong and sometimes it takes a ‘village” to stand up and fight. Nice to have met you Mr. Pepmiller and thank you.

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    Michael Victor

    Awesome news! A win for Mr. Pepmiller will be a win for the citizens of Brookhaven. Next, let’s vote these hacks out of office!

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