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    Still, at the end of the day, it’s just “Doraville”. Yawn.

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    B\'haven Birdie

    A press release about more studies and pretty renderings is all they have to offer? When do we find out who/what will actually be building on these developments? It affects all of us in north DeKalb.

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    It is the mayor and city employees who want the ostentatious new offices. Their rationale is they need a bigger council meeting room. The citizens said ok build an addition.
    City workers complain that they have to walk across the block to talk to each other. The citizens say that’s not a good enough reason to spend $30 million-and the exercise is good for you.
    City says we need a brand. Citizens say we already have an identity and don’t need you to define us.

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    Enuff Govt Already

    Im not seeing much of a renaissance but more like a wish list by politicians for govt palaces. Did they read last Sunday’s AJC article on the unfulfilled development promises from their beloved developer for the brownfield site? “Historic Downtown Doraville”, LOL. All the money for these plans are courtesy of the legislature’s forced annexation of businesses into Doraville. Had those businesses wanted to be in Doraville they should of be allowed to make that decision instead the politicians once again dictated to the citizens and business owners.

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    $180,000,000 in tax breaks from the Dekalb County taxpayers will help all this along. A Long, Long, shot at best!

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    I am skeptical of Assembly after the AJC report on the Integral Group, but I like what Clark Patterson Lee did with Suwanee Town Center (mega success) and Lillian Webb Park (cute small park).

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    Ellen, looking deeper, there is nothing boring about Doraville–government, that is. Fiction’s got nothing on these people. The classic rum-running North Georgia town.

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    We know nothing. The AJC article wasn’t “on” Integral. The report made allusions to commercial portions of public housing development plans that never were built, but that says nothing of whether Integral has more than a handful of salaried employees or what the quality of its financing is. The article was more about how a favored person becomes a “developer” and a media darling based on relations with key people and the secret of leveraging public funds into private wealth.
    Nobody’s really ever inquired or reported anything “on” Integral. Nobody knows anything about Integral–it’s a complete mystery and more figment of imagination than anything tangible.
    But the article was also a signal that Integral’s party with the media is over, complete with hysterics from the company’s principal, just as was his leveling arrogant and entitled criticism of DeKalb school leaders a year ago.

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    Is this really the only way to get any development done in DeKalb County, risky over promotion based on political connections that stretch the taxpayers to the MAX! DeKalb County Government has lost three Department head level employees(two to Brookhaven([?]in the last few weeks)and is becoming a shell of it’s former self for attractive projects.

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    You gotta love it when someone pays attention to what is really going on.

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    Government Waste


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    Are you talking about this? What I got from the article is that Integral has a lot of experience building apartments, not so much finishing out projects… Maybe I am confusing the Atlanta Housing Authority with Integral, but it seemed like she was hinting about the developer.

    “Once Integral completed the mixed-income housing required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, it hoped to develop houses and retail space for buyers who could pay market rates. Centennial’s retail phase never broke ground”

    “Glover showed off Harris’ replacement, Ashley Collegetown, where a promised hotel and single-family homes were never built”

    “A planned supermarket was never built at the new Villages at Carver, leaving residents to travel two miles or more”

    “Planned single-family homes were never built, but there’s free lemonade on a nearby counter, and a flat-screen TV that stretches nearly the length of a wall.”

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    Exactly–the article is about Integral’s work, project scope and relations with the AHS. It says nothing about the company itself. It is vapor, an illusion, a contrivance by myth makers. All that is needed is to match the original articles about Integral “buying” the GM property with the low-quality money that secured it to see the emperor has no cloths. But hey–nobody asked the right questions.

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    Nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The mayor and council are being led by their noses by the city manager and his CPL cronies. They will rape and pillage this unsuspecting town and then move on to their next victims. Buford highway is, and will always be, a 7 lane gash that divides the city. Integral only knows how to build HUD housing and car lots. Macauley is nothing more than a wanna-be of his smooth takin’ master Perry. The police are allowed to set speed traps to supply desperately needed revenue because the city is operating, for the first time in its history, in the red thanks to the city manager and his mayor and council. Doraville has maybe 9000 residents. Some are living near or below the poverty line. Many are illegal. Many are uneducated. And for all of this, the current elected officials want to build a shrine to their ignorance at the trusting taxpayer’s expense. Only in Doraville.

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