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    Vernon Jones’ election was as shocking to me as D Trump’s but slim chance Russia was involved.

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    Vernon is baaaaaaack!

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    Bravo Sierra. A ethically challenged man wants to dismantle what voters wanted. Here is a little about the ethically challenged man.

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    Enuff Govt Already

    Will never get out of committee. His power base is a slim fraction of DeKalb and mostly Rockdale. His only political allies are found in the city of stonecrest. But I also thought he would never be elected again…..

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    Those of us over here on the thinking side of I-85 may have a slightly different take on the DeKalb Ethics issue. Granted Jones ploy to return County Commissioner involvement to Ethics board selection lacks common sense but other portions of his bill reportedly could bring a greater degree of fairness to the board proceedings. The composition of the board from day one has been a point of contention since it does not reflect the community at large and that is the behind the scenes issue with the DeKalb Delegation. Stacy Kalberman the DeKalb Chief Ethic Officer spent mid-day at the Capital yesterday trying to save her $120,000/yr job and her $500,000/yr budget, she served up two reprimands for $300,000 last year….is she a Best Buy? Cases being heard during current litigation are at risk of having to be reheard or refiled at a later date….a waste of taxpayer money!

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    $120K per year is not a huge salary, especially for someone with a decade or more of experience. Graduates at law firms in Atlanta are STARTING at $130-150K. This is not the type of position that you can measure by quantity of work; to do so would encourage frivolous actions. An attorney who brings an ethics violation should do so only after extensive vetting of the evidence and assurance that a violations actually exists. Volume productivity metrics are inconsistent with that imperative.

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    Sorry flubber….I said WE are on the thinking side of I-85 for a reason. “This is not the type of position that you can measure by quality of work”….what planet did you come from? A person bringing an ethics violation only needs to provide enough information for the Ethics Board to accept jurisdiction of the matter. I still don’t think two reprimands for $300K represents a good value for the taxpayers.

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    Raj, those of us on the actual thinking side of I-85 said it couldn’t be measured by QUANTITY, not QUALITY of work. It is quite possible (actually probable) that numerous potential violations are reported and the subsequent investigations find them to be without merit. Without merit, there would be no reprimand.

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