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    Although dismissed when we spoke of this at city hall last year, many of us are and have been aware of this since 2007. The re-stripping that was completed and has helped also came from this study. The need for city funds to rewrite what is already know and required is the questionable aspect. Brookleigh has the funds and needs to complete the conditions placed upon them in 2007. Instead of spending city funds on a new study and asking citizens to attending meeting after meeting, why are they not talking with the authors of the DRI to expedite and complete what has already been imposed and paid for? Meehan says the die was cast, so let’s get it done. I’ll never understand city government nor politics. Geez!

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    Tom Reilly

    Regarding the Johnson Ferry Road/Donaldson Drive situation, couldn’t you avoid the mandatory right turn onto Johnson Ferry by simply turning left through the residential complex, right onto Johnson Ferry, then left again onto Ashford Dunwoody Road??

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    This is still completely unnecessary and detrimental to the neighborhood. No need to do it now.

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    Eric Robert

    Many of the conditions, including the bike lane condition and sidewalk condition have not been complied with. I also believe the site plan has been altered since 2007. So why just enforce this condition? I understand the need to enforce conditions but ten years have passed and blindly saying one condition of many needs to be enforced is a bit of a cop out.

    Here is one change that apparently happened to the site plan: From a 2012 Article: “There have been some changes to the master plan since it was approved in 2007. While approved for more than 800 housing units, the developers have actually downsized plans so that ultimately there will be closer to 500 units.”

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    Hmmm. You would have thought the folks doing the corridor study would have known this but things happen I guess. Isnt this right-in, right-out a big part of what the local residents are complaining about?
    That intersection is a disaster in the morning, I say go ahead and make the change.

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    Steve S

    Wow. You guys sound like you’re pretty smart. What would you all suggest happen here. Please share some constructive ideas. Not hyperbole.

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    Oh Alan! Welcome to Brookhaven!

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    You are correct Tom. You can also achieve the reverse (i.e go north on Donaldson by making a left onto Blair and right onto Donaldson). This change will add traffic to Blair and the apartments though.

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    Eric Robert

    No Median and put the posted speed limit back to the proper speed. 35 mph.

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    Huey Mahl

    A little off-topic, but has anyone taken an in-person look at the “landscaping” and “yard art” in front of the strip center in that picture? What kind of redneck designer thought THAT looked good??? Sanford & Son?

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    Eric Robert

    Though if you live off Donaldson and go South on Ashford Dunwoody every morning you lose that fairly direct connection.

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    It really isn’t a disaster. This condition is completely unnecessary.

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    You clearly do not live anywhere near Brookhaven or the “yard art” would not be a surprise.

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    Ida Beth

    Most every morning of the week I drive down Donaldson and take a left on Johnson Ferry to get to my job on the corner of Clairmont and Peachtree. Once in a while I take Blair instead. I have to be very careful because of elderly people and foreigners who live there who do not understand the rules of the road. (I don’t mean to personally insult anyone) They park in the middle of the road to let old folks out of their cars on one end of the street and on the end towards Johnson Ferry you have an open garage apartment entrance that they zoom out without looking. I live on a through street and I know how annoying it is. I also know that it will be disastrous to make Blair a through street. This is just not the right thing to do.

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    I cannot like this comment enough!

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    Not so fast skippy

    The changes to this intersection are not being required by anyone other than the city of brokehaven. Do your homework. Dig deeper. You are being misled.

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    Burke Brennan

    It is listed as a condition of approval in the GRTA’s Notice of Decision which is posted in the story above. Its on pages 3 and 6.

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    Not so fast skippy

    I have read this already. But thanks for pointing it out, Capt Obvious. Have you questioned the ultimate authority on this? Nope, apparently not. But thanks for playing.

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    Doesn’t matter what you think. The businesses are profitable. Don’t like it? Mortgage your house and buy the lot for yourself. “What it looks like” seems to be the first metric of any city decision without thought of the actual entrepreneurs that risked everything. You haven’t risked anything. You won an election unopposed.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    GRTA also required a double left onto Dresden from Peachtree for the Town Brookhaven DRI. Why does one condition for one project have to be performed when the other project’s condition did not have to?

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    @Robert 10 thumbs up

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    Not so fast skippy

    Ha, you’re asking me to do your homework for you. Is that how you got through school?

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    Not so fast skippy

    Oh, there’s Chad, another expert. All of you self proclaimed experts really need to go back to school. And don’t cheat of your neighbors test this time. Seriously!

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    Not so fast skippy

    Bingo! At least someone gets it! Eric, maybe you could help the experts with their homework. Na, they are probably to righteous for that. Just let them cheat off your paper during tests. People, Brokehaven has the authority to change the recommendations from GRETA. Espically since the project changed. They just don’t want to!

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    Joe Palladi

    The plan that was floated for P’tree at Dresden during consideration of the TOD was done by the MARTA TOD developers consultant not the COB! But both the Town Brookhaven and TOD studies were done by the same consultant company….Kimley Horn. They reported that their configuration (the TOD’s) operated better….but never released the analysis for the dbl lefts!
    The COB needs to get ahead of any redevelopment on P’tree and the intersecting streets, esp NDHR and Dresden to define what they desire and gain approval from the citizenry asap. The same type of process that was used on ADR could be used. Same should happen along NDHR; what does the COB need/desire?
    This is called planning!

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    Joe Palladi

    Unfortunately the DRI rules may cause the turn restrictions since the development is concluding construction.This is per the DRI rules. Am looking into any appeal process for the DRI conditions with the Department of Community Affairs at the state. They control the DRI process empowering GRTA, SRTA, and GDOT in reviewing and implementing DRI’s. Section 110-12-5 states that two entities…in this case the citizens and the COB could appeal the decision/requirement if I initially read it correctly. I will ask the COB to review through the PW and Legal office.

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    Joe Palladi

    Maybe if a median is implemented it would be restricted at the roadway intersections with crosswalks and signals so peds would have a safe place to wait to cross the roads/lanes.

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    What is the COB?

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    Brittany Mother

    That would be the City of Brookhaven Ellen.

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    What pedestrians? I am all for walking and biking but I have literally never seen a pedestrian at that intersection.

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    Joe Palladi

    If ADR had sidewalks, maybe more would walk there safely.I also have seen many peds on JFR walking when events are held at the park nearby.

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    Eric Robert

    True on more pedestrians if sidewalks were there. I have mixed feelings about medians helping pedestrians. True its a safer place to stand but one shouldn’t be standing on a narrow median, it probably means they crossed against the light. And the median increases speeds which is this biggest danger to pedestrians. The median in general changes the character of Ashford Dunwoody from a local 2 lane street to a Peachtree Industrial or Buford Highway type of street.

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    Eric Robert

    Good points Joe and thanks for looking into this.

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    Eric Robert

    All I know is if we lose the local independent ownership of this strip mall we will lose an outlet for local chains. Once the big retail property managers like regency take over rents will likely go up and/or chains/franchises will be more interested in the strip. Sorry but I just don’t see Regency leaving a large Magnolia tree growing in the middle of a restaurant. Sure Pure has a great roof bar but you pay for it.

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