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    Follow the Money

    The owners of “Mesh Corner” are the ones behind the flyers that have misrepresented the solid median being put in place, just like they previously sent out false information about “round-a-bouts” being put in. They are essentially business slumlords, putting in the bare minimum into their properties and decorating the front in “junkyard chic”. Whether you are for or against the proposals (I happen to be “for” them, at least based on what I know now), I urge you to do your own research and be VERY wary of any so-called grass-roots flyers orchestrated by the the Mesh Corners folks.

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    Sally Forth

    Mesh Corners is an embarrassment to the community. The frontage is full of pinwheels, flowers, flags, maypoles, wagons, all sorts of kitsch and Is simply an eyesore. Seems to me that if they get the accomodation they want the city could demand, that in return, they clean up their act, refront those buildings, and clean the clutter out of the frontage strip. Have those buildings been inspected lately?

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    Yeah, let’s just close all three centers, Mesh Corners, Cambridge Square and Oglethorpe Crossing. We can then build something that will really bring in the revenue like six twenty story office buildings with a perimeter road around the buildings connecting AD and JF on each end with another D1 park in the middle. But whatever we do, we must stay righteous and save the Righteous Room.

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    No left turn from Donaldson to AD or JF? How about just closing the street because it will be unnecessary and will make good green space.

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    I think it looks just fine and the businesses in there are great. Not everyone wants a Chilis and a Mattress Firm in the strip mall by their house.

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    However you feel about “Mesh Corner”, the fact is that this intersection is not bad enough to warrant the extreme measures contemplated by this plan. What Mr. Conway said was true about getting through the intersection within 5 minutes. I’ve come through it at all times of day from every direction and have never spent more than 5 minutes getting through that intersection. Let’s not spend money to fix an imaginary problem and destroy the character of the community.

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    Flubber dubber do, we have to make those drastic changes. Someone in the wanting to do this crowd has a friend or relative in the road business.

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    Huey Mahl

    I don’t think anyone wants them closed. Those are a lot of great businesses being run out of there that I and my family enjoy going to. It’s just a shame the complex owners are in a race with the ratty fences across the street to see which one can look the worst.

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    Huey Mahl

    Love the locally owned business. Hate their landlord has no taste or pride in appearance.

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    Isn’t it ironic that everyone complains about Mesh Corners yet no one complains about D1’s famous ratty fences? You do know that many of the Mesh Corners haters actually own a section of those famous ratty fences. Certain people and things in Brookhaven are well protected.

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    Brittany Mother

    If you find Mesh Corners that embarrassing maybe you should just sally forth on to an area that actually meets your high standards.

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    Thank you Mrs. Mesh for rallying the neighborhood and business owners. Mr. Lundeen is correct concerning his comment about the real intent of this study. Purely re-development for new and increased density.

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    I live down Donaldson and would love to be able to get to Publix and Kroger without taking longer to cut through neighborhoods to get there.

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    Mark Urbano

    This upcoming change at Donaldson is going to be a disaster. It makes no sense to not allow Donaldson traffic to go straight on Asford Dunwoody toward Windsor/Peatchtree. It is not solving any traffic problem. Nor am I sold that nothing can be done about it now.

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    Joe Palladi

    The partial closure of southbound Donaldson (limiting movements to right turn only) is of concern to many. To make movements from Donaldson to EB JFR and to ADR , motorists will be utilize Blair Circle. Driving from Donaldson to the intersection of Blair and JFR will allow left turns there under the protection of a signal. Drivers wishing to go to ADR from Donaldson can make a right turn from Blair and then a left at ADR from JFR. That seems a bit out of the way, esp since the left turning and straight thru traffic from Donaldson will have to make a sharp left onto Blair and drive past the apartments for many elderly people. That is the flaw in this plan.
    The DRI results for Donaldson should be revisited in my opinion; is there an appeal process for reconsidering this DRI requirement?

    The “ultimate plan” is flawed in more ways than one. The two locations are mutually exclusive. If and when possible they may be implemented individually. The interim projects on NB ADR at JFR (extending the turn lane for storage on the signal approach) and doing the same for WB JFR at the Valero need to be done and then the operations and safety reassessed.

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    Can someone give a reasonable explanation as to why the city would eliminate going from Donaldson straight across to AD? Is it something Mrs. Jones is trying to accomplish that isn’t shown on the study?

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    Eric Robert

    As Joe points out they say its required by a 10 year old DRI requirement. Though there are many other requirements that have not been fulfilled and the 2007 project on which that DRI requirement was never built. The project changed. This whole accepting a 10 year old DRI condition as being set in stone strikes me similarly as the story that Ash-Dun was always supposed to be posted at 40 mph and the 35 mph was a mistake – we opted for a City so that we would have professionals who are able to push back against other government entities to strike agreements that meet regional needs but also meet neighborhood needs. That’s not happening. Looks like we are just rolling over.

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    The bigger issue in the morning rush hour is northbound traffic on Johnson Ferry. The change to Donaldson which currently permits cars to go straight to southbound Ashford Dunwoody will now add that volume to northbound Johnson Ferry from Blair before turning southbound on Ashford Dunwoody. Making the critical issue (northbound am traffic worse) if the City believes it will improve traffic flow then they should state it and own it. If not they should engage the City attorney to fight it. Either own it or fight it. Don’t blame it on an old DRI

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    Not so fast skippy

    Exactly right, Eric! Brokehaven could stop this ridiculous change on Donaldson. They just don’t want to. And they are hiding behind a10 yr old recommendation from an agency with no authority over local governments.

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    This definitely impacts who I’ll be voting for in the future! Or rather, not voting for.

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    “Love the locally owned business. Hate their landlord has no taste or pride in appearance.”

    Replace this center with interesting businesses with a generic suburban shopping center anchored by a Mattress Factory and Chipotle post haste.

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    That end of Sexton Woods is coming closer to the gated community some residents think they deserve. “Get off my lawn” has become “stay off the public street I chose to live on.”

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    Joe Palladi

    If the owners of Mesh Corners is so concerned about her business and her renters, why doesn’t every establishment have a sign on the high sign post out front on JFR?

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    Joe Palladi

    I am sending a letter to the COB with comments on the proposed vision. In it is a suggestion that they explore an appeal to the Ga Department of Community Affairs , the agency that controls the DRI rules. I have asked for a written response. Has anyone else taken the time to documented their suggestions to the COB?

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    Because the city ordinance might make them year down the old sign and build one in line with their vision of Brookhaven?

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    “Hate their landlord has no taste or pride in appearance”

    Taste is subjective.

    What one person calls “tacky”- another feels has character.

    And I say this as a Democrat that *enjoys* The Rusty Nail’s smoking gun. It makes me smile every time I drive past it.

    Some people in Brookhaven will never be happy until the city is one nice big strip mall or Marietta Square.

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    Fyi- seems to be an increasingly common thing around here.

    Some people in my neighborhood get outraged that kids in nearby apartments and condos are coming to our houses on Halloween for candy.

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    “Certain people and things in Brookhaven are well protected”-

    It goes the other way too-

    If you get on the wrong side of some “important” sorts it’s a never ending barrage of needle! needle! neeedle! Pester! pester! pester!

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    Just like any other street in Atlanta, we don’t want a lot of cut-through traffic. This is the consensus in all of Sexton Woods.

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    Yes but if you are at the intersection of Donaldson and Bubbling Creek, it is less of a cut through to go up Donaldson to the light rather than taking Bubbling Creek to Harts Mill or Donaldson (and other streets) to Chamblee Dunwoody. I realize turning through the senior center on Blair is what everyone will more than likely do, but then that causes a new cut through which will be annoying to those residents.

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    Joe Palladi

    So why didn’t the owner respond to my question? Might?

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    What Eric and skippy said. ^

    I’ll ask it again, what moron came up with this idea? Which retards agreed to it?

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    Joe Palladi

    It was a part of the DRI review by GRTA, GDOT, ARC and the developer (required traffic study).

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