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    Does anyone know if you’re allowed to wash your dog in your yard?

    We were doing it a while back in our driveway and were told by a neighbor association member that we were violating a water ordinance.

    I emailed Dekalb a while back but never heard anything – with warm weather approaching I guess I should call them again and sit on hold forever only to get no answers.

    It’s so lame because you can wash your dog in your house without getting in trouble as long as it will fit in your bathtub.

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    I hope people will please take this serious. It is extremely important, not only for Dekalb but the entire region.

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    As someone that doesn’t water their lawn- and hasn’t ever- why can’t I use that same amount of water (or less actually) to wash my dog?

    Despite what some say a dog should NOT in the same category as the prohibition against washing motorbike or golf cart. Actually- a dog is more like a plant than it is like a “motorbike”.

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    Tim Wilson

    Why don’t you stop with the stupid ass comments already?!?!?!? Thank you.

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    I’m not really sure how not wanting to be fined or- can you be arrested? I genuinely don’t know- for violating a water ordinance constitutes being “stupid a–“.

    I hope you have a better day though because you sound really angry.

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    “Tim Wilson” —I’m genuinely curious— can you explain to this “stupid a–” why people should be allowed to water their lawns regularly –

    but an english mastiff owner that NEVER waters their lawn should not be legally allowed to wash their dog with their garden hose?

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    For any dog owners that care–

    The latest I’ve been told by Dekalb County is that while you CAN use your garden hose to wash your dog, you can only do so by running the hose INTO your house and using a kiddie pool.

    You are not allowed to use the same hose and pool to wash your dog outside however.

    This sounds so illogical to me that I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m crazy.

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