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    Disappointed Park User

    Where are the park improvements we were promised?

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    Selena Roberts

    Dont know if you have actually been to the parks but MC, Clacks, Ashford Park, Blackburn… all have had improvements. As for the implementation of the big plans, they are coming at some point I am sure. Tennis courts at Blackburn are awesome now.

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    Concerned Citizen

    I may be feeling a little nostalgic, but I prefer the simple yet refined park entrance monuments from when the parks were established under Dekalb County. All of Brookhaven’s parks except for a few were established as parks under Dekalb County and I personally think Dekalb’s park system was and is highly underrated. I know myself and several others never had any issues growing up and going to Dekalb County parks in the 80s and 90s, or even the 00s for some of the younger generation. My fear with these new cities is that they will create problems which were never there in the first place and ruin the fabric of what the community once was in the race for becoming the next best thing or fulfilling an illusive dream which will never come to reality. As what is going on in several parts of Brookhaven, I hope they don’t start cutting down swaths of trees, building shops, and putting other unneeded things in the city parks.

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    But yet the eroded sidewalks along the dam at MC Park remain untouched.

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