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    Beverly T.

    Wow. In Doraville they can reduce speeds. In Brookhaven the city can’t. Strange.

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    I sure would like to know why Doraville can reduce speed limits but not Brookhaven. Reducing speed limit benefits the community. It’s past time for the City Council to take action.

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    Duberry Dad

    In Brookhaven you get excuses. In Doraville it appears you get action. Everyone needs to email and Mayor John Ernst at and demand the city take action. It is preposterous the city cannot change the speeds on Johnson Ferry Rd and Ashford Dunwoody Rd back to 35 like they were. I would even be in favor of 25 like Doraville did. Great job Doraville.

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    If I recall Ashford Dunwoody has some state DOT control aspect that makes it harder for the city to “just do it”.

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    Eric Robert

    I’ve never fully understood just who controls AD. But the story given to the community by the Police Chief is that he was told by GDOT that the 35 mph signs were a mistake and/or posted without permission by Dekalb to appease residents. Which could only be true if it were a 20 … not very likely. Since then we’ve heard nothing! And the story about losing the right for Brookhaven to use speed detection radar if the speed isn’t changed is an over simplification. The law says both Brookhaven and GDOT each have a say in what the appropriate speed limit is. Common sense tells you that 35 is the appropriate speed. And interestingly enough you move more cars per hour on a road like Ashford Dunwoody at the lower speed. If Brookhaven can’t get GDOT to reverse course then they need to get our state representatives to intervene on our behalf.

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    Facts are important. No pedestrians were killed on Tilly Mill an impaired driver and passenger were killed in a vehicle.

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    I would rather lower the speed limit BEFORE someone is killed. But that isn’t the point. The City says it wants to encourage pedestrian friendly environments and a good start is lowering the speed limits. Brookhaven, and other local authorities, can’t ticket unless a driver is going 10mph over the posted limit. So on JF & AD drivers can speed at 49 mph without fear of being ticketed. Walking along the narrow sidewalks while drivers are doing 40-50mph feels very unsafe. Linley Jones needs to fight for this change and not just accept that it can’t be done.

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    Eric Robert

    OCGA § 40-6-183 gives municipalities the power to set speed limits based on safety and engineering issues. Likewise § 40-6-182 gives GDOT the power when “upon the basis of an engineering and traffic investigation that any maximum speed set forth in this article is greater or less than is reasonable or safe under the conditions found to exist at any intersection or other place or upon any part of the state highway system”

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    Bottomline, it’s on Linley to decide if she wants to support a pedestrian friendly environment.

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    Skeptical Res.

    You all may have missed the true meaning of these speed reductions. The real reason probably is revenue. Doraville is operating in the red for the first time in our history and is desperate to generate funds to pay for their questionable spending. The reduced speeds will make it easy for the police to write speeding tickets (speed trap) which will be used to generate income for the city manager to pay off the city’s increasing debt. In the meantime the mayor and council are allowing unproven developers to build low income properties and giving them all of the tax money generated on the development, for 30 years, to pay for the infrastructure. This money that would normally go straight into the city coffers. Is it any wonder that Doraville lags so far behind every other community in the region? Lowering the speed limit has nothing to do with safety. It may simply be another way to generate much needed revenue to pay for Doraville’s bad decisions.

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    Eric Robert

    Lowering the posted speed limit is an effort to slow down traffic.

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    A 25 mph limit on Oakcliff and Tilly Mill is just absurd.

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