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    Come on, this is just out of control and a waste of money. By the time all is said and done we will have $500,00+ into this for a few to cut through to MC park. Who is behind this? How is this a necessary amenity for ALL of the citizens of Brookhaven? Let the adjacent HOA buy it if the neighborhood wants it.

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    I used to walk down that street but felt it was unsafe. Will the city add lighting and parking spaces? It would be cool if I can park there and hike to MC park.

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    The MC park expansion. Next on the agenda is an expensive, fancy bridge worthy of D1.

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    I don’t understand why the city doesn’t just offer Murphy Candler valet parking.

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    Great news!

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    Eric Robert

    Just to make it clear, I’d suggest “maintain the property as greenspace without facilities, parking or public amenities. Also the land shall remain unencumbered by leases or other use agreements to third parties”

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    Tom Reilly

    Congratulations to the Brookhaven City Council!! Thank you for sticking to your mandate from us to buy green space for our citizens to enjoy. Thank you for your upcoming deed restrictions precluding bridge and parking lots. Thank you for moving to tear down the unsightly and dangerous abandoned house and the irrelevant driveway. Thank you for blocking unwanted access to the property. Most of all, thank your your statesmanlike stance against the actions of a short-sighted, deluded, irresponsible few.–Tom Reilly

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    What comes around goes around

    The silence you hear is opposition candidates forming against Linley and J. Good luck with your “short sighted, deluded, irresponsible few” narrative.

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    Huey Mahl

    I see what you did there. Thanks for the chuckle.

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    Hike to MC park. By way of that expensive fancy bridge worthy of D1 that crosses NC. Hope the new Remington Road park has plenty of visitor parking.

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    Hello, Dist. 4 calling

    District 1 already has most of the green space in the city and everything else that they want and ask for. How about spreading the wealth around and spending some of my tax dollars on the south end of town? Now my money gets to tear down a house and a pool? Dumb question I know, I might as well be talking to the wall. I couldn’t be more disappointed with Brookhaven government.

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    Frank S

    Can’t wait for the new access to MC park. It will make my morning run much more exciting!

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    Please stop being so rediculous. Have you forgotten why Brookhaven was made a city and who it was meant to serve?

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    Hey now- District 4 WILL be getting something soon- more traffic and people zooming by our homes thanks to new hotels and high density apartment complexes proposed on BuHi! as part of the greenway project.

    And as an added bonus!- considering the local wildlife association “experts” vehemently oppose rat poison- look forward to getting some new “wildlife” too.

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    Joe is working hard to make sure all of this happens.

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    District.4 tears are delicious.

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    This is good new and will open the park up to more people without them having to drive. I also look forward to a time when we can have a trail all the way from the new Path400 alongside Nancy Creek to Chamblee.

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    What kind of person takes joy out of a neighboring community’s fear of safety concerns like invasive rat populations?

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    Path 400 along side Nancy Creek to Chamblee? Let’s see how all the affected homeowners like this. Good luck.

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    Ludicrous, preposterous – would be just plain silly if it weren’t so flagrantly irresponsible. City wants to allocate considerable taxpayer funds to convert tax-generating private property (NOTE: With NO adjacency to Murphey Candler Park) to become a perpetual public maintenance, liability & expense item – under the absolutely laughable intention of “preserving greenspace.” This is not just a betrayal of public trust by Mayor Ernst and Councilwoman Jones, it’s a arrogant slap in the face to the vast majority of Dunwoody Forest residents who expressed outrage on 22SEP16 at being so insidiously manipulated.

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    Tom Reilly

    Just once: Have the character to use your real names, vote, write an article, volunteer. Make a difference for the better–the deceit, disrespect, and disruption are getting old. Do something besides take up space, consume resources, and [grudgingly] pay taxes. –Tom Reilly

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    Tom Reilly

    Please refer to my reply to “What Comes Around Goes Around” above. Deed restrictions are a routine, safe, easy, long lasting way to ensure that certain aspects of a land sale accompany that sale. “Laughable??” Let me promise you that those beautiful woods will be a source of enjoyment and renewal for generation to come!!–Tom Reilly

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    Tim how about our mayor and city council having the character to govern with the will of the people in mind. Not their own desires or the wishes and desires of the select.

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    Bill, not adjacent to MC park? Nothing a little eminent domain can’t solve. Think like our city council.

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    Get off my lawn!!!!

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    Tom, you are the only one talking about ‘deed restrictions’ which I believe can only be placed by the seller upon the new owner. The city manager talks about “seeking approval of a resolution” not deed restrictions. Sounds non-binding to me. They might be fooling you into believing what you want to hear.

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    You make it sound like they just bought a wooded plot in what is an otherwise barren wasteland.

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    Stephanie Colvard

    Both the neighborhoods adjacent to this acquisition have supplied the city with unbiased neighborhood surveys that show strong opposition to this “park” 82% are opposed in Ashford Glen according to the survey.,There has been no promise of deed restrictions. Put the money where your constituents want it. This is not it!

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    Ashford Glen Neighbor

    District 4 The contiguous neighbors voted and 82% oppose spending greenspace funds in District 1. We have 220 acres of parks close to this parcel. Murphy Chandler, Keswick, Blackburn, Huntley Hillls parks. We have met with the council, attended council meetings, and written beggng the our representatives to spend greenspace money in the underserved districts. I hope that they listen to you. Please attend the meeting this Tuesday. Write the Council members. Be heard.

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    Ashford Glen Neighbor

    There is no parking on this dead end street. Moreover, there is no access to the Park from this parcel. The private owners of the private greenspace are having to rethink the previous neighborly use given to Dunwoody Forrest. With all this publicity the private land has become a through-fare and the private owners are now worried about liability.

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    Ashford Glen Neighbor

    Without legal deed restrictions required by the seller and accepted by the buyer those “restrictions” can be changed with the blink of an eye. Were those restrictions legalized the neighbors would be much more welcoming of the expenditure.

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    Ashford Glen Neighbor

    There are NO Deed restrictions. There is a resolution that can be changed at any time. Please quit naively spreading falsehoods.

    The council has duped you into being their puppet spreading fake news.

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    Ashford Glen Neighbor

    The adjacent neighborhood does not want it. We want a tax paying home on this long skinny homesite.

    The layout reminds me of the parking along the bike path in Roswell and Alpharetta. The difference is the lot used for parking there is in a commercial area not a wooded deadend street.

    Dunwoody Forrest you will have fun with all the Chamblee ball players lining your streets to access MC fields.

    People walk a mile after parking on the street to access the ball fields. Now they only have to trespass for 350 feet and trudge through a creek to get to the field.

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    No trudging for long, Think expensive, fancy bridge worthy of D1. Soon. After eminent domain.

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