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    Chamblee Lover

    Congratulations HH!!!! More places need to do this to protect the heritage of the neighborhood before they are all completely decimated by tax abatements and developers. GREAT JOB!!!!!

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    HH is awesome, but it’s sad that the situation that gave birth to it’s existence has died. I can’t imagine building affordable homes for people who didn’t go to college and work for the pay that is offered in today’s world. Of course, it’s about to get even worse. So yes, HH is a shrine to a better business model- the one that says that if you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of you in return.

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    Scott Gillispie

    I’ll disagree with my namesake – HH wasn’t built as a blue collar mill village – this was the engineer’s and middle manager’s ‘burb, similar to Northwoods. When we went househunting 15 years ago, every other house we looked at here still had a drafting table in the basement. The mill village was in Doraville, just outside the perimeter – take a look at Gentilly Pl off Tilly Mill, and you’ll see the difference.

    It’s still a very technically oriented resident population in HH, except now we’re heavy on IT people.

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