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    Sarah DF

    Looks like you might need to make your case at the ballot box my friend. This looks like a done deal. By the way, didn’t we all vote for this city? This is what we get?

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    Thomas Porter

    It’s funny… at one of those character area ‘charettes’, the moderator spoke of wanting to do away with cul-de-sacs touting “connectivity” instead. I don’t know what authority-of-the-moment put that bee in her head, but, people move to cul-de-sacs because they LIKE THEM. Another example of the City knowing better than their citizens.

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    Cary S. King

    Well spoken and certainly accurate. No one on the city council, and certainly not the Dekalb County Commission, has bothered also to address the issue of the demolition costs for the Remington Road property and the subsequent taxpayer costs to remove the pool, rebuild the curb, etc.. I also am at somewhat of a loss to understand how one member of the Dekalb County Commission can make the unilateral decision to spend this kind of money with no debate or discussion at a public hearing flowed by a vote. Another example of backroom politics with no transparency.

    Cary King
    Ashford Glen Homeowner

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    Tom Reilly

    Should be an interesting meeting at City Hall tonight!! The reason that more green space is being saved in District One is that most of the green space left in our City is ALREADY in District One. The precedent being established will only enhance our environmental quality of life in the long run. With even Dekalb County pitching in to help, there are surely enough adults in this city who realize that the precedents we set now will influence thousands of lives, millions of dollars, and decades of change. This is how government revenue is properly used!! And short-sighted, irresponsible, paranoid thinking has no place in such a process.

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    Ashford Glen Neighbor

    Is it a done deal? Dekalb County has not approved the parks spending per the quote in the Post article.

    This purchase is an effective use of Park Bond funds as it helps preserve nature near Murphey Candler Park, one of the greatest recreational areas in DeKalb. I am excited for this project and plan to put it before the DeKalb Board of Commissioners for approval at the next opportunity.”

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    Feedback Loop

    @Tom Reilly

    Parking deck.

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    Trail Blazer

    With all due respect Mr. Reilly, will you support a 6 foot wide concrete pathway that necessitates massive tree loss? Not something I would think a self professed representative of the National Wildlife Federation would advocate for. Maybe we should email the local Chapter of the NWF and see what they think.

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    Very concerned

    Correct! It is not a done deal. The city has to approve the purchase tonight at city council…without a “promise” of funding from Dekalb that has not been brought before the county commissioners yet. Come to the city meeting tonight and have your voice heard. Email your commissioners and tell them you don’t want your dollars spent this way.

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    This purchase and the subsequent bridges will allow folks living on the Chamblee Dunwoody side of the park to more directly access Murphey Candler Park via a pedestrian bridge. People will be able to walk from there to MCP to Blackburn Park and eventually to Keswick Park and back to Remington Road without encountering major roads except for a short walk from the corner of Harts Mill up to the Dunwoody Forest neighborhood. It will greatly improve walkability in this area and I look forward to using the trail.

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    Joe Seconder

    The above comments could have been cut & pasted out of any NIMBY opposition letter against trails & adjoining neighborhood parks written in the United States during the past 20 years. These arguments are tired, old and overused. I especially got a big laugh when one of the NIMBY’s started talking about MURDER! Seriously. I laughed big time. I applaud the Brookhaven mayor & city council for their vision and leadership in moving forward with the acquisition of this property. Imagine if the property owner simply sold their land to a developer. It’s already zoned residential. Legally, the owner could have clear cut the entire 1.7 acres of trees, subdivided it into 3 lots, put in 3 McMansions, and fenced off the properties. Today, people are ILLEGALLY trespassing on this property on their own “private / secret / informal” neighborhood trail, allowing neighbors to walk to Murphey Candler Park. Checkout what happened in Dunwoody at the Brook Run trail in circa 2013. The adjacent neighborhood HOA didn’t want the trail. They joined forces with some eco-tree environmentalists and Tea Party folks and sued Dunwoody. They said things like: “Save the trees! We can’t afford the trail! Waste of money! Our homes will flood from the water runoff! Where will the deer go! We love nature! Save the Old Growth Urban Forest!” They flooded city council sessions and spoke out during public comments. Flooded the local paper with letters to the editor. Tied yellow ribbons around the trees, and even had it covered by TV. The HOA found a pro-bono environmentalist attorney, filed a temporary injunction stopping the construction. They lost in court. Their failed campaign with some of these letters are documented here: Today, the Dunwoody Trailway is over 4 miles long and growing. And many of the trail opponents now walk and enjoy the trail. Our city council took lots of heat in moving forward with the initial phase of the trail. Today, residents and guests of our city love it, take it for granted, and want even more of them. This link has some photos of the Brook Run Trail grand opening that would have never been possible without the leadership of our elected officials, standing in the face of NIMBY opposition:. Stand Strong, Brookhaven Council and THANK YOU!!

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    Very concerned

    I am afraid it is you who has been taken for a ride Tom. The city can’t guarantee this land will remain greenspace and they DON’T WANT to guarantee it. That is why it is a resolution and not a deed restriction. The cities plans clearly show a multi use path connecting 400 path to Brookrun path through your neighborhood. I can’t wait until your neighborhood is over run with cars and your backyards have a steady stream of cyclists on a PAVED path that cut down more trees than were saved in the 1.7 acres. And then 5 years after that they decide they want parking in that 1.7 acres for access to the paved trail alleviate the cars in your street. Your trust in your pals on city council is short sighted and your blinded only looking at the first move on a chess board where the city already has shown their future moves in all their master plans.

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    Brookhaven Bobby

    Dearest Joe,

    Perhaps you meant to post your comment on a Dunwoody site where you live. And since we are on the topic, you now are the head honcho of the Perimeter Progressives group right? Is it the position of your progressive ideology to advocate for taking of what doesn’t belong to you and obfuscating the facts and wishes of the surrounding community? You should be ashamed of yourself for poking your nose where it doesn’t belong. Head on back to the Dunwoody Crier of the Dunwoody Reporter to spread your “progressive” views. BTW, do you even know what that word means or is all of this your attempt at campaigning for a spot on the Dunwoody City Council? I am putting my money on the latter.

    And BTW, BTW, people in Brookhaven (not many) ride their bikes ANYWHERE. So please give that Jack dude a call and please ask all twelve of the Brookhaven bike riders to stay out the street.

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    “At some point, rather than ramming your own vision forward…”

    Welcome to Brookhaven.

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    Bobby, in reality this property is in Joe’s Dunwoody. People just think it’s in Brookhaven.

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    Brookhaven recruits the hardcore cyclists first- this has also happened in D4- because they know some here are borderline rabid when it comes to promoting what they want and mercilessly attacking the “opposition”.

    People don’t even like to speak up on some occasions (including on places like nextdoor) because some make such nasty personal attacks against anyone getting in the way of their cycling “high”.

    Personally I don’t mind their insults of being ignorant and narrow minded because it couldn’t be further from the truth– but the hostility really is intimidating to a lot of people- which I believe is often their intent.

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    Very concerned

    This is no NIMBY argument. It appears to me to be about city council members listening to their constituents and honesty of public officials. If Linley is being honest and this 1.7 acres is not for the whole city but to create a natural walking area for dunwoody forest (Remington) and Ashford Glen…and she is being honest about no interest in Ashford Glen’s greenspace…then why we should not listen to the wishes of the two neighborhoods? Her constituents in these two neighborhood’s voted overwhelming (80%! Against) to keep this 1.7 acres private and not have the city buy it…but she proceeds for their “benefit” anyway! Or she is not being honest at all about her long term plans. she should come out say this isn’t about greenspace and protecting trees it’s about a paved trail. I wonder if she had come to Remington and Ashford Glen with her true plans if the reception would have been better. Instead everyone is suspicious…because it doesn’t make sense to buy a random private lot for greenspace unless you have bigger plans. Why not be honest with your stakeholders Linley/mayor/and now Jester…..

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    If this is to connect the PATH systems, that need to be made clear. Purchasing it under the guise of protected green space with access to the park is not truthful.

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Check out pages 15 and 24. Look for project ID 123. These people are not being honest.

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    Hello, Dist. 4 calling

    @ Tom Reilly – WTH are you talking about? “Most of the green space left in our City is ALREADY in District One” Are you so out of touch with the rest of the city and the other green space opportunities or are you just so selfish that you can’t see clearly and believe that you are the only ones deserving of green space? Stop spending MY money for your benefit only.

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    Tom lives near the home they’re purchasing and will likely inform them that it’s some NWF property he needs to work on.

    Don’t worry- he cares about about the Greenway too and wants to make sure no rats and rodents are harmed.

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    This is also happening in D4.

    D4 is finally (maybe) being blessed with a park, but if you read the fine print it comes with a bunch high density apartment complexes and hotels.

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    “NIMBY” is just one of the hardcore cyclists’ talking points- they say even ruder things on other forms of social media and in person- particularly to women.

    Honestly for people that profess to be so “progressive” some of them have been astoundingly rude to local women. Including women concerned about their children.

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    Terry, Joe Seconder has to have a parking lot for everyone to meet, park cars, and then ride the trail. Brookhaven is going to make this happen

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