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    Paul Tribble

    These Embrarer Jets make a hell of a racket. I feel sorry for the people who live in the flight path.

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    The ERJ 135 uses the same engines as the Citation Xs and Legacys that already regularly service PDK. The 328Jet’s engines are even smaller and it’s what Ultimate seems to be bringing to PDK anyway.

    In any event, I’m curious whether there’s enough business between Atlanta and Ohio. Delta still has a significant presences in Cincinnati, but I guess they’re banking on it being worth an extra $150-200 to bypass Hartsfield and CVG. Not a bad deal, really. Adding Charlotte would be a smart move for them.

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    My husband goes there for work pretty regularly.

    If they expand their flight schedule (currently I think it just heads to Cinci in the afternoon) he will definitely use it.

    If you fly for work a lot it’s definitely worth the opportunity to bypass all the hassle.

    Glad The Post shared this.

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    Jeania Uplinger

    Ultimate Air Shuttle is a public shuttle, used by business and leisure travelers. We are currently offering $199 round-trip flights from the Peachtree Airport to Cincinnati or Cleveland through April 21st. Give us a try. We’ll become your new choice for VIP Jet Travel.

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    Jeania Uplinger

    We certainly hope for the opportunity to fly both you and your husband. When we depart PDK in the afternoon, we fly to Cincinnati and then to Cleveland. One ticket price, you just stay on the jet while we board folks from Cincinnati going to Cleveland. Normally, the entire process only takes 15 minutes and we are on our way to Burke Lakefront in Cleveland. The $199 introductory price ends on April 21st, but we always offer additional promotion specials on our promo page.

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    Thanks for the info– that’s a really great price!!!

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    This will be very useful for people in Atlanta that wish to go to Cincinnati, which is no one.

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    Or Cleveland.

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    Actually I went to high school in Cincinnati and have completely randomly run into people that came here to go Georgia Tech, Emory, or even Oglethorpe (and I don’t even get out much! lol).

    There are also a good number of Atlanta businesses that work with Ohio businesses.

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    Bob Ho

    Yep. DeKalb once promised no regular flights out of PDK. Of course, DeKalb once had good schools. Too bad they don’t make these jets climb out over PIB then turn north at Jimmy Carter. Would lessen the noise for those of US affected.

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