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    I hope more people in D4 will continue to pay attention to this (though some admittedly want a Buckhead 2.0, which I suppose is their right).

    People have been sold on a supercool! new park and path that will supposedly increase home property values while decreasing taxes and traffic- all while providing fun, walk and bikeability , and some cool new restaurants and cafes.

    Look at the map proposals people.

    Unless you’re looking for yet another overpriced hotel restaurant (we can go to Buckhead for that), you’re signing up for something completely different that what you think you’ve bargained for.

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    Nature Boy

    D4 is going to have its own park soon! Oh wow! How neat is that!

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    That young man in the satirical video reminds me of an older D1 nature enthusiast. Please take no offense, but I enjoyed the entertainment.

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    You mean the one that thinks local owls will take care of rat breeding (no poison allowed!) at the creek that will be worsened by the local D4 male homeless that refuse help but like to litter?

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    I’m still laughing about those saying funk shooting out of manholes in D4 is fine as long as you don’t have any cuts or abrasions.

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