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    Thank you. I support Jon largely because he’s against corruption, and he does seem willing to reach across the aisle if he needs to.

    I was disturbed the other day when I read Karen Handel’s comment “It’s critical that we come together now to support Republicans committed to fighting against the Democrats’ liberal vision for America.” Is that the Republicans’only vision? Opposing whatever the Democrats stand for? I think it’s vital that all members of congress start to work together. The polarization of our government is out of control.

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    Easy Rider

    This special election has heightened national attention and money from both parties. Right now, I don’t know enough about Jon Ossoff to make an informed decision regarding my vote. However, he at least says the right things and offers balanced observations. Personally, I hope the country starts moving back to the center where compromise and common sense prevail. Perhaps voting for Ossoff is a start.

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    I agree completely. I want everybody in Congress to see that their safe seats aren’t so safe if they don’t put country over party (ahem, Devin Nunes). There’s no accountability at all right now. The fact that Jon is an experienced corruption investigator makes it all the better.

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    One day I would like to introduce you to Charles Ellis Schumer.

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    I’m not entirely a fan of his. What is there to do though? Either the Democrats sink to the level that Republicans did during Obama, or they suck it up and do their jobs, effectively letting the Republicans get away with it. It’s lose-lose.

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    After Ossoff left Johnson’s office he moved to Great Britain to attend graduate school and become CEO of an investigative film company that does work for Al Jazeera. I am sure that we can trust someone that works for Al Jazeera, wrong!!!

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    Alisa, I’m voting for Jon. You have listed 6 excellent points that need attention and I do not see any of them being addressed or even negotiated by the current Republican candidates.

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    Easy Rider

    Indeed, the hypocrisy from people like Nunes and several others is overwhelming. Fortunately, many reasonable conservatives voters realize the current disaster. This will force the parties to work together rather than relying on just the Republican party who can’t agree on anything. Except no.

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    Been away for the past eight years you have?

    Keep your eyes on Evelyn Farkas, let’s see what evolves.

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    Agree. Ossoff is a good candidate

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    Easy Rider

    Yes, that is exactly my point, they have offerd nothing the last 8 years except to say no. The Obamacare repeal effort proved their inability to agree on anything, even with the majority Its time to Ignore the extremists and their insanity and the reasonable people from both parties should start working together.

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    Brookhaven Liberal Editorial Board?

    I typically enjoy the post, but your becoming increasingly biased. Your world view is clearly left leaning and that’s fine, but your making it difficult to enjoy your platform. The “post” may be a misleading name. Maybe the Brookhaven Editorial would better suit your current mission?

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Feel free to submit your own OpEd. You’ll have to use your real name though. We are all listening, waiting.

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    Have you met Charles Ellis Schumer? You also might want to review the past eight years more closely.

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    Brittany Mother

    I see bias in guest letters with views on both sides of political and neighborhood issues. I do not see bias in reporting done by the Post. If you want bias in editorial and reporting, visit

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    I think the Brookhaven Post is doing a wonderful job, and look forward to their continuing coverage of anything Trey puts his mind to.

    Nobody covers Brookhaven like the Post.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Perhaps the anonymous commenter has forgotten this Op/Ed – Critique is welcomed and certainly part of the game. I welcome it with that, I’d like to thank you all for reading The Post. Now go enjoy Spring Break!

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    I’m proud of you! Thank you for taking action.
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

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    Joe Palladi

    Bless your heart!

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    Joe Palladi

    Are you really that shallow? What is your reason for your statement?

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    Are you confusing Al Jazeera and Al Qaeda?

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    My vote is for Slotin. He has more experience than Ossoff. He also gave up his seat to run against Cynthia McKinney so, the guy always has his constituents best interest at heart. It’s interesting that he’s talked about infrastructure during his campaign in light of the recent collapse of I-85. Is a staunch advocate of civil rights for everyone, good programs for the elderly and health care. Pick up the phone and have a chat with him.

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    Anyone naïve enough to support Ossoff is shallow because they have bought into the pack of lies that he is promoting. Fortunately, for the more astute voter, his fake resume has come to light and his phoniness is just another shining example of how untruthful him and his fellow Democrats are.

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    Al Jazeera and Al Qaeda are synonymous like Democrat and Socialist. Al Jazeera is fake news and Ossof is a fake candidate.

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    Interesting that one would possibly confuse the two. Both have a strong bias against America. One uses words, the other uses the sword. Run like Hell if you are of Shem.

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    Not sure if you are a troll or really that stupid?

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    They lost so now we lose tax dollars?

    I think Chambleeite just represents a sizable portion of Trump’s support base

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    We lose tax dollars?

    And I guess you also feel Trump is great and his plan to cut meals on wheels and our diplomatic budgets in order to fund an unprecedented increase in military spending is great. We spend more than China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Kingdom, India, France and Japan and OJ* combined on defense

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    We lose tax dollars?

    Actually I think Brookhaven Liberal Editorial Board is one of those 1,000 internet trolls Russia hired to post anti Hillary Fake News .

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    No I am informed, anyone that claims to be a supporter of Ossoff is one that supports murder. I as an independent and I do not have blood on my hands like the millions of Democrats that support genocide of the unborn.

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    Sally Forth

    Can we talk, without throwing around the name calling? Let’s just keep it civil.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thank you Sally.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    And thank you for using your real name.

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    Sarah DF

    ^^^^^Enter craziness^^^^^ Good lord.

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    Eric Robert

    While Ron Slotin is good, he’s a part of the past. A Democratic State Senator from the early 90’s he is a part of the failed Georgia Democratic Party to ignite a message or agenda that led to a one party state government that leaves the Georgia State Government without meaningful debate and transparency. I don’t see how it offers a new direction or how he can convince the voters of that.
    I like Ossoff because he’s not beholden to the old guard of the Democratic Party and more importantly because he’s young. We have too many socially conservative old white guys in Washington DC, especially from GA. While Slotin isn’t socially conservative I don’t see him as a voice of the younger generations. You know those Millennials we’ve been hearing about. I bet to Dan Moody it seems like just yesterday he was yelling at them to get off his lawn!

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    Sally Forth

    I am not sure who I support yet, but this young lady’s opening statement shows that there is a completely ridiculous level of fear about the political system. Roosevelt said it best, “All we have to fear is fear itself”. Of course he was speaking to a stronger generation, people who would not stoop to go on welfare, but would scrub toilets if necessary. No job was beneath them, but welfare was. This young woman can be forgiven for her alleged “knot” in the stomach and anxiety. She is young. She has not lived through numerous presidencies. She does not know that we have just suffered one of our worst Presidents in the history of the country, and we have survived, so far. Mostly because the center, the heartland of the country out numbered in electoral votes, states, territories and class, those entitled celebrities on the west coast and the elite, too wealthy to be damaged, on the East coast. She needs only to look at Europe and Venezuela to understand socialism does not work. The closer we come to adopting it, the lower this country will fall. It has fallen enough already in the last eight years. It is time to put our efforts to work, kick those grown kids out of the basement, stop welfare abuse, take on some personal responsibility for helping our neighbors. It is not the governments’ job to be a nanny.

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    “Sally Forth”- like the comic strip?

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    Hopefully you’re old enough to not be around when everyone starts dying because supposedly pollution and “climate change is a hoax”.

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    Any vote for Slotin is a serious big big BIG mistake. That’s like voting for Jill Stein–it’s casting a decidedly unstrategic vote, something that a lot of people regret having done by voting third party last November.

    Here’s the reality: at this point, we know two scenarios happen after April 18: 1) Ossoff and a far-right Republican advance to a run-off, in which we all risk a Republican getting elected that toes the line and doesn’t stand up to Trump even a little bit, or 2) Ossoff gets over 50% of the vote and gets elected without a run-off.

    I know “voting strategically” can bug people as a concept, but doing so is what we all have to do now to stand up to Trump. Slotin is an all right guy. Ossoff is really good too, though, and it would be a shame if your vote unintentionally helped elect a Trump-supporting Republican rather than someone who will do a lot of good in DC. I therefore urge you and everyone else to vote for Ossoff in the April 18 election–heck, go vote early right now!!!

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    “Sally” you are one real piece of work. District 1 wackjob no doubt. Go have some Geritol and step away from the computer. Your senility is showing.

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    Forget about polls-

    As someone that volunteered first for Bernie and then Hillary I’m happy to say my Ossoff yard sign is the first one that hasn’t been maimed.

    Seems like a good sign. 😉

  42. 42


    “Chambleite”- what are your views on the exponentially increasing American children that suffer from life-threatening asthma and allergies?

    Do these kid’s lives only matter when they are in the womb?

  43. 43


    Meh- Cutting Meals on Wheels should help fund Melania in Manhatten.

  44. 44


    We don’t claim Sally in D1.

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    Donald Trump (Republican) – not so good.
    John Ernst (Democrat) – not so good.
    Both parties are problematic, Ossoff is just another party follower. I’d rather cast my vote for an independent.

  46. 46


    Not sure “Sally Forth” is her real name. “Sally forth” means to leave or go forward with something, as in “Shall we sally forth?” upon exiting a house or beginning a walk.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Yes. I know. Thank you.

  48. 48


    Well said. I guess I need to do some self examination myself. Could have done more.

  49. 49

    Eddie E.

    Or we could be real:
    donald trump (republican, I think) – terrible and more dangerous for the United States than anyone since nixon.

    John Ernst – (Democrat) – Tasked with cleaning up the terrible mess that initiated Brookhaven and doing pretty well at it.

    See, it isn’t that hard to tell the truth!

  50. 50

    alan smithee

    I am very surprised that the GOP machine has not tried to link Jon to “Pizzagate.”

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    First off, in the first sentence you wrote, it’s “you’re.” As in “you are.” I’m biased against adults who aren’t familiar with grammar you see. I’m also not sure you understand what the word “bias” means, as this was a letter from a reader, not the editorial board of the Post. Perhaps, as the Post suggested, you’ll write your own letter. If so, please feel free to come back and reference this useful grammar guide I’ve provided once you are proofreading what is sure to be a masterpiece of razor sharp political discourse.

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