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    Joe Palladi

    If Piedmont is closed south of Sidney Marcus, why are the news stations showing southbound traffic on Piedmont accessing the old xway?

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    Concerned Citizen

    Although traffic on Buford Highway and 141 will of course be affected, Brookhaven does not handle any of Interstate 85 even though they’ve annexed land south of 85 so its not like services would be affected as much as they could be. Its a shame even though Brookhaven annexed and gerrymandered a lot of valuable commercial land south of the interstate, DKPD handles all of the interstate which in turn causes unincorporated Dekalb to handle more services with less tax revenue. Can’t always have your cake and eat it too.

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    A homeless dude that was believed to be smoking crack is alleged to have started the fire.

    Maybe some of the pro-development people that declare the local homeless to all be “harmless” will re-think that while stuck on North Druid Hills Road, Buford Highway or Cheshire Bridge.

    Thank heavens they did this where they did and not next some people’s homes near the creek– this could have been a real tragedy.

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    I’m not shocked. Brookhaven always wants to seem like they are ahead and dealing with major issues, but believe me they don’t. The only think Brookhaven is great is at media relations. However, they refuse to address the extremely high turn over rate within the police department. They continue to lose officers faster they can keep them.

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    Enuff Govt Already

    Why a SWAT truck was needed to monitor traffic right outside the front and back door of the police station is beyond me. Why not use that 3 TV command center they showed off last year. Definately an insight into the thinking of the commanders of a police department that was supposed to small, efficient and community friendly. Decision making in the PD needs to be re-evaluated. Seriously, a SWAT truck to monitor traffic when their only responsibility during this traffic emergency was to block an entry ramp.

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    Career minded

    Larger police departments offer many career growth opportunities not found in small police departments. With small understaffed cities like Brookhaven police careers stagnate. Small departments in these newly created cities also have demanding citizens that have to be catered to. Brookhaven is a great place to start off or spend your last years, but not to learn and grow as a police officer.

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    You have no idea what we’ve been through from the local police and neighborhood patrols. They really are out of control.

    After threats to shoot our large breed dog, we were repeatedly stalked and staked out- which frankly I could ignore if I had a backyard but I don’t.

    After officers reached for their weapons on two separate occasions- while we were standing next to our dog, minding his business in his own front yard- it has been extremely terrifying and anxiety inducing to take him out to relieve himself.

    Not long after arguing with the neighborhood association once again (among other things-sigh) a false alarm call was made and the BPD searched our home without a warrant.

    They wouldn’t even wait ten minutes for me to get home to make sure my dogs were okay- and didn’t even tell me they were in my house!

    I just figured they were sitting outside our house for the umpteenth time- I almost had a heart attack when I heard voices in my basement.

    We are normal, law-abiding citizens — the police activity around his is nuts.

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    They lost so now we lose tax dollars?

    Is the Brookhaven MARTA lot filling up? Everything north on the Gold and on the Red is filling up. Apparently Northsprings was filled up at 7:20 this morning. Even the never used Chamblee auxiliary lot up the hill near Clairmont is filled up.

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    Well evidently the BPD doesn’t think you are normal in the way Brookhaven expects you to to be. Not an opinion, just an observation based on your comments.

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    If all y’all would just go back to where you came from all would be well.

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    Having a modern style house apparently means you are a drug dealer.

    (I do nonprofit work and my spouse works in finance.)

    And having an English Mastiff that is a former therapy dog that brought joy to hospice patients and countless children as well as being an award winning show dog is supposedly a “pit bull on steroids” and is a breed that is going to “kill children”.


    If the local busybodies are “right” then I’m happy to be “wrong”.

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    This is my very scary former therapy dog (allegedly “a pitbull on steroids”) plotting to “kill children” (because that’s what his breed supposedly does) that is also now apparently guarding my “marijuana” plants (organic heirloom tomato seedlings.)

    It must be so horrifying to live near us, I really dont know how some of these busybodies survive. /s

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    Enough! We get the point. Jesus!

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    Enough! We get the point. Jesus!

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    Actually I think if these people truly followed the teachings of Jesus there would be a lot less problems.

    You know if my posts annoy you so much it’s pretty easy to skip over and avoid reading them.

    You know what’s not so easy? Avoiding people that regularly encroach on your private property with guns.

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    If only some people could listen to the teachings of Jesus.

    Or a lot of the New Testament in general.

    Clearly a lot of people missed that day in Sunday school when they taught “love thy neighbor”

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Cmon folks. Seriously? Do I really have to ask that you keep the comments on topic? Really?

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    I’m sorry. I’ll go pray that it’s not the swat team that comes by next.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thank you. It takes time to put these stories together in hopes, hopes there can be a good conversation or spirited dialogue. Please everyone respect the forum. Otherwise, and not to be a jerk, but I will not be approving comments.

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    Saul, maybe the BPD (and certain others) should adjust their definition of what constitutes “normal”.

    Neither me nor my any of my dogs have ever had a problem with the police, patrols, associations or people in general until moving to Brookhaven- and we’ve lived in and visited a good number of places.

    After almost two years of harassment we’ve still yet to be charged with anything.

    Nothing. Nada.

    Doesn’t this suggest that the problem might not be us?

    And I apologize that some think this is off topic– but that they are now bringing out SWAT vehicles for mere traffic should make more people concerned about this over-the-top “police state” some would like to create.

    People have the tendency to bury their heads in the sand until something (as this might) personally affects them.

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    Eric Robert

    I apologize in advance but I have to ask. Am I the only one who finds it odd that Heather makes a sweeping judgement about the homeless and developers but then complains about being judged and having her dog judged?

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    I’m not making a sweeping judgement about the homeless- the report in The Atlanta Journal Constitution said the alleged fire starter was believed to have been smoking crack and has been arrested something like 18 times.

    Some of the other local guys (including one that has startled women inside their home garages) have been arrested too.

    I have volunteered with and donated a significant amount of money to the homeless.

    Saying that not all of the local homeless men are harmless is not a bigoted comment- it’s a fact.

    In fact one of the places I used to volunteer at required men to register with ID and there was a steady flow of registered sex offenders.

    I’m not saying sex offenders don’t deserve to eat, but for men to say all homeless men are harmless- to women- is astoundingly tone deaf.

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    I also think there’s a huge difference between sharing an educated opinion involving one’s own personal experience on the internet and actively getting someone getting getting people with GUNS inside their HOME or on their FRONT YARD.

    Neither I nor my husband have EVER had any person or pet threatened by someone armed.

    This is such a false equivalency.

    My husband has actually yelled at me for pulling over during rain storms and offering people with no umbrella a ride (he thinks I’m going to get myself killed lol). But yeah, I’m an awful bigoted person. Ugh. Okay.

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    Ugh. I wish there was an edit function- stupid power flickering out- I swear I don’t usually repeat myself three times. Twice maybe, but not thrice. 😉

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    Oh Heather, you are so cleaver. Are you a fan of the movie Heathers? Me thinks you are. People are having real problems with their government services and you mock us with your tall tales of dogs and police brutality, hitchhiking homeless people, and pool parties in your apparently non existent backyard. Please go back to watching 80’s dark comedies before posting here again. You’re not really that funny.

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    Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?

    When did I say I was having pool parties? Our pool construction hasn’t even started yet. And no- I DON’T have a backyard – would you like to see a picture?

    For the record though if/when this pool project is completed and I have a party I will invite everyone because I’m a genuinely nice person like that. If I’m any character from Heathers it’s Winona.

    I’ve also never given rides to hitchhikers (though I’ve been friends with people in Vermont and Hawaii that do, lol) or homeless people.

    Is it so wrong to pull over during an unexpected blizzard or rain storm and ask a mother and her young children – or an elderly person that appears to be struggling if they need help?

    Why are you filled with so much hatred?

    I also never said I was a victim of “police brutality”.

    If anyone is telling “tall tales” it’s you.

    (And I apologize for commenting off topic– but when publicly attacked here with lies I feel like I have the right to defend myself.)

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