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    Applied for the same job in Brookhaven last year, came to Doraville as a blind shot with high hopes….crashed the city 300C in down town Atlanta late one night after arriving in town. Everyone needs the Assembly project to be a success; however a nearby project(Nexus) had difficulty selling bonds last December and at the Bond hearing last Tuesday($55M)the judge’s staff attorney was alarmed to hear that Shawn had given his notice the night before and the city’s Financial Director had left a few week before. The bond dealers waiting in the hallway for the judge’s decision were also quite puzzled! There is no apparent revenue stream to pay the interest on the infrastructure bonds except a property tax increase on the Doraville residents. Shawn is a nice enough guy but this just looked like the end of the line!

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    Tell the truth

    This press release is nothing more than a prime example of “saying something doesn’t make it’s true”. Mr. Gillan outsourced many city jobs and for the first time in Doraville’s history. the city is operating in the red. Mr. Gillen thanking the part-time ceremonial mayor does nothing but insult the Council that truly has the power and makes all of the decisions concerning Doraville and demonstrates just how divisively Gillan has run the city. To demonstrate how ignorant ms. Pittman is she credits Gillen for economic development and sites the Assembly and Nexus projects. Both are smoke and mirror pipe dreams that have produced nothing promised. They both will cost the city millions in lost tax revenue. Doraville Council majority did allow a giant car lot to be built on the valuable GM property but Gillen had nothing to do with that blunder. As for all of Gillen’s awards for GFOA, this does nothing for the city, but it does look good on his resume. What Doraville is left with is a city that trails far behind all other surrounding cities, a Gestapo-like code enforcement that fines homeowners for nonexistent codes, while letting others blatantly break the laws. And a downtown area that caters to wholesalers. Is it any wonder that the city is the laughing stock of the South and the affluent and educated don’t want to live here? Thanks, for nothing Mr. Gillen and the council majority. You all won’t be gone fast enough.

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    There seems to be the impression that because it really needs to be successful, Assembly MUST be successful. Unfortunately, poor attention to detail and an over-reliance on wishful thinking have led to a plan for this site that simply isn’t workable. At this point, I think this boondoggle could be the end of Doraville.

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    Enuff Govt Already

    I think its time to cede the charter and start over with Doraville.

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    Tom you have been losing elections in this city for 15 years. the voters do not want to listen to you and neither do comment readers on this website.

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    Tom usually has some good points….just not always well connected……….some of us are in speciality pursuits….so if you need a winning soap box or a pole position lap time… see Tom!

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    I want to be annexed by Chamblee.

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