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    Enuff Govt Already

    Little-noticed metro Atlanta agencies give big tax breaks
    Critics say inducements by unelected boards aren’t necessary
    By Mark Niesse – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    ( highlights)
    “When one company received a tax break from a development authority, others demanded the same benefit”
    “Local development authorities — 475 across Georgia — allow local governments to work around the state Constitution’s restrictions on special tax breaks for businesses. They use their nonprofit status to abate taxes by taking ownership of properties awarded tax breaks for whatever period of time the incentives are in place.”
    “There’s no penalty for squandering taxpayer money,” said Peter Fisher,
    “No one agency keeps track of the total amount of tax breaks given to businesses recruited to Georgia.”

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    So, what is “Chamblee Atlanta” going to be now?

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Description in this story. Also see the “Related” stories below the article too.

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    What are the four projects that were declined, and will anything be done to move the “Blee” along?

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    Van Pappas

    @JCT. Just saw your post. The 4 projects that we either completely declined or passed on having detailed discussions are:

    1) Parkview – Mixed use development on Peachtree Blvd at Clairmont
    2) An apartment complex on the vacant lot on Broad St, next to the Post Office. Afterwards the developer decided to move on from the project and put the property up for sale.
    3) The Blee/Chamblee Plaza – The developer came looking for assistance before any plan was approved by City Council. The DDA passed on a detailed discussion, with a statement that the developer could come back to discuss once he had a concept that Council and the Community could get behind.
    4) Pleachtree Blvd/Malone (Old Adrenaline Fitness building) – The developer presented a plan for apartments that would cater to Senior/Mature Adult living. The DDA felt they had participated in enough apartments.

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    Daniel Harrison

    As a Chamblee resident, how will the Whole Foods development be effected by the news? I recall you stating, the bond you issued was only in effect for Whole Foods. Will that have to be changed?

    If Walmart wins the battle, will they scuttle the Whole Foods like Kroger did to the Harris Teeter where Steinmart is now?

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    Amazon just saved Whole Foods. There is a bigger picture here.

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    Times They Are A Changin

    It’s actually a smaller picture if Amazon keeps the deal to themselves through the closing. Amazon Go delivers fresh food in a space 1800, 1/6 the size of the existing building. They’ll deliver the toothpaste and canned goods to your doorstep.

    If Walmart jumps in the mix in the next 60 days, they’ll win and never move into the Chamblee WF location, just like DH speculated above.

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    God I hate Walmart.

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    Yeah we are still here

    That’s why there is no WalMart in Brookhaven. But you’ll notice it’s hard to get a parking space close to the front door at WalMarts in Chamblee and Dunwoody.

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