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    I rather vote for my dog, Luna As a Latino, I am so tired of the liberals making feel that I am not worthy of anything because I am minority and am a victim of circumstances. Malcom X was right! The biggest threat to minorities is the White Liberals!!! I refuse to allow your party to institutionalized me so I can be dependent on you for me to be successful!!!

    As a former democrat, I proud to call myself a deplorable!!! And one more thing, John Lewis is not god!!! Stop treating the man as if he is the only icon, cause as a political player he is divider not unifier!!!

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    I agree that Ossoff is a good choice. We need a less strident legislator to represent the 6th. I want someone who’s willing to work for ME and you!! I’m so tired of these people who vote only by party without questioning the merits of a bill. I believe he’s a fresh voice for reason and sanity. We need such a legislator! I’m voting Ossoff!!

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    I’m very troubled by Mr. Ossoff’s resume embellishment. I don’t think I can vote for him.

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    You’re so right Rob. That’s why I’m votin for Slotin. He is a much more qualified and experienced candidate.

    Mr. OSsoff – money can buy you tv ads and mailers but it can’t make you the man you profess to be.

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    B\'haven Birdie

    Tom Price was probably the least strident person to ever hold a congresssional seat. Your liberal partisanship is showing… LOL
    More Hank Johnson craziness is NOT what the doctor ordered.

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    Eddie E.

    tom price was probably the poorest excuse for a ‘representative’ in Congress (which says a lot in Georgia).

    Jon Ossof offers the first opportunity for REPRESENTATION to those of us who were drawn into the 6th District against our will in 2010!

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    Eddie E.

    In that case, all is not lost.
    An Ossoff vs. Slotin runoff would be great!

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    Call me old fashioned, but I’d like my representative to actually LIVE IN THE DISTRICT he/she represents.

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    Easy Rider

    It’s hard to hold anyone in government to the truth when the President doesn’t tell the truth about anything that doesn’t reflect a positive light on him. However, I’m tired of scolding people for selling out on their vote just to save $ on taxes. I’m ready to move on. The first sentence of the editorial is good summary and I agree most smart people from both sides want similar things. It’s time to kick the crazies to the curb and work together.

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    Howard S

    I realize most politicians stretch the truth when they get into office but stretching it this much before going is over the top ! I cannot support a man who does this before or after in office!

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    I’m not sure that’s the best argument when not just the First Lady but even our President can’t stand to stay in The White House.

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    Has anyone else noticed that some of these commenters have very similar writing styles?

    “Luna As a Latino” is a pretty weird dog name- even for a show dog, but uh, I guess it’s good that you love her enough to waste a vote on her.

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    Eric Robert

    The Washington Post article does not support the misleading republican attack ads against him. Nor does the truth.
    From WashPo Article
    “On balance, it seems reasonable for Ossoff to say he spent five years working on national security issues in Congress,
    Technically, Ossoff walks a very careful line. But the overall impression is misleading enough to merit a Pinocchio.”
    And by the way I happen to remember his work in the 2006 election and know he played a key role in Johnson’s victory over McKinney

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    Thomas Porter

    Hey Truth – you don’t by any chance live in D2 or D4 in Brookhaven do you? The City Council could use some fresh blood like yours and those seats are up for election in November.

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    I see Obama told the truth and so did lying Hillary!!! Beganzi, ISIS, keep your doctor with Obama Care, depleted Armed Forces and so on. I mean I could keep going. Yeah Obama was great. 👍🏼

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    Oh yes, D4 needs more Republicans that want to bulldoze the icky looking Buford Highway to put in shiny new hotels and high density apartment complexes.

    Is everyone enjoying the traffic around there and N Druid Hills this week?

    Because that’s what it’s going to be like all the time if they get their way.

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    Too many similarities between the way out of state money has flowed into Ossof and the way it did in the anti-McKinney campaigns. That means “we know nothing” about WHY its flowing in folks.

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    Easy Rider

    We need to encourage our legislators to be balanced and offer compromise. Some members of congress see their mandate as blocking everything the other party proposes, but I don’t think the majority of voters want this. The country has to stop catering to the extremist who can’t see reason, logic, or the other point of view.

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