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    Lying his ossoff

    It will be completely my pleasure to vote for him twice.

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    He needs to take a look at the political mailers that are being sent out on his behalf. This one is just desperate and embarrassing. They can’t even spell Al Jazeera correctly, and trying to tie Ossoff to terrorism is just ridiculous.

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    Easy Rider

    Kudos to BP for being balanced and posting the other side of the argument to Ossoff.. I think the editorial is very accurate in the NRA rating of A+ & right to right record. I think if you look at Hill’s voting record it confirms his support of many non-crucial issues like guns in schools, religious officials to decline ceremonies… I challenge you to find even one vote or issue that he has initiated that brought real value. I think most conservative voters in Brookhaven are looking for someone with traditional conservative values that can work with other side. Hill’s record is one of extremism.

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    Republican candidate Hill does beat Democratic candidate Ossoff, by less than half a percentage point with 11% yet undecided in the Fox poll representing the views of 212 Republicans, 167 Independent/Other and 83 Democrats.
    MoE +- 4.5%
    I think Jon looks pretty darn strong considering the party affiliations of who Fox polled.

    Lying his ossoff, I counter your 2 votes for Hill with my 2 yard signs for Ossoff!

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    Props for your yard signs!

    Someone down the street from me put up two Ossoff signs and I was like yay!- for once I’m not the only neighborhood “crazy”. ;0)

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    Howard S

    According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Jon Ossoff raised $8.3 million during the first quarter of the year, 95 percent of his donations came from out of state”,

    That tells you where his support is! Not from our neighborhoods!!!

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    GREAT! Let someone else fund his race. We Brookhaven folk have us a Greenway to fund. And! We have to save our dough to finance the D2 and D4 races in November. You running Howard?

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    I actually know a lot of out-of-state people that have donated and I personally have encouraged them to do so.

    Many people are very disturbed by Trump, are looking forward to helping in 2018, trying to find a way to help now, and see “flipping Georgia’s 6th district” as a great way to get the ball rolling.

    Not everything is some evil billionaire conspiracy.

    Regardless though- people really should be accountable for their own actions.

    Instead of getting info from tv campaign ads or ratings driven tv shows- go pick up a New York Times.

    (I’d tell people to subscribe to the nytimes, but I was informed that I was a socialist for having it in my driveway, so I won’t suggest anyone go that far. ;0) )

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    Howard S, Jon Ossoff is also fighting back against several multi-million dollar attack ads funded by the National Republican Congressional Committee, as the article said. Congresspeople affect everyone in the country with their votes for or against a bill, so it’s often the case that a candidate gets outside monetary support from their party or push back paid for by the other party. His win is very important to the Democratic party for sure.
    However, the voters in the district, who cannot be bought, will be the ones to make the final decision.
    That article also stated that his in district monetary support was nearly equal to Handel and Hill.

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    Easy Rider

    Indeed, if Trump supporters (35%?) are feeling abused then prove that you have some common sense and balance. That means getting your information from multiple sources even if the story is not what you want to hear. Because if you are depending on TV ads and Fox news you are not getting the complete story.

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    Only the shadow knows for sure!!

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    Brittany Mother

    Fox? That’s why I only get my news from CNN. They filter the news so I only get want they want me to know.

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    With Newt Gingrich endorsing his moral authority you know he’s a real winner.

    I thought it was genius when he said low income kids should have to be janitors and clean the toilets in their own schools to earn their keep.

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    ***ALL*** TV news (and tv in general) is programmed to keep people from changing the channel.

    Why in 2017 is this still so hard for people to understand?

    { goes to bang head into a wall }

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    Brittany Mother

    So there are a lot of non thinkers out there right?

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    Brittany Mother

    I guess that makes me a mean mom when I make my children clean up their bathroom, including the toilet. Yes, I birthed them, feed them and take care of them but I am making it a priority for them to be self reliant. Hopefully, if they clean the toilet enough they will make good grades and go learn a trade or go to college. At least they don’t have to do like my grandfather had to do and clean out the outhouse pit. Pyoo!

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    I think most of us have ruined our attention spans to some degree (myself included).

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    Never a truer word spoken, Heather. I See that you have broken out the VHR! Good for you!

  19. 19


    The VCR that is. Probably Beta!

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    Eddie E.

    Do modern conservatives represent anything but extremism?

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    Eddie E.

    Try NPR and PBS.
    It might surprise you what you would learn with all facts and no filter.

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    Easy Rider

    Filtering the news or not even reporting a story is exactly my biggest gripe and why you need multiple sources of information. It’s not easy to listen to the other point of view, but it is the only way to stay informed.

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    Eric Robert

    Thanks Greg I got that disgusting flyer in the mail but didn’t realize it was Judson Hill who mailed it, thought it was a PAC. Can’t believe a candidate would put his name on that, and a State Senator no less.

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    Eric Robert

    there is a difference between a child cleaning their toilet and a child having to clean the school bathroom toilet because his parents don’t have enough money. Its not exactly the best thing for a child’s developing confidence and self esteem.

  25. 25

    Eric Robert

    So, Ossoff is already bringing money to Georgia Businesses? Cool. But true lots of people across the country want to send a message that Trump, Bannon and Session’s bigoted hate are not the values that made this country great.

  26. 26


    Cleaning the toilet in your own home is VERY different than cleaning toilets of one’s fellow classmates that have more money.

    I’m honestly kind of surprised that people don’t understand what kind of (further) stigma this practice would create for these children.

  27. 27


    How very.

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    Brittany Mother

    Liberals tend to think that way Eric. Should we have concern for the school janitor? Should the parents planned better? Thank goodness we have a nanny state to take care of everyone else now.

  29. 29


    I was always taught to treat my my church janitor and his wife the church cook with a lot of respect and considered them part of my church family- on the same level as the preacher- growing up. I still remember their names after all these years and remember being extremely upset when when I found out years later after I’d moved away that she’d died.

    While I was never a bully- a lot of kids that are taught to be kind will act polite to adults but be complete terrors to other children. Some of the exact same kids that respected our church janitor would have been absolute terrors if it had been a kid cleaning.

    Kids can be so mean- if some kids have to clean the toilets for other kids you just know they’re going to do all kinds of sh*t— both literally and figuratively.

  30. 30


    In blue states, yes. I don’t always agree with their “fiscal conservatism” but many are not into conversion therapy and some of the other side-eye inducing Republican stuff I sometimes hear around here.

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    Brittany Mother

    Heather girl, normal people, and they are hard to find now days, respect working people no matter what the job is.

    You’d be surprised at the people in the 1% that started off at an early age doing jobs the 99% rejected as beneath them. I bet that particular 1% has a lot more character than the 99% that thought they were too good for certain jobs or had the nanny state to care for them.

  32. 32

    Brittany Mother

    Eric, sometimes breeders just have a better understanding of how to bring out the best character in a child.

  33. 33


    I nominate BM to clean the toilets.

  34. 34

    Frank S.

    Eric, there are people on all sides of an issue that are very closed minded. Look at you, you can’t formulate a sentence without name calling. This type of speech only adds to the division in our country, not helps it. Do you personally know any of the three men that you just disparaged? Do you really know what is in their hearts? And don’t tell me that you don’t need to know them because you have heard all that you need to know. Please stop being so judgmental and actually add something positive to the conversation. And what about the values that made this country so great? Hard work, self sacrifice, independence, family, faith, persuit of happiness. Since when did any of these values become partisan issues? But go ahead, cast the first stone……

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    Eric Robert

    Brittany Mother, see that’s the problem with you Alt-Right folk you don’t take the time to understand before lumping it in as another fault of liberal thinking. For a janitor it is a profession.. Janitors are not peers to students. Unless your school is run differently, Janitors are higher up the hierarchy than students. In other words as Heather said, students are supposed to respect all adults in the school, especially the employees.

  36. 36

    Eric Robert

    Brittany, that I don’t disagree with. But not all breeders are good at understanding how to bring out the best character in a child. Look at Trump for instance. He’s raised a bunch of enablers.

  37. 37

    Eric Robert

    Frank S., give me a break. If what is in their heart is different than the effect of their actions and different than their public statements then they are hypocrites using hate to advance their self interest, which is even worse. So no I don’t know them personally, but for a political figures I think its fare to go on their actions and statements. Most Republicans are understand the value of diversity and support it. Trump is different.

  38. 38


    If I get taken away to the loony bin from looking like I’m having a conversation with myself- can someone please make sure I go to “Promises Malibu”?

    I’ve seen their commercials on Bravo and it appears you get lobster, massages, spa treatments, and beach time.

    I’m pretty sure my insurance covers it and I could really use a vacation, so, beloved cyberstalker- never change!

  39. 39

    Brittany Mother

    Eric, I know you hate Trump with a passion and I respect your personal assessment of him. But you might want to take another look at his children and how they have faired. When you call them enablers it makes me think your eyes are too close together. If true, maybe you should wear shades.

  40. 40

    Brittany Mother

    Love it Eric, the Alt-Left has a distorted view of life, work and character. Regardless of age. Carry on my Alt-Left friend!

  41. 41


    Seriously though I am contemplating the idea

  42. 42


    Right on Frank S! Eric is so blinded by his own hate that he refuses to consider anything other than what he is fed by the talking heads in the fake news business. Me thinks that he should join Heather watching 80’s dark comedies on her Betamax and leave the comments on politics to others. Oh, and stop watching so much MSNBC

  43. 43


    Or you could talk to some of his former constituents in his former state senate district and learn that he was completely unresponsive. Years of ignored phone calls, social media messages, emails, and attempts to meet in person. Please don’t send him to DC when he couldn’t even represent a smaller district at the state level.

  44. 44

    Eddie E.

    The lack of character in certain Senators help to explain the mailer.

  45. 45

    Eddie E.

    Only in republiklan land is stating the truth considered ‘name calling’.

  46. 46


    I don’t know this area that well, but nationally I don’t think that’s true.

    Most of my friends worked at places like McDonalds growing up and plenty of them took “99%” jobs like teaching or social work.

  47. 47


    Actually I think “Heathers” is on Netflix – I noticed it the other day when thinking I should rewatch Twin Peaks. I decided to wait and to watch it on our HD projection screen though. 🙂

  48. 48


    @Rebecca, your second sentence describes our Brookhaven elected’s perfectly except Park. He loves him some social media.

  49. 49


    What does it mean to say someone’s eyes are too close together?

  50. 50

    Eddie E.

    That almost sounds like the State Senator from North Dekalb county who thought, despite substantial outcry from his constituents, that it was a good idea to prevent Dekalb County from having a vote in increased MARTA funding.
    Sure am glad he lost that fight the day before the freeway collapsed.
    That’s the problem with ‘committed conserrrrvatives’, reality just doesn’t favor their fantasy.

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