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    Jimmy E. Searles

    Well said Miss Lil

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    Jimmy E. Searles

    Well said Miss Lil!

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    This president has done nothing to destroy this country. The constant drumbeat of opposition to the man who has done nothing to take away rights, has worked very hard to resuscitate a dying healthcare plan, and who has shown decisiveness where before we had rhetoric and no action, reflects a public that simply refuses to face the reality that the middle class simply cannot take the liberal agenda any more. It us fine for the uber wealthy and those taking advantage of the system, but the middle class has been largely squeezed out of consideration. No one on the left has given Trump a chance. To add Osoff to the drumbeat if negativity already in the capitol will sound a death knell to free enterprise, self determination and responsibility and an already insolvent America.

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    Your coal mining job is not coming back any time soon.

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    I am a proud Latino deplorable who strongly supports Donald Trump. He is a man who can make a decision whether popular or not. Total opposite of Obama.

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    Then you are a Trump Chump.

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    Eddie E.

    In that he is the most dangerous, incompetent, irresponsible anti-American President in history, yes he is the ‘total opposite of Obama’.

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    Easy Rider

    There are no easy answers for health care and the Republicans have spent eight years bringing nothing to the table except to say no. They proved their dysfunction by failing to agree to an alternative despite having the majority. However, you and I, and many others agree that the health care answer can’t add an additional burden to the middle class. Which is why I’m still puzzled why we elected a “smart” billionaire who doesn’t pay taxes.

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    If by ‘working hard’, you mean ‘tried for a few weeks without ever really bothering to even learn the details of the policy, and then promptly gave up.’

    Trump is a spoiled brat who never really had to work a day in his life and always had a lot of people paid to tell him he was great. He is a lazy, simple-minded, narcissistic asshole whose campaign was a full frontal assault on American values.

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    The second paragraph is pure strategist talking point followed by, he’s done more than most 30-year-olds? Is that it?

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    Thomas Porter

    Honest question: Does anyone know whereabouts Mr Ossoff lives? I can’t find the answer.

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    I think dressing up like Hans Solo for Halloween as the attack ads have warned us is really the most troubling part about all of this.

    Has he kissed a Wookiee? Does he hang with them?

    Pay attention people.

    It’s scary now, but just wait until you have proof he’s hanging out with Ewoks.


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    You might want to ask Nancy.

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    He was living on the Millennium Falcon with his girlfriend in Dekalb finishing her degree @Emory but grew up in District 6 with the ‘rents and is now back and will perm. live there if he wins.

    No he does not live in Saudi Arabia.

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    Eddie E.

    He grew up in what is now the 6th.
    Of course, it was the 4th until the State Senator of the 40th District decided it should become the 6th in 2010.
    So by all definition, he is a lifelong resident of the 6th district.

    Where did Handel, Moody, Hill, etc. grow up and live their lives?

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    Samantha Collier

    Russia. They grew up in Russia.

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    Thomas Porter

    Thanks Eddie, don’t know the answers as to the others beyond current addresses. Again, it was honest non-leading question.
    To the others, your brilliance astounds me! Bless your hearts.

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    I’m genuinely sorry- it’s hard to tell at this point. After volunteering for Hillary and wasting gawd only knows how many hours of my life trying to explain to people that various words and symbols involving “pizza” are not code for underground child slavery with Indiana Jones-esque tunnels (or that no, Hillary did not kill JFK Jr)— it’s increasingly hard to tell what’s real and what’s not anymore.

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    Hold on there, folks! Think about this for a moment. Ossoff is an ultra liberal democrat – no question, can’t even argue it. He even considers John Lewis his mentor. Good grief, you can’t find a more uber liberal than Lewis. As such, his primary task in Washington will be one thing and one thing only — to work with the other Democrats in their effort to achieve their liberal agenda. That agenda? We really should all know by now: bigger government wih more control over your lives; more government regulations and restrictions; higher taxes on the middle class; wide open borders with little or no restrictions on who comes into our country (is this not rolling the dice with American lives?); a massive, socialized health care system which chokes the economy. Ask yourself, is this what you want? Because this is the Democratic agenda, folks. Just quickly ponder the last eight years. What they want is not what our founding fathers envisioned. I urge you to consider any one of the highly qualified Republican candidates: Karen Handel, Dan Moody or Judson Hill. I personally have had enough of ultra liberalism, socialism, and political correctness. Have you?

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    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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    Don’t forget the pesky Democrats like Taylor Bennett trying to stop raw sewage and toxic waste from flooding people’s streets, yards, and homes.

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    Just look at who brought us Brookhaven. People that call themselves Republicans. C4ND and Brookhaven Yes. Tom Taylor and Fran Millar. Mike Jacobs. J. Max Davis. Four of the five initially elected city council. Dont forget the rest. Were they really Republican if they gave us more government?

    I do not see very much difference between your Democrats and your Republicans now days. Bless Karen Handel’s heart, did she really send out a mailer with Bates Mattison pictured in it with her? Karen, really? Do you seriously want your name associated with that man?

    Tom I hear what you are saying, but just WHO IS the real Republican in this political race?

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    Ossoff? No Way…

    It’s astonishing to me how so many educated and presumably well informed prospective voters have been mesmerized by a glib, woefully inexperienced candidate who offers nothing but vapid platitudes and a thin, unsubstantiated, misleading, and largely irrelevant “résumé”.

    Working as an undergraduate student part-timer and later as a Junior Staffer and campaigner for a back bencher in the minority party in Congress doesn’t come close to credible qualifying experience to represent you, me, or any of the 700,000 citizens of House District 6.

    o Working as a “Congressional Staffer” should be viewed as disqualifying for public office…

    Less than four years out of graduate school — with nothing of substance since — all too closely mirrors the kind of shallowness, lack of perspective, and inexperience that haunted the White House and misdirected the country from 2009 until 2017.

    I have to believe you share the convictions of most Americans that Government at every level needs to be REDUCED in SIZE, SCOPE, COST, and INTRUSIVENESS. With this in mind:

    • Do you for a minute believe a self-declared protégé of Hank Johnson, John Lewis, and Madeleine Albright will represent and foster your ideals and values?
    • The source of his campaign funds — more than 95% from liberals and progressive PACs outside the 6th District and Georgia – and his endorsements from distant Democrat and progressive figures directly telegraphs his underlying philosophy, commitment and temperament.
    • He announces himself a “Proud Democrat” — thus he’s clearly aligned with the Schumer-Pelosi agenda…
    • Don’t be fooled by the conciliatory and quasi-conservative rhetoric.

    Ossoff has no business occupying any elective or appointed office…

    • At best, he’s an empty suit and
    • Perhaps a total self-serving fraud.

    Don’t make a mistake. Examine the field of candidates and vote for the individual who will truly serve you and our great nation. Certainly your vote will not be for Ossoff.

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    Imagine that, Ossoff a Democrat of Russian heritage is going to fight Trump according to one of his mailers. More than likely, CNN will make a connection between Ossoff assisting Trump with his Putin/Russian behind the scenes dealings.

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    Eddie E.

    To answer your questions:
    Schumer-Pelosi …..DRINK
    Quasi conservative? Oh, as opposed to tried and failed traditional conservative.

    Face it, none of the cabal of dunces opposing Jon Ossoff have presented anything approaching a functional approach to governance.

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    Eddie E.

    Ultra Liberal Democrat?

    I believe the kool-aid has caused you permanent damage.

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    Eddie E.

    Ossoff is not a republiklan nor a conservative.
    That rules out him being on the russian payroll like the average conservative or member of the trump organization.

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    Eric Robert

    Give me a break no one Democrat or Republican is in favor of the Government controlling our lives. Thanks to Newt getting rid of the seniority system for committee heads and assignments we now have a dysfunctional congress. We need someone who at least is committing to working with anyone to do things like reduce waste in government. I also would like to have someone fighting against Trump’s unprecedented proposed escalation in military spending. The other candidates campaigning on the fact they will not work with Democrats. It’s time to put country before party.

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    Eric Robert

    “woefully inexperienced candidate who offers nothing but vapid platitudes and a thin, unsubstantiated, misleading, and largely irrelevant “résumé”.” Thought you were talking about Trump. Please a freshmen Congress Person has little power. As a staffer he knows more about congress than most and hopefully since he’s not an antiquated Georgia Politico from the past he will quickly gain the experience to represent the district while putting the country’s interests first.

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