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    Eddie E.

    After reading the transcripts of Perdue’s speech, I can only wish we had elected a competent US Senator the last time we had a chance.

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    “Not a choir boy” is an interesting way to spin bragging about sexual assault.

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    Sally Forth

    The day that Republicans start working together will be the day when each of them stops thinking for themselves and get into the group think mentality of the other party. There are occasions when keeping their powder dry until they have formed a consensus would be useful however, and I would love to see that happen. At any rate, I will always respect more someone who listens with respect to another’s opinion, rather than try to shout and drown out opposing thought. Those that come to town hall meetings to scream out their opinions rather than listen, question calmly and attempt to be rational are probably the reason our representatives simply do not wish to subject themselves to abuse. Can you blame them?

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    I don’t know how anyone supporting Perdue could accuse those disagreeing with him of being hyperbolic when at the last minute he ran a nationally funded smear campaign warning about Michelle Nunn and her ties to and inability to protect us from “terrorism Ebola”—- complete with actors in hazmat suits.

    Poor abused Perdue. . . why are more people not thanking him for saving us from terrorism Ebola?

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    Easy Rider

    Well at least Purdue is saying the right things both parties have to work together. It gives me hope that Republicans might actually start listening to the people. The hate-train that got Trump elected is running out of steam and we are looking for real answers. On a side note, I don’t blame him for skipping town halls, but I think he feeling the influence.

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    When most of the current Republican administration says that Democrats need to work with them- it generally means that they need to get in line and “compromise” (surrender) to what they want. Like, we’ll ban abortion but we’ll consider still accepting Plan B.
    Insurance companies should cover Viagra but not birth control. We’ll consider still allowing sex-ed in schools as long as there’s a religious damning component.

    And besides ignoring Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day- let’s all remember that even Hitler didn’t gas people- he sent them to “Holocaust Centers”.

    Sorry but you can’t reason with people that live in an alternative reality.

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    Eddie E.

    After all, they have only been nominally in control of the Senate since 2010.
    Why waste time formulating useful policies and making functional plans?

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    Easy Rider

    Yes I agree that many conservatives don’t know the meaning of compromise. They proved it by supporting “anyone other than a democrat”, which meant an obviously inappropriate candidate for president That said, congress is feeling the pressure and I’m personally encouraged they are finally considering working with the other side to come up with real solutions. We have to end the deadlock and kick the extremist to the curb. That means reasonable people from both sides have to find common ground.

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    A Deplorable

    Insurance companies should NOT cover Viagra either.

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    I’m cool with that- but a lot of women- particularly younger women- take birth control for hormonal medical reasons that have nothing to do with preventing pregnancy.

    I could go into the details but I’m guessing you probably don’t want to read that. ;0)

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    While I generally agree, I have a hard time believing Perdue is doing anything more than gaslighting and spin after what he did to Michelle Nunn. Forget about the Ebola insanity- he photoshopped a pic of her next to Obama when in fact she’d just worked for H.W. He’s repeatedly supported Trump and was even slated to speak at a Trump Georgia fundraiser (though I think he flaked at the last minute?) Trust is earned and Perdue has done a lot very worthy of getting the side-eye.

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    As someone that names themselves “A Deplorable” it’s interesting that you’re more concerned about Viagra and denying women’s health issues than the problem with the current administration denying the severity of the Holocaust.

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    Eddie E.

    Wow, that will make about .001% of cost difference.

    Insurance companies should be replaced by Taxpayer Funded Single Payer.

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    You really can’t reason with a lot of these people- blaming Democrats for all the woes of the world is really all some of them know how to do. I truly believe it’s some sort of bizarre form of brainwashing.

    Like Trump initially blaming Democrats- that he never reached out to- for the failure of Trumpcare- even though they had a Republican majority that could have passed it.

    And then people start screaming that Dems ruined Trumpcare.

    People really need to stop getting their “news” and “info” from places like Breitbart and Infowars.

    It’s really depressing that with all the great opportunity the internet provides its regularly being used for crappy things and confirmation bias rather than good. 😟

    I just can’t believe that in 2017 people with internet access still believe plan b is killing babies- but ugh I don’t know why anything surprises me anymore.

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