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    In my next life, I want to own C. W. Matthews paving company. I’ve been saying this for most of my life, and I’m now 69!! They must be the best in the world at bidding for jobs.

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    What about Clairmont Rd. between Peachtree and Buford Hwy? It is one of the worst stretches of pavement in the metro.

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    Burke Brennan

    Jon – That is a known issue, but all three streets are state roads. (Hwy 155, 141 and 23) These are maintained by the GDOT with state funds. The city is responsible for nearly all other public (but not state) roads.

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    Great information and communication.. Thanks

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    Burke Brennan

    I was wrong in my initial assessment. State Highway 155 ends at Buford Highway, everything after that is not GDOT The section from the intersection of Buford Highway until the airport (8th street) is Brookhaven’s. From 8th street to Peachtree belongs to Chamblee.

    For the section that is Brookhaven’s, at this time it is not on the 2017 paving list, but it is on the 5 year list.

    That’s not to say it will take 5 years. Next year, traffic engineers will go back to the 5 year list and take the next batch of the worst roads and fix as many as possible with the funding that is allocated in 2018.

    I apologize for my error in my earlier post.


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