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    Amazing achievement to show for 4 years in office Joe.! SMH.
    I thought the planting strip was supposed to go between the street and the sidewalk?!? Especially because it’s a “high volume” road.

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    Samantha Collier

    Must be nearing campaign season for Gebbia.

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    That’s Joe, always ready for a photo opportunity. Brookhaven must be working him hard representing the people, he hardly has time to shave!

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    Where’s the pics of the fountain-like sewer manhole on that street that literally just flooded Pine Hills with toxic waste?

    How convenient that he’s also standing as far away from the curb as possible.

    This post should also come with a warning to always wear rain boots and to be careful about doing yard work nearby without gloves.

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    No- he’s trying to distract from the fact that Pine Hills was just flooded with raw sewage and chemical waste but he wants even MORE development in the area.

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    By “high volume” are you referring to the carcinogenic sewage?

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    Same location not far from where Gebbia is standing just last week.

    I really regret not going home to get my rainboots so I could get a picture of the fountain-like sewer manhole that literally had funk shooting out of it.

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    This must mean that the city will obtain more right of way on the other side of the road when that section is four laned. So city like, homes with no front yard.

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    He’s probably trying to protect his face from any of the splashing carcinogenic “water”.

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    Samantha Collier

    Y’all be nice. After all it is an improvement.

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    Such a good point Hunter, why in the world would they put the pedestrians right by the speeding cars? So much for caring about safety.

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    Don’t worry- with the 85 collapse and new development plans you’ll be lucky to drive faster than a crawl there these days.

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    The new homes directly across the street from there have the backs of their houses facing that road and they have no backyards.

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    Or – PR spin to distract from the raw sewage leak while they want to put more development right up the street in the form of a new hotel and high density apartments.

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    Lol, with all the downvotes it appears that the developers have arrived.

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