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    Thomas Porter

    This must stop.

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    Sadly this is not likely. There are a good number of homeless men in D4 that are homeless by choice- they actually have debit cards that their families refill every month. A lot of people here know some of them by name and they even startle women in their garages and carports under the premise of “looking for work” (a lot of people think they’re stealing- but don’t suggest that or you’ll be accused of being a horrible, unempathetic Republican person that hates the homeless).

    While it’s already concerning that women can be shamed for being freaked about these dudes in their garages– it’s astounding that these Peachtree Greenway developers and their hardcore proponents think homeless men living on the greenway will be just fine: They’re harmless! I’ve met them! They’re nice!

    Besides the fact that I doubt anyone has done a background check on them- anyone that’s ever actually REALLY worked with the homeless knows that there’s a large national transient population.

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    Eric Robert

    Well I agree one can’t say all homeless people are harmless. Then again not all people who own homes are harmless. As to the greenway, there are homeless people on the street and we still have sidewalks. Being homeless shouldn’t be illegal. If someone commits a crime then certainly the criminal justice system should deal with them. Do we want the police to patrol under the bridges nightly? I don’t think so. Should we discourage camping under the bridges? Sure. Would i go hang out under a bridge late at night? No.

    Keep in mind the 85 collapse was caused by the large amount of PVC conduit stored under the highway, a mattress and litter is not going to create enough heat to set damage a road. As to 85, seems like there is more to the story, how does lighting a chair on top of a shopping cart end up igniting the conduit GDOT was storing? Was the conduit not fenced off?

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    I don’t think you fully understand this situation.

    No one is saying neighborhood women are going out and hanging out under bridges in the middle of the night- the concern is about what some of these guys are doing when they’re NOT sleeping- which is often acting creepy- nowhere near bridges- in the middle of the day.

    I do have to give BPD credit (as I’m presuming it was them) for stopping some of the begging in the street around NDH road that was going on a while back pretty regularly

    I’m one of the bigger bleeding hearts you’ll ever meet (just spent another $9,000 on dog surgery- ugh)- but sometimes the BEST love you can give someone or something is TOUGH LOVE.

    Enabling people to live on the streets prevents them from getting the appropriate care that they need.

    Don’t give homeless people money- you’re not helping them. Give money and or volunteer for one of the various local outreach programs.

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    As for the class issue behind all this- I’ll say what I said last year when women were being shamed for being startled and scared from some of these guys lurking in yards and garages:

    I don’t care if you’re wearing Armani or Hermes- if you pop up at me in the back of my carport you’ll be lucky if I don’t clobber you with a shovel.

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    Eric Robert

    “No one is saying neighborhood women are going out and hanging out under bridges in the middle of the night” the thought of this made me laugh. Anyway I agree handing someone a dollar or two doesn’t may do more harm than good.

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    Tomato-Eating Chipmunk

    It’s a lot cheaper in the long run to just provide safe housing for homeless people instead of throwing them under bridges, which is what we’re doing now.

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    Except if you say that to some of the “progressives” around here they’ll liken you to Nazis forcing people into concentration camps.

    I swear, it’s clear basic psychology/psychiatry/human health should be a mandatory part of high school curriculums around here as many are nightmarishly ill-informed about what they’re preaching.

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    Heather that fire under the bridge was probably due to smoking in bed.

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    I can’t stress enough that I don’t think most homeless are intentionally harmful people.

    Historically a huge percentage of homeless have been war veterans with PTSD and depression or individuals struggling with schizophrenia or other personality disorders/mental illness.

    I am by NO MEANS suggesting that they be rounded up in some horrific fashion- I’m just saying using the current laissez-faire attitude and allowing them to camp out at the upcoming Peachtree Greenway (as some have suggested)- is not going to work.

    People say being homeless shouldn’t be illegal- and they should be allowed to live on the greenway because they were there before development– and also on top of all that that the greenway shouldn’t put out rat poison.

    I don’t even know what to say at this point except that I’ve lived in a lot of cities in my life and this is literally a recipe for disaster.

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    I haven’t worked with the homeless in quite some time, so I can’t immediately give stats off of the top of my head– this is from a quick google search though— there’s plenty more available online if anyone would like to read up on homelessness and mental health issues.

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    Heather, I think it’s the homeless crack heads you have to watch out for.

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    While it depends on the area- the people *dealing* the drugs to some of the homeless are probably the most concerning. . . but I don’t have a business degree so what do I know. 🙄

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