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    Tomato-Eating Chipmunk

    Remember, Karen Handel left the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation in 2012 because it supports Planned Parenthood. Handel doesn’t care about women’s health.

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    . .and the two months of negativity begins

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    After a little research I’m not so sure PP cares about women’s health.

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    Hunter Burke

    Karen Handel shares one quality with Hillary Clinton: They’re both un-likeable. It is not because they’re women, it’s something else undefinable that’s unpleasant.

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    I went there gawd only knows how many times when I was young when I would not have been able to afford a doctor otherwise.

    Besides the super affordable and easy to schedule gyno checkups, they’re really great if you’re a young woman that has fibrous breast tissue that needs to be checked regularly.

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    Eric Robert

    Seems to me the message has already been sent even if Handel ultimately wins. 1st – Ossoff got over 48%. In a field this large and based on past voting results its clear the voters of the 6th want someone who will work with anyone who wants to reduce waste and pursue sensible goals. In other words put country before party. 2nd By relecting Dan Moody and Judson Hill the voters of the 6th rejected Senator David Purdue and those saying they will work to promote Donald Trump’s agenda. 3rd they also rejected negative campaigning – which Judson Hill seemed to lead the pack in doing – his terrorist mailouts were rejected. The special interest groups’ ads saying Ossoff is a terrorist sympathizer were rejected. This was a victory for civility and realizing we are well into the 21st century. I’m thrilled the voters rejected Judson Hill and Dan Moody they are relics and reflect the ugliness of the many Legislators in the Georgia State Capitol.

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    Riley OConnor

    So, is Lysol the appropriate sanitizer to kill all the cooties from the election campaign “literature” in my recycle bin?

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    Eric Robert
    I didn’t realize 4th district council person was such a rabid republican. Childish how they try to make it sound like Ossoff living with his girlfriend in the “Emory Area” is somehow bad. Brookhaven’s fourth is pretty close to the Emory area.
    Sad of the 4 Brookhaven precincts, the 4th probably has the highest # of immigrant residents, yet this is who they have electing them? Does Joe Gebbia support Trump’s robo call against Ossoff where Trump said “”If you don’t vote tomorrow, Ossoff will raise your taxes, destroy your health care and flood our country with illegal immigrants.”” disgusting!

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    I much prefer Trump’s twitter feed where he suggests Ossoff is going to let criminals run rampant but he’ll also take away everyone’s guns.

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    Thomas Porter

    Lysol!!! Ha!

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    O’Reilly, yes. As long as someone else in Brookhaven’s isn’t hoarding it and it’s available.

    BTW, please mind your manners.

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    Eric, just add up the numbers for the candidate votes for the two parties. If you need me to further explain this message, let me know.

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    I envy Ossoff. I always wanted to be a kept man.

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    Ricky Bobby

    On June 21, Karen Handel is going to look in the camera and say…

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    Riley OConnor

    There’s a different “4th” involved here. Yes, Joe Gebbia represents the 4th City Council District, but the “4th” in question here is probably the “4th Congressional District”, which includes the Emory area.

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    Eric Robert

    Sure but I’m talking about Joe Gebbia being sorely out of step with the constituents of Brookhaven’s District 4. Sad. Perhaps that explains the failure to buy one acre of greenspace in District 4 while other districts have added greenspace.

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    I predict before Gebbia qualifies for reelection the city will find some raggedy ass lot somewhere and try to purchase it or some right of way do he can say he brought a park to D4. Gebbia is a terrible rep. Unless you’re on the other side of 85.

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    Eddie E.

    Well, Karen sure knows something about being last.

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    Eddie E.

    Two months of reminding people that ‘liberal’ is a good thing, a very good thing!

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    maybe a web poster should run and show everyone how to do it.

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    With our cuckoo President praising Handel and taking partial credit for her win- don’t hold your breath that those numbers will hold.

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    Eric Robert

    They also both quit being Secretary of State. Though Hillary did serve the entirety of Obama’s first term and Handel after only 2 years that racked up ethics issues quit in her failed attempt to run for Governor. Handle was in her prime tending to Fulton County under Mike Kenn’s name – since then its been down hill.

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    D Purdue

    “Handel is not one of us.”

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    Eddie E.

    Two months provide the Handel campaign with an opportunity to demonstrate the stellar accomplishments she has made since attaining her GED……
    I’m sure they can come up with something…..
    A job she didn’t walk away from or get fired from…….
    Somebody who vouch for her……..

    O heck. on to milton county.

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