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    It is interesting that this discussion centers on the actions of supporters yet leaves out a very critucal factor, qualifications. I personally know someone who has served in the Peace Corps, came back and worked as assistant to the head of a major non profit in Georgia, became general manager of a local branch of a major national company, then vice president of the largest parking company in Georgia. She then became an active volunteer in her city’s Rotary and is on the biard of the major charitable group and is active in numerous civic matters and events. Now, to me, this shows intelligence, dedication, and ability to work with, and influence others for good. Too bad good people like this will never want to touch politics.

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    Eric Robert

    Former GA State Senator and GDOT Board Member Dan Moody’s main theme was that David Perdue needed him to help Donald Trump move his agenda forward. So his poor showing, as well as far right Judson Hill’s poor showing are a clear rejection of Donald Trump. Which is to be expected since 6th district Republicans in general are better educated.
    Handel has a very poor record of completing her service – but I will take her any day over the rejected candidates that were trying to ride Trump’s coat tails. Though its Ossoff whose message is best. If he is elected can he make headway executing on his vision? Well in only 2 years the voters can elect someone else if he doesn’t figure out a way to appeal to Republican voters.

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    “In the meantime, expect Ossoff and Handel-sponsored programming to make up a sizeable amount of your television viewing experience.”

    Or just get a DVR.

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    P A-F

    We need more of this kind of well-written and well-researched reporting. Thank you, Edward Lewis.

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    John Ossoff kicked ass Tuesday night. He will win the 6th. Every single poll leading up to the election had him between 43 and 46%. He did better than that. Fact hurt don’t they. Flip the 6th. Vote Your Ossoss June 20.

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    Easy Rider

    Indeed, regardless of the outcome of the runoff, the election was a clear rejection of Trump and extremism in general. This is an example of your vote having a lot more effect than just voting for a candidate, because it sent a message to Republics. Move to the center and be reasonable or find another job.

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    Lying his Ossoff

    Democrats should have run 2 hand picked candidates, not just one, for a victory strategy. The $8M Ossoff campaign was a colossal waste of money, but Jon had a great time. Hope you caught the flash before it disappeared.

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    ^^^^^Says the anonymous coward^^^^^

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    Lying his Ossoff

    You mean like the Antifa in the black pajamas?

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    Eddie E.

    Yes, it is sad that he only got THREE TIMES THE VOTE of his closest opponent.

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    Eddie E.

    Can Karen Handel consolidate support?
    Republican leadership will probably do anything not to have to find her another make-work job!

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