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    Van would be a good option. I am happy with Clarkson. Does anyone know if Clarkson is seeking re-election?

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    Orion the Hunter

    Van is qualified to serve as Mayor and would probably be better than the current Mayor who always seems to get caught up in events that question his ethics.

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    The Downtown Development Authority has spent the last few years giving away millions in Chamblee tax dollars to build new apartment complexes without any oversight. We’ll see if those developers start giving big campaign donations in return.

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    Having Van Pappas as the mayor of Chamblee would be like having the proverbial wolf guarding the hen house. He has been a major player in giving millions of tax dollars away while serving on the Development Authority and has no real vision for the City, his vision to further his personal agenda!

    Residents of other neighborhoods in the city should be very fearful of him becoming mayor because all he has done in his career is feather the nest of Huntley Hills. Because of his close ties to the City Hall gang, he has been instrumental in getting improvements to Huntley Hills while other much more deserving neighborhoods are left to languish with failing streets, parks and no sidewalks.

    He makes Eric Clarkson look like the perfect candidate! I never thought I would vote for Clarkson again but considering the lesser of the evils, Clarkson has my vote.

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    Ruh Roh

    Remember what Kroger did when they bought Harris Teeter? The coming Whole Foods fiasco is Pappas’ baby.

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    The reference to Huntley Hills is unfair. He was not in office so any attempt to better his own neighborhood should be commended. He appears to be a guy who can get things done.

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    Kroger is very well run and an acquisition of WF makes sense. I think it would ultimately play out as a good thing for the Chamblee location.

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    I’m happy to see that there will be competition for mayor. I’m even happier that Van is the competition. Van’s financial acumen is a cornerstone for the redevelopment at Huntley Hills Swim and Tennis.

    We have seen what more than a decade of what our city looks like with a development guy at the helm, I think it is time to see what our city looks like with a money man.

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    Just A Citizen

    Two guys with very healthy egos running against each other, meh! Thanks for posting the campaign video though – it’s kind of a hoot!

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    Just A Citizen

    Yes, it’s my understanding that Clarkson is indeed running for mayor again.

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    Hunter Burke

    Wasn’t he in the movie No Country For Old Men?

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    Eddie E.

    Can’t Chamblee have a candidate for mayor who is interested more in the needs of Citizens than in kissing rapacious developers where they like to be kissed?

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    Mary Trudeau

    After knowning Van a few years, the major impression I get is that he is very passionate about Chamblee. I see him working to help businesses move to the ciyt, to keep them in the city, etc., in order to increase the tax base in which we can use the fund to improve ALL of Chamblee. I’ve heard him talk about new sudewalks, repairing old sidewalks, creating a community ampitheathre for performances, improved street lighting, etc. In essence, I’ve heard talk about improiving the quality of life for Chamblee residents.

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    Having lived next door to Van for 7 years, I think I’m fairly qualified to speak on his behalf; I’m about the least political person out there, but here’s what I know. You couldn’t ask for a better neighbor than Van, always there when I or other neighbors needed help, and did so cheerfully. Wanting the city that his family lives and works in to grow and prosper is admirable and good business, and instead of just talking about change and growth, he has demonstrated his commitment through countless hours of volunteered time.

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    Eric M

    I’m just under 30 and I moved to Chamblee in 2015. I’ve met both Mayor Clarkson and Van Pappas at city events. I’ve unsuccessfully tried getting together with Mayor Clarkson and I’ve sat with Van for coffee a few times. To me, it’s important that Van took the time to not only respond to my outreach, but also to meet.

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