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    Sally Forth

    If we didn’t have non-competitive districts how on earth could Hank Johnson, not to mention Cynthia McKinney and John Lewis ever have been elected?

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    Yet it’s OK for a certain Hank Johnson protege to run for a Congressional seat in a district he doesn’t even reside in? Hypocrisy continues to be the Democrats’ best friend.

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    And that’s the best you’ve got? Funny.

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    Hunter Burke

    I agree, Sen. Miller is slimey, the R’s have been so arrogant and keep backing 3rd rate but loyal to the party candidates. The D’s are backing fresher people, but with money from the left coast.
    I’m sick of it all!

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    Well said, Alisa. Gerrymandering is one of the largest problems in politics right now.

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    A LOT of locals backed Ossoff BEFORE he got national attention- or money.

    Instead of getting upset that politicians (of ALL parties) are running millions of dollars in commercials- maybe we should be concerned about education, how people choose to get their “news” and the concerning lack of of learning critical thinking skills.

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    Lil Woolf

    Alisa, thank you for your words of truth! Not many are willing to say what you did, but I applaud you for calling out another emperor with no clothes. When Taylor Bennett won Mike Jacobs’ HD 80 seat, Millar was ready then to redraw the district lines again. I am ready to work with you on ‘flipping the 40th’, and getting him defeated. While we are at it, let’s win back the 80th!

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    Of course, the reason they redrew the district is that it routinely voted Democratic. If they can’t win the votes of the majority, they’ll just make sure those votes don’t count – one way or another. They’re trotting out the “voter fraud” nonsense in TV commercials again – code for too many dark-skinned citizens having a say.

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    My favorite is when people around here say they saw tons of “illegals” voting at the polls, and when you ask how they know these individuals are “illegals” they say, “Oh you can just tell.”

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    Great point. It’s interesting how much Muslim and LGBTQ bashing Meagan Hanson has done to “fix traffic” as she promised.

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    Joan dillon

    Assume the worst possible motivation to anyone’s (any Republican’s) actions and you can then justify what has become increasing paranoia and fear mongering.

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    In the last general election 81% of the General Assembly ran unopposed. Is this a Democracy? In our state 81% had no choice between a Democrat and a Republican. Americans believe in competition and choice. Politicians, regardless if they are Republicans or Democrats who support gerrymandering and biased legislative districts are failing to uphold American principles.

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    Thank you for your focused letter which articulated the feelings and frustrations of so many in the 6th district. This is our district, our race and we will fight tirelessly against voter suppression in all it’s ugly forms. Women lead the revolution and I believe that Sen. Millar, Sen. Albers, Sen. Loudermilk and many others are going to have an awakening of monumental proportions come election time. This is a movement that is building momentum. A movement of kindness, inclusiveness, humility and strength. A movement that will not be silenced or deterred.
    In activism,
    Liz Goldsmith

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    Fran Millar

    Alisa, the lines were drawn for communities of interest which have almost all become new cities. I think Tom Price has turned out to be a lot more effective as a legislator than Cynthia McKinney or Hank Johnson. By the way it was the Dem drawn maps that were deemed illegal. I don’t remember any Dem outrage when 14 of us Republican legislators were put together in 7 district races. You might want to fact check this past history.

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    Eddie E.

    Too bad you feel that way.
    Maybe you should have LISTENED to the myriad RESIDENTS who showed up at the redistircting hearings.
    How much is seebaugh getting paid in Taxpayer Dollars these days?

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    Ann Abramowitz

    The DeKalb County House District map is often used as an extreme example of gerrymandering, with no respect whatsoever paid to communities of interest. Several of the districts snake from north to south DeKalb, and are one precinct wide–the opposite of communities of interest. Regarding cities, Decatur has three (or is it four?) Representatives. The unincorporated area of DeKalb that was proposed for LVH was represented by at least five. People want meaningful representation that is relevant to where they live, and this type of gerrymandering prevents that. Not to mention moving precincts around whenever the majority party feels threatened. Yes, Democrats were guilty of this too, but why do you keep bringing that up? Everyone knows that an independent redistricting commission is the only solution. It has worked in other places, and it will work in Georgia, once our legislators finally stop blaming each other’s party, and put it in place.

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    Hunter Burke

    As I said, slimey! Still pushing the us versus them that is destroying our nation, our state, our county, our city.

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    B\'haven Birdie

    Heather obviously did not vote here when the Democrats drew a district for Cynthia McKinney that started in DeKalb, then down a river and the middle of an interstate to reach the Savannah area- all drawn by Democrats to gerrymander a district now held by Hank Johnson. Hank’s own district was gerrymandered to make it MORE democratic so he would be reelected for years to come. Ossoff should wait for his old boss to retire and then step right into that seat instead.

    Former Demo Gov Roy Barnes’ own desperate redistricting to keep GA blue directly led to 2002 GOP takeover of the state, including his own defeat.

    Democrats only complain about redistricting when they lose…

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    Love the 4th

    If this was drawn to surround communities of interest, why did it cut Tucker in half and include a bunch of people who said NO to your idea of what their community is ‘supposed’ to be? Seems like you were trying to create a community of interest that was actually there, while cutting up communities of interest that were real.

    You need to spend less time telling people things and more times actually listening. Your perceptions of what people actually want seem to be seriously off. Close to a supermajority of the DeKalb 6th District voters voted for Ossoff. You are seriously out of touch and aren’t even paying attention to it.

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    Heather and

    You are correct- I haven’t lived here for ages.

    I think I’m pretty consistent though in my belief that our country should strive to be fair to all citizens regardless of their political leanings.

    Or. . . as we all hopefully learned in grade school: “Two wrongs don’t make a right. “

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    Eddie E.

    Nostalgia much?
    Let’s just hope that Jon Ossoff stomps Karen Handel quite handily.
    We need qualified, educated leadership who is concerned with THIS DISTRICT.

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    Ann Abramowitz

    You just helped make the point that we need an independent redistricting commission. Invoking the bad behavior of the Democrats to justify the bad behavior of the Republicans is just silly, and we need to get past that. We know all too well that both parties, and many politicians, prioritize self-interest when they redistrict. We also know that independent redistricting commissions work. Let’s get there already.

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    Sybil Turner

    Alisa, Thanks for starting this conversation. As mentioned in your letter and the comments, both parties have been guilty of gerrymandering. It has gotten out of hand, with so few competitive districts. This needs to stop. In addition, to the bills sponsored by Sen. Parent, H.R. 3 also calls for a constitutional amendment requiring an independent bipartisan commission. All these bills should have hearings and be brought to the floor for a vote. Common Cause Georgia supports independent redistricting and is a good source of information on the topic.

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    Eric Robert

    Fran Millar’s (my state Senator) statement that the lines of Congressional District 6 were drawn so that his Congressperson would not be Ossoff reminds me of the problem we have with Handle campaign worker Joe Gebbia representing Brookhaven’s 4th council district. That being both candidates are active in electing Trump enabler Karen Handle when the majority of their respective constituents in the 6th support Ossoff. . Make no mistake, while the 6th Congressional is Republican, its a highly educated Republican base, and for this reason Trump did not perform well in the 6th compared to previous republicans. Sadly the race (and much of the state republican party) has been hijacked by candidates like Handle who support the lies, hate and Malignant Narcissism of President Trump. Now more than ever we need someone who won’t enable Trump to follow the likes of Alt-Right Steve Bannon or Jeff Sessions. There is no hope of the U.S. Congress being controlled by the Democrats but at least a few more Democrats in Congress might help Trump focus on issues of importance to most Americans like creating jobs and reducing wasteful spending. I hope Senator Millar and Councilman Gebbia can find a way to stand up to Trump and stand up for their constituents and support Ossoff or at least stop trying to influence the outcome of the Ossoff/Handle election.

    As to Gerrymandering – I’m not swayed by Senator Millar saying the Democrats did it too. Besides sounding like the logic a child presents to a parent, to the extent it maybe true, it only strengthens the argument for a bipartisan redistricting commission that hopefully can bring a less political perspective to drawing district lines. The hope being the bipartisan commisson will put the communities interests above the interests of the Republican and Democrat Parties. Millar and Gebbia when it comes to the Ossoff/Handle race are not doing that.

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    Eric, you are farther Alt-Left than I thought.

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    Eric Robert

    Saul, Ha! have to admit I’ve not heard of the Alt-Left, so had to google it since I figured they must be good if that’s what you got from my comment. Sadly I’ve found out its a made up term by Fox news wack jobs like Sean Hannity. but thank you for underscoring why we need sane people like Ossoff who are wed to ideas and not to political parties. Think about it, he criticizes both Democrats and Republicans for wasteful spending while Karen Handel walks lockstep with and for Trump. Thankfully there are many Republicans in the Senate and House that are standing up to Trump’s wasteful spending proposals.
    “Wait. “Alt-left?”
    You may have heard of the alt-right — especially in recent weeks as former Breitbart News head Stephen Bannon has been given a top role in shaping President-elect Donald Trump’s administration and agenda. There remains plenty of disagreement about what exactly “alt-right” means, but it’s a loaded political term carrying connotations of white nationalism and even racism. And thusly, Democrats are gleefully attaching the term to the Trump administration and the Trump-led Republican Party.
    The GOP’s response: I know you are but what am I. Yep, apparently they’re going to start calling what they view as more extreme Democrats the “alt-left.””

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