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    William Jennings

    Don’t tell the president.

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    Tom Reilly

    “What a night!!” is right!! It is a great honor to have Brookhaven’s Osborne Park made a part of the Old Growth Forest Network. This is a significant step towards enhancing the past, present, and future quality of life in our Brookhaven community.

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    What exactly does this do for us??? Does it mean they CAN’T cut down trees? Or they can’t develop it as a playground? Didn’t read any of that.

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    Good question Janine. What does this do to the possible uses for the park? It would be a shame if all it can have is a trail. Surely, we can be more creative than that. Trees don’t have to come down to give it more practical uses and opportunity.

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    Just a thought

    There is a large paved parking lot under the dirt and over growth at the dead end into Osborne Park. Why doesn’t the city clean it up for now and use it for much needed additional parking at Lynwood Park? It won’t be pristine and perfect I’m sure but it could probably be a great alternative for now and help to eliminate the tight on street parking that currently occurs in the neighborhood. No trees would need to come down to do this.
    Much better use of taxpayer money than some of the pet projects going on now.

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    Apparently it means: “Formally protected from commercial logging”

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