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    John Park now has the buffer he wanted to protect his backyard.

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    Eddie E.

    Thank you Brookhaven!

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    Thank you City of Brookhaven for saving our green spaces. You are making Brookhaven special for doing this.

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    Regardless of intentions, I have talked with many communities outside of Brookhaven (parks and recreation groups, conservationists, local citizens, etc.) and let me tell you, people are quite jealous of that acquisition.

    I ask that you please take an alternate perspective and see the long term consequences of this purchase, not just the immediate “we spent money on something” and therefore the intentions must be malice/self serving position.

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    Will this take funding away from the other park projects they promised but never started?

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    Eddie E.

    Which ones did ‘they’ promise?

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    All of them but I believe Georgian Hills was slated to be next for improvement and so far there has only been a new sign put in. Clacks is finished so what’s the hold up?

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    Eric Robert

    Does Roadworx have a base in every area city it has a contract with? Or are operations for several cities based out of this location. How much do they pay for this space and where are they planning on moving it. I ask this because this I think its fair to call this Roadworx site a nuisance. Hopefully Brookhaven isn’t looking to build huge parking capacity for once a year festivals like they want to do in Murphey Candler.

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    Eddie E.

    My understanding is that Roadworx is paying the same amount per month they have been paying since they occupied the property, which is “ZERO”.
    Apparently there is nothing but a gentleman’s agreement with the former airport director allowing them to be there.

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    Thank you Brokenhaven! This is an example of creation of a new city benefiting the entire County! No one seems to mention the fact that the fate of this beautiful property would have been in MUCH worse hands if under the control of DeKalb County. Enough Said!

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    Another Government Employee

    I’d much rather have my trees than to look into the back of some condominium (or driving range or parking lot).

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    When can Lynwood get the AC fixed and the windows replaced in the rec center? When can Briarwood get the pool deepened so the kids can safely dive in it and the swim team can be more competitive? When is the city going to go after the bond money that Dekalb owes us? Glad to see this property purchased but would appreciate some past promises being kept also.

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    Meet Our Mayor

    Tax, BORROW, and spend!

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    But Eric — festivals are a HUGE draw for tourism!

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    Clack’s is finished???

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    I apologize if it’s not, I read it was complete.

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