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    Why aren’t all of the potential bidders actually bidding on a defined plan? At that point you might want to narrow the field; but, why now?

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    David Carter

    Part of the reason for hiring this caliber of developer is to have the developer provide the design and planning expertise for the project as part of their engagement. Pope & Land will have to work with the community and the city to develop this plan, because the city and the DDA own the parcels upon which the Town Center will be built – the developer will not have the ability to simply impose their own plan and design.

    The alternative was to hire consultants to develop a plan. This would have proven to be a costly expense. We did not believe that the additional cost created enough additional benefit to be worthwhile. This issue was deliberated at several DDA meetings, and I would encourage you to review the meeting videos for more details.

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    i.e. they’re handpicked because the DDA demands profit eviscerating amenities, ‘market rate’ housing and political giveaways. Graft is minimized in the traditional process where developer buys lot and goes before a transparent PC and ZBA.

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    No. They are selected from qualified respondents as the team with expertise, experience, financial capability and vision, to work WITH the community and its leadership to design and implement something that will benefit the whole community, presumably, and not just the developer and his banker. If you think private “buy land and build whatever the market will buy” development is the best or only way development should be done, you are not only badly misinformed but a very unobservant inhabitant of this country. We can and should do better.

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    B\'haven Birdie

    The Chamblee process seems so different from the way the big projects in Doraville have been marketed. Why is that??

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    So you think politicians deciding what is best for real estate is better than the free market?


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    @Resident – that is an interesting take. We have a very qualified group that serves on the DDA, including myself. Feel free to reach out or come to a meeting, I would be happy to address your concerns.

    You can find me on LinkedIn @robertvanhartsmith or follow my instagram account about local real estate news, projects and market changes @chambleere.

    I am looking forward to catching up.


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    @Birdie – Mostly because this is a Public Private Partnership and the area being redeveloped is based around our municipal buildings and assets owned by the city. The city, in this project, is the anchor vs Assembly, which is a private development centered around the tenants they are attracting like Third Rail Studios and the recently announced Serta/Simmons HQ.

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