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    So true. Trees are what makes Atlanta livable, and removing them is a sacrilege.

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    Easy Rider

    You are dead-on that trees provide all the benefits you mention and replacing established trees with new ones is not the best solution. That being said, I think Brookhaven’s tree ordinance and enforcement has been reasonable and sound. The biggest miss has to be Town Brookhaven (approved by Brookhaven?), but overall they have done a balanced job considering home owner rights and protecting trees.

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    Tom, what did you ever find out about asking the seller to put a perpetuity clause in the contract to purchase the Remington Road lot?

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    Tom Reilly

    Hey, Jim!! The term is “deed restriction,” and the City decided to use an intergovernmental agreement instead. Sine the land was purchased with Dekalb County bond funds, it was decided to remove all “amenities” and leave the land undeveloped for fifty years. Any violation of this agreement will automatically forfeit the land to Dekalb County.

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    Melanie Pollard

    Please check out what is happening in our neighbor City of Atlanta. An event happened Monday at City Hall which has compromised the Park Easements. This is important for everyone since it is precedent setting. Plus, the 2 developers will be dumping their stormwater into Peachtree Creek from a denuded 24 acre parcel which will replace 800 trees with impervious surface and a few new plantings. 10% of the entire canopy will be lost. And all of the stormwater from the 4 foot wide pipe will be dumped, after cutting through their park, into Peachtree Creek. Next to a children’s playground. Seriously? What about the folks downstream? I know plenty on Nancy Creek could forecast those results. The project has not bee studied. No due diligence has been done or is required. The first time in 135 years that a Park Easement has been broken and it will have ripple effects across Atlanta. You can read more at Atlanta Protects Trees on Facebook and Great articles by Saporta Report and the Buckhead Reporter can be found there.

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    DeKalb County approved the tree plan for Town Brookhaven, The land was a former old apartment complex

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