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    Tom Reilly

    Brookhaven’s best possible police chief!! Congratulations, Gary!!

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    Thomas Porter

    Congratulations Chief!

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    Now just where did I put my pom poms?

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    He has been the only police chief. And by the way, they have a HUGE TURNOVER RATE of officers coming and going.

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    Enuff Govt Already

    The word AWARD is over used. With a couple of minutes of Google work it can be determined that this type of training is offered through multiple mental health advocacy organizations and other public safety organizations. This is more of a thank you for hosting their training classes. What can the city do to regain access to the Dekalb Police’s mobile crisis team? It’s funded through the DeKalb Communty Service Board and the Dekalb Police and I always thought the pairing of a registered nurse with a county police officer to respond to mental health calls was an excellant service.

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