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    Not Like The Old Days

    2000 kids in one HS? WOW!

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    Doraville should have its own high school. That would relieve Chamblee in particular.

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    Are we really surprised? After all, this is Dekalb County. These are the same folks who desire to do social engineering in our schools to ensure that there are just “the right amount” of Hispanics, Whites, and African American Students on each campus. These are the same folks who, instead of building a new school, are creating monstrosities on these campuses not designed to hold that many students. No green space at Chamblee and no parking at Dunwoody. But that’s ok because we need to make sure that every school has the “proper amount of Hispanic students.” Unbelievably short sighted and politically correct. The dominos are already starting to fall. Just this week the principal of Chamblee submitted his letter of resignation. He was a strength at that school – likely just got fed up with all of it. Cram another 600 students on the CCHS campus, most of whom English is a second language and see what happens. Better enjoy that US News ranking because it won’t be there in a few years.

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    David West

    Yes! Build a new high school in Doraville. It is much needed.

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    David West

    I wonder what the reasons are for starting the Chamblee High School addition first out of all of the proposed projects? It seems like building the new high school in Brookhaven or Doraville would be the first step before any CCHS, DHS, or LHS additions.

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    “will our children are going to school in un-inspected trailers?”
    i not know. is they?

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    As undesirable as the word- and outer aesthetic look- of the word “trailer” implies— as someone that went to school in both trailers and an old, overcrowded school (where many classrooms not only lacked windows- but their own heat vents!)– I much preferred the trailers which had many windows, more space, and even air conditioning.

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    @ Heather. “Many windows and more space”. What fantasy world were you educated in?

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    Sorry- like a lot of people I don’t use the best grammar when typing on my cell, but I don’t think that makes me uneducated or ignorant.

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