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    Can we please keep political discussion off “Nextdoor” and make comments here. I know emotions run high and irrationality resides on both sides. There were not so nice volleys shot between neighbors on”Nextdoor’ prior to the primary. Let’s keep political speech and accompanying vitriol in an appropriate forum such as the press, like the Brookhaven Post.

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    Say What?

    Maybe you should post that on Nextdoor. Not sure why you think posting here will help?

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    We are going to FLIP the Sixth!!!

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    Eric Robert

    Handel doesn’t want to debate because it will expose her lack of original thought and leadership capabilities. She nothing more than a yes person to inner political party maneuvers. Ossoff on the other hand is correctly criticizing wasteful spending practices by BOTH democrats and Repblicans. Look Donald Trump is not a Republican – he is a dangerous malignant narcissist, that Handel has so eagerly sought his support is troublesome. And her history of running continuously for different offices and never accomplishing anything certainly makes it reasonable to conclude that she will do the same here. True a freshmen congressperson isn’t going to get much done in 2 years, but that’s just another reason to try Ossoff. If he doesn’t continue to criticize and expose wasteful spending proposals by both parties then vote him out in 2 years. Wish we could vote Trump out in 2 years. A walking disaster, what he is doing will haunt us in the years to come.

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    Eric Robert

    The talk about flipping the Sixth is a good way for Ossoff to lose. It’s not about flipping the Sixth. It will still be a Republican district. It just would be a signal that voters of the 6th are intelligent enough to pick the candidate that offers a better plan and/or a way for intelligent Republicans to tell Trump he is hurting the Republican Party.

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    Fed Up

    It doesn’t matter either way. Sadly it has just become a game to see who is the winner, a Republican or a Democrat. Politicians say what you want to hear and when elected they get a dose of reality, tow the line, and nothing changes. The long term strong holds control. This is true at all levels, Federal, State, County, and City. Favors beget favors, the money flows in the same old circles, fiscally conservative is just a catch phrase along with ethics and transparency. Taxpayers get screwed and are eventually once again forced to pay higher taxes or lose services to complete the vicious cycle. Instead of just talk, let’s see a plan on how a candidate intends to do what they say they are going to do along with the support of several currently elected peers from both sides of the aisle before election day. That would be a novelty and might even increase voter turn out.

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    Easy Rider

    Excellent points regarding Handel. A debate won’t change the minds of most people, but there are some conservatives that realize that Trump is a disaster and are they are open to alternatives. Lincoln said “you can fool some of the people all the time” and a debate wouldn’t make a difference for them, but it might for those who practice critical thinking.

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    Eddie E.

    Handel debate?

    What’s next, a request for her Doctoral Dissertation?

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    Easy Rider

    This election has implications well beyond the 6th district, which is why so much $ has been spent. The results will send a clear message to congress as to how voters feel regarding our current direction, in a overwhelmingly conservative district. Congress will adjust it’s stances and hold Trump responsible for reasonable behavior if Ossoff wins or does better than expected. Yes they will, which is why our government which is built on checks/balances and encourages the middle ground works so well. Sorry, compromise is the best path which is why politicians learn quickly to work with others. Your vote counts, especially in this election.

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    How can she speak for the 6th district in the House if she can’t debate another candidate? How will she argue what’s in our best interests or stand up to Pelosi if she can’t stand up to Ossoff? We need someone who can speak their mind and articulate issues on behalf of Georgians. If she won’t debate Ossoff, I can’t imagine she is going to take the podium in The House of Reps and rally support for a bill or position that can bring about real change in Washington or benefit the 6th.

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