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    Hunter Burke

    Herr Sigman should have a chat with Councilman Mattison about his golf cart wanderings. Inform him it will still be a DUI too.
    So much hypocrisy in Brookhaven leadership.

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    Love the people complaining that’s they can’t get drunk and drive home from the bars now in their golf carts. I’m sure a certain rotund civic avenger will cut down the post and save the good people of Brookhaven.

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    William Jennings

    I only hope that when they’re reinstalled they can not be removed by Ashford Park residents.

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    Eddie E.

    Illegal vehicles will not be allowed on a structure that is not designed to support the weight of illegal vehicles.
    Where is the confusion?

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    Golf carts are not allowed but 2000 people can run over it in a 45 minute span? 20 fatties on the bridge at the same time weighs more than a golf cart fully occupied

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    The confusion is, is that with or without a rotund payload?

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    William Jennings

    They can still get drunk and drive home in their golf carts, they simply can’t take the shortest possible route.

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    Eric Robert

    I would be concerned that just prohibiting cars and motorcycles opens the door to ATV’s roaming Brookhaven parks.

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    I have some disturbing news for you guys. If this public bridge, paid for with public funds, does not provide handicapped access, i.e. , access for an electric wheelchair, the city may be fined through the Americans With Disabilities Act. You might want to check into that.

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    I don’t know what the problem is, I’m not so sure city hall meets all of the ADA requirements either. There is a guy that used to go around the country checking out businesses for their accessibility infractions, sue, and win. Maybe he should come to Brookhaven. Just make sure he visits city hall and the Ashford Park golf cart bridge. Does anyone know if electric charging stations are being planned for city hall?

  11. 11

    The Brookhaven Post

    There are two there now.

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    William Jennings

    I don’t just how large you think an electric wheel chair is but they’ll fit comfortably on the bridge with the bollards in place.

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    Eric Robert

    Lucy I am not sure I understand your point. Are you saying the bridge is not compliant with ADA standards? The bridge certainly should be ADA compliant. Accommodating wheel chairs or other such medical need devices is different than allowing all types of motorized vehicles into the park.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    The City told me the bridge is ADA compliant.

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    Thanks, I thought those only worked with cars. They will charge golf carts too?

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    Wow! That is quite a structure with the granite and the concrete. A lot more than a “basic bridge”. Looks like it could double as a monument!

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    I would bet the complaining golf cart drivers who insist they can operate them on the streets legally are the same people who insist Brookhaven park is an off-leash dog park.

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    Eddie E.

    I’m confused.
    Did you have a point?

  19. 19


    I will always love the video of Mattison standing outside drinking a beer watching and laughing while a truck stuck in snow floors the gas with children behind it.

  20. 20

    Hunter Burke

    Everyone’s seen Mattison & his wife driving their cart with children barely hanging on or standing up. It’s so dangerous but they’re completely oblivious. I wish the Brookhaven Police would crack down somewhat on the golf cart driving, especially dangerous situations.

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    Those kids look like bobble heads the way they bounce around after Bates has had a few. But as his better half says you people are #haters. What’s worse, as a city councilman Bates knows the law yet he continues to ignore it. Brookhaven’s chosen doing what the chosen do without fear of the police or reprocusdion. #wemaketherules.

    Welcome to Brookhaven.

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    Eric Robert

    These comments about Bates seem unfair or maybe inappropriate.

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    The real Mayer

    From the real Mayer
    We are way off track its not about who’s drinking on there golf cart it’s about the waste of tax payers dollars from our city officials without “one” drop of common sense. John and John and our city manager have no engineering degree at all, for them to say that this bridge was damaged by golf carts is bull —-for them to spend the tax dollars knowing that people use golf carts instead of cars to go to resturants,shops and farmers market. Welcome more cars on Dresden drive with no place to park …why didn’t they just install a concrete culvert in the creek bed instead and then pour a eight foot sidewalk all the way across that would have saves over $100,000 dollars that they could have wasted on another not thought out and planned project without public input from the community homeowners.
    This is what happens when nobody speaks up sends emails to the mayor and city council.

    PS will the post re-post the pictures of the termite damage on the Bridge?

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    On the Record

    Burying a creek in a culvert is an ecological disaster. State law protects waterways particularly when the vehicles driving over the culvert are illegal. Golf carts are not authorized to be used in Brookhaven -/period. You have two choices: lobby the Council and Mayor to support a law legalizing golf carts in Brookhaven or be a scofflaw and possibly a jailbird for breaking the law.

  25. 26


    Eric, you are right. The fine people of D3 chose to accept and forgive his documented personal and political indiscretions and elect him to office. Twice.

    Welcome to Brookhaven, following in the footsteps of DeKalb.

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    Eddie E.

    Use of golf carts on streets of city property connecting streets is illegal.
    If people don’t want to drive walking and bicycling are entirely legal options.

  27. 28

    Hunter Burke

    I’d like to know why there’s no enforcement of golf cart usage. I see them parked in the right of way at Dresden restaurants which is illegal & disrespectful. I think the golf carters are selfish and all about themselves regardless of rationalization.

  28. 29


    Lobbying for golf carts would be an internal struggle, OTR, not the job of the citizenry. The main ‘scofflaw and possibly a jailbird’sits on the city council. The Mayer of Brookhaven’s comment is right on point, OTR, (re; City manager and council incompetence). Maybe your absurd insults should be directed toward the police department who allow such illegal activity to continue. If you didn’t know it, then you’re new and, hopefully, will catch on.

    If you already have contacted the police department, and know like the rest of us, the law won’t be enforced, then you sir (OTR), are out-of-touch, and a insipid blunt-force-instrument that is only making it worse on the City Council. You should stop while you’re WAY behind.

    Regarding “burying a creek in a culvert is an ecological disaster”, it would lead your reader to believe you are already out-of-touch and have no idea what you’re talking about.

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    The chosen taking care of the chosen. Some laws aren’t for the chosen to obey.

    Welcome to your Brookhaven.

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