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    Ansley F.

    This just goes to show that once government puts aside their normal procrastination and the typical government mentality of how long it takes to actually accomplish something we can get results. Granted, this was an extreme situation but the cogs of progress can move much faster if government applies more of the principals of private enterprise upon themselves and puts in a full days work.
    ….. a $2,000,000.00 bonus probably helped also.

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    Eric Robert

    Hopefully a good amount of the new MARTA riders will continue using MARTA and thus lowering our use of gas, reducing pollutants emitted and lessening congestion on the freeways. For the next week at least, for those looking for spaces at the Chamblee Station the new Interactive College parking lot on Chamblee Tucker is available for overflow MARTA parking and the walking distance is reasonable via Chamblee Tucker or via Watkins Ave which runs between Chamblee Tucker and New Peachtree.

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