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    Eddie E.

    At last, we could have a Senator that represents more than Dunwoody!

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    Fran said last night NO,NO,NO…I am NOT running for DeKalb County Sheriff. Just don’t think that many people are willing to take the time or make the effort to understand where Fran comes from….the guy is not an easy study…you have to be willing to go into the ring a few(dozen)times, learn some footwork and come out with a high five!

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    This is awesome. Fran won’t be able to gerrymander his way out of this fight

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    Wonderful news! She will be a breath of fresh air in the Senate. I hope more qualified, concerned citizens will consider the state of our Georgia Legislature and also challenge the failing status quo. New ideas; less self interest. Nice!

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    Eric Robert

    Unlike Karen Handel at least Fran Millar doesn’t walk lockstep or embrace the fringes of his party. He supported Purdue’s veto of the campus concealed carry bill and was supporting Kasich for the Republican Nomination, Kasich would be a far superior President to Trump. Meanwhile Handel flips is a part of the 36% of people who think Trump is a good president. Fran can be mean (and he can be nice) and sometimes he says things he shouldn’t but unlike Trump I might vote for him and I have voted for him in the past.

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    Fran Millar is gawd awful but Sally is going down in flames. Arithmetic.

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