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    Eric Robert

    Getting this Class A office space without taking down a tree by replacing an asphalt surface lot PLUS putting more jobs near MARTA so that for more people MARTA does go where they need to go! Win Win.
    Wish Brookhaven could get something done with that obscene patch of asphalt built when the Brookhaven MARTA station was the Northernmost MARTA station in all of Metro Atlanta.
    Instead all we seem to be getting are developments that take out old growth trees.
    Downtown Chamblee is shaping up very nicely, a lot of the old industrial/warehouse space is being converted/rehabbed into loft office space. And one of those buildings was rehabbed into a restaurant (Hopstix). Downtown Chamblee is getting an atmosphere and walkable environment that just doesn’t exist in Brookhaven. Sad the MARTA development appears dead in the water – perhaps more attention to Brookhaven and less attention on the Toco-Hills/Briarcliff/Emory part of DeKalb by Brookhaven would have resulted in this lynch pin to the vision for the area being achieved. Instead we are left with a hodgepodge of development separated by a large sea of Asphalt.

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    Maybe the asphalt surface lot in Chamblee replaced a bunch of old growth trees back in the day….just saying.

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    Good for Chamblee

    This is my favorite part – “Development for the city of Chamblee is not for the faint of heart because you [Chamblee] protect your vision…”
    Wish this was true in Brookhaven. Look at Chamblee’s projects compared to the crap we get and the city leaders push through.
    (Here It Is Just High Density Apartments and Townhomes) Yawn!

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    Garb Giveaway

    That ‘obscene patch of asphalt’ is now filled with cars because a bridge collapsed. It takes something like that to get MARTA packed. After the bridge is fixed next month, and the Chamblee TOD is built MARTA ridership will continue to decline.

    MARTA loses $500m per year. How do expect them to run a successful organization?

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    Chamblee has atmosphere because it was a real town unlike Brookhaven which never was. Trackside fits into the area. It will be a benefit and there are four lane roads around it. It’s a totally different scenario than Brookhaven MARTA. I’m glad that MARTA shelved their plans for us.

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    Water under the bridge. The point is that there are no additional trees being taken out NOW.

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    Yeah, I think you are missing the big picture. Millennials and specifically Atlanta native millennials that grew up in the suburbs have lived and dealt with Atlanta traffic for 35 years. Larger numbers of folks our age are opting out of the burbs for smaller lots, smaller homes and a richer intown experience and actually want to be in walkable, pedestrian friendly neighborhoods that have access to public transportation. (Baby Boomers are in the same boat, by the way)

    Snowmagedon, Snowpocalypse, I85 Bridge Collapse, etc… etc… are going to continue to lure younger people intown that don’t want to deal with 45+min commutes for a few extra SF.

    MARTA can’t expand ridership because North Fulton, Cobb and Gwinnett do not want to bring “undesirables” into their neighborhoods. That’s fine. Those parts of Atlanta will continue to see home values decrease and schools decline over the next 10-20 years. Meanwhile, our communities built around TODs and the MARTA stations that we do have will reap the benefits of well thought out, smartly designed cities of the future.

    It is bright (for Chamblee and MARTA, at least).

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    Or maybe Chamble was an industrial park before Marta, and a military base before that, and dairy farms before that. Not a lot of trees to see in that past. Maybe you should join heather at her pool for a history lesson. Geesh.

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    The “millenial’s moving intown” trend you describe has been going on for 15 years. Coincidentally, that the same number of consecutive years MARTA ridership has declined.

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    Van Pappas

    This is a great project, bringing the first ever Class A office building to our downtown. There were a lot of Chamblee people that went into making this project happen that should be recognized.

    A big thank you to: City Manager Jon Walker, Economic Manager Adam Causey, all of the staff in the City Development Department, the Mayor Eric Clarkson, Council Members Leslie Robson, Brian Mock, Darron Kusman, John Mesa, Thomas Hogan, and the members of the Development Authority David Carter, Ronni French, Robert Pond, Rob Smith and Brian Dale Ray.

    Great job all. Now let’s see if we can get something done on the other side of the station.

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    When Chamblee downtown gets done and the BLEE ultimately gets redeveloped I think you will find that Chamblee will be in the top 3 desirable in-town neighborhoods. We are a couple of years away but everything is heading in the right direction. There is going to be another 20% lift in real estate values at least.

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    Biggest thank you of all .....

    …… goes to the citizens and taxpayers of Chamblee. Without us, Chamblee doesn’t even exist.

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    Ridership peaked in 2009 and had a dip that coincidentally lined up with unemployment numbers and started to lift from 2013 to 2014. But those are just statistics.

    I’d be more interested in the next 5 years to see how ridership trends out, especially as these TODs begin to wrap up construction and deliver to the market.

    Keep in mind – Chamblee, Art’s Station, Brookhaven, Underground/5 Points, Avondale, Doraville, Lenox etc… have only hit the beginning phases of development around their respective MARTA Stations.

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    I have seen 50% in just 3 years.

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    If and when the increases show up, which they won’t as proven by lower ridership at Chamblee station since Redevelopment began years ago, it will all be taxpayer subsidized increases which are never sustainable.

    By the way, the constant ridership decreases with virtually nil’ growth in ridership coincides with Uber and cheap gas.

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    I’m glad I have a such a large local following of completely sane people obsessed with my life. 🙄

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    Bubba Donnie

    Unfortunately that’s not the way government thinks about it’s citizens.

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    Biggest thank you of all .....

    They need to and we need to insist on it. The old days when our money became their money for them to spend as they saw fit is over. People are paying attention and times are a changing.

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    Hunter Burke

    Shameless pandering by a politician. Have more dignity.

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    And who exactly do you think is running your city? It’s citizens on the ARB, the DDA, the RAC, keep Chamblee beautiful and on and on, that’s who. Thanks And your city council and Mayor. They are all citizens. If you are not involved in running your city it’s your own fault.

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    Can I just add that it’s kinda creepy to have someone repeatedly impersonate you on the internet and fabricate strange things you’ve never said?

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    How much money do roads lose per year?

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